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Dec 11, 2002, 03:58 AM

Re: Machine Vice Made in New Zealand ?

On 24 Nov 2002 06:29:51 -0800, (Nait) wrote:
>Turns out this 55mm wide, 19mm high machine vice is made by Stanier
>Engineering, of Auckland, New Zealand. There is a small article on
>page 24 of issue 72 (March/April 2001) of Model Engineers' Workshop,
>describing the vice as "appearing to be of high quality". The UK
>retailer is Home & Workshop Machinery. I've been unable to find any
>website information about the manufacturer.

there is only one Stanier listed in Auckland
at a private address if this helps. I would say the patterns I saw at
the foundry could well be these ones, as it was in Drury (South
Auckland) where I saw them. I can ask next year if anyone is
interested, as I will be out there after Christmas to pick up a
casting (towards end of Jan)

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