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May 19, 2001, 06:25 PM
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Converting a Sureflite 1/2a Cub to electric

I am thinking about converting a Sureflite 1/2a Cub to electric. Dose anyone have any suggestions?
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May 19, 2001, 11:00 PM
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I built 3 of these Cubs - one for a friend.

They will fly very well on a 6V speed 400 with a 6x3 and 7 cells.

The stuff that comes with the kit is mostly too heavy for electric.

My first 1/2 A Sureflite Cub actually had a Permax 450. It was ballistic!

After that I just ordered separate fuselages and wings. I made my own landing gear out of thin aluminum. The home made gear was also narrower and used light weight foam wheels.

The rods that come with the kit are also balky. Again I made my own out of 1/32 music wire suported by a sleeve.

The motor can be mounted on a single dowel epoxied into the foam going thru the firewall. Strap it on with nylon ties.

I made the tail feathers out of light balsa with tape for hinges.

Weak point on this model is the cabin walls then the nose. It can be reinforced.

I never glassed it nor added more than one strip of 2 inch wide tape to the wing. It could probably taped up like a Zagy but weight might be a problem.

I think my cubs weighed slightly less than a pound ready to fly.

Good luck.
May 21, 2001, 01:05 AM
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I have converted one of their 53" Cessna 182's to sp600 and a GP 2.5 gearbox. I am waiting for the wind and/or rain to stop so I can fly it. I made my own firewall out of 1/4" lite ply and some rectangular stock and use a hose clamp to attach the motor. i also converted it to a taildragger.

I want to try one of their 1/2a Cessna i80's next with a sp400 and 7 cells.

I have an old Cox RTF Centurion 210 { made by Kyosho } that I have powered with a sp400 using a motor mount sold by Hobby Lobby. This is a white plastic firewall mount that is also available with a gearbox but HL's price with the gb & motor is way too high { over $50.00!}. Dymond has the same mount/gb combo for about $15.00 less. The direct drive 400 with a Gunther prop propells the Cox Cessna very well and I am hoping the Sure Flite Cessna does as good.



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