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Dec 19, 2007, 06:59 PM
Just Say No To GMO
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2007 Air Rage Razor

I just got an Air Rage Razor today.

First impressions are that it is a very well built little plane. It has thicker, denser foam than the Air Hogs planes, just seems better built all the way around. The Quality Control is excellent. Normal retail for this plane is around $40.00 and it's worth the extra money. It looks like it will take more punishment and the most common impact area, the nose, is already reinforced with clear plastic....nice touch. The motors look well protected and seem like they would never scrape on the ground like similar AA planes do.

I have only tried this particular Razor but I feel this is a plane you could finally send to others as a gift and not have to take so much of a chance on it being a "keeper" or not. It also comes with an extra set of props..another nice touch!

The charging cord is thick like the one on the Mini Storm Launcher and attaches easily. Nice little touches like this abound on this plane. It's like the next level above and beyond AA planes.

I like the controller, it looks refined and simple and business without being "toyish". It feels good, good heft and balance. Antenna is about the same length as on AA planes. Range was MUCH better than any AA plane I have flown though I did not push it to see if it was equal to the Mini XPV... yet. [LATE ADDITIONAL NOTE: It has good range but not as good as the Mini XPV]
I have not tried one in 27mhz so cannot say if it's a frequency issue or just a better tx/rx. But this one (49mhz) rocks the house in terms of range!

And away we go. First flight jitters in the legs, have not flown anything new in a long time. Wait for the people to go away so I don't crash it in front of them.
Windy, maybe 4-5mph...gonna go for it anyway.

NOTE: I used the programming instructions provided in the thread about the StarScream and they worked. Default was Mode 2 and I could not live with this so I set it to mode 3, unfiltered. It did not "take" every time and seems to vanish when I power I left the transmitter on and headed out to grab some sky.

Launch. It's up and away, good power. Handles way different than the Mini XPV I've been flying for the past 2 months. Like the MXPV however it has NO tendency to want to pitch up into the wind. It did wobble a bit however it was pretty windy.

It flew well, I was able to "hover" it in the breeze and it was pretty steady. Took some getting used too.
2 minutes into the flight I realized something I had forgotten...this thing can do zero-throttle turns!
Push it up to altitude then ...oh yeah. It turns sharper and drops like a rock. Easy on the Zero-throttle..just a little taste then punch the throttle..whooo yeah! Does dives and swoops like the MXPV I will say that! Don't use to much ZT near the ground.

A real Gem of a plane, it clearly represents a higher level of quality control over many competitors products. First one out of the box is just excellent. Fit, Finish, QC, Center of Gravity issues...everything is perfect. I'll sell it for $60.00
A lot of people had been modding their AA planes to get zero-throttle turns and this one just has it stock. Again, nice touches abound.

I still like my Mini XPV more, it's just the Master Ninja out there right now. But for this type of plane, sort of AA'ish kinda deal..this one is a keeper for sure and you really should get one and try it.

I have to give this one 5 stars for it's class of plane. It's just that good.

Onward and Upward.
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Dec 19, 2007, 07:10 PM
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Thanks for the review, Demi. Excellent!
Dec 19, 2007, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by demisemiquaver

I like the controller, it looks refined and simple and business without beyond "toyish". It feels good, good heft and balance. Antenna is about the same length as on AA planes. Range was better than any AA plane I have flown though I did not push it to see if it was equal to the Mini XPV... yet.
The controller looks to be the same as the one used in the Starscream. I have found the Starscream radio less reliable than the one for my AA. Although I like the zero throttle turn capability, the range on my AA was much better.
Dec 19, 2007, 07:34 PM
I forgot the transmitter!
gguy's Avatar
extra props are a big plus
Dec 19, 2007, 07:41 PM
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I really like my Razor. It flies VERY nicely for a small 2channel.
Gains altitude quite easily, very controllable, returns readily to
straight and level from a turn.

This one's at least a good challenger for the aero ace or mini xpv.
Dec 19, 2007, 08:34 PM
Just Say No To GMO
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Thread OP
I have to also add that the Razor will fly around comfortably most of the time on the lowest throttle setting (like an AA Sport) for most of the flight. It's got good power/weight.

And it has to be noted that zero-throttle turning is Wonderful. It adds a whole new dimension of play, almost like having another channel. It can really save your bacon too.

I'm not sure if it has the same size motors as on the AA planes but if it's worth anything they are cased in gray plastic, not the normal black.

Late Note: It seems the transmitter "resets" itself to mode 2 about 2 minutes or so into flight time, after programming it for mode 3. Doh. Mode 2 is not unlivable but I like instant response, mode 2 kicks you down to a lower throttle setting for a moment regardless of where you move the controller. To be honest I did not notice it too much when it happened only when I was holding it up listening to the motors later in the flight.
The fact that it has a programmable transmitter is nowhere in my instructions (i'm almost sure of it) but it is a nice feature. Just wish it would "stay.".
Still a first-class bird and one I would give as a gift without hesitation. I look forward to spending a lot of time with this bird. It is a keeper in a world of duds.

Also, kudos for the large charge-cable storage compartment that closes easily without fuss. Though minor, it's a nice touch and one that makes me smile when it's time to fly.
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Dec 19, 2007, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by demisemiquaver
I'm not sure if it has the same size motors as on the AA planes but if it's worth anything they are cased in gray plastic, not the normal black.
I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same motors as the Starscream. They are both ITC products and use the same controller. They probably share the electronics.
Dec 20, 2007, 12:29 AM
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smooney3's Avatar
Nice review. I've been thinking about getting one of these, but didn't want to go for it until I heard something good about it. Between this and the Jetscream, it looks like I have a use for some of that xmas money I'll be getting, lol.
Dec 20, 2007, 12:43 AM
Registered User
What kind of a space did you fly it in? Could you fly it tighter than the AA in say a street?
Dec 20, 2007, 12:51 AM
Just Say No To GMO
demisemiquaver's Avatar
Thread OP
It will fly in very small spaces like the Sport though the Sport is more "maneuverable without trying" I would say.

I flew it in my "small" parking lot, which is a small space. It's slightly more ponderous than a sport and unless you master the zero throttle turning you might think it a bit slow to turn.

But once you get the zero throttle turning worked into your routine, it's a tight little sparrow and will almost turn on itself like a pitched-up Mini XPV. Very nice!

Late Addition - 10 flight report.
After 10 flights I can make the following suggestion. Put a tiny bit of packing tape on the ridge along the nose. Normally it won't make contact unless you smack into something head-on.. I did this a few times when learning how to control it to catch it for a "landing." No damage, just cosmetic.

Also, put a tiny bit of tape along the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer. I noticed a little nick there after I contacted some metal cables (night flying, windy). Might do the vertical as well.
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Dec 23, 2007, 03:19 PM
Just Say No To GMO
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Thread OP
After a few days with the Razor I can also add the following... it sometimes is really hard to tell when it's getting near the end of it's flight charge time. It does not seem to give a lot of warning as to when it's getting low, it has a pretty stable discharge curve it seems.

A couple of times I've flown it till it just stopped.. thankfully it glided to easy access places. You sort of have to develop an internal clock about it. With the Mini XPV you can tell that it's going to quit soon because turns get sluggish, gives you some warning. Wish they would add a way for the plane to communicate with the transmitter and give a little "beep" when it's about a minute away from dying.

Also I'm not sure how many charges you get out of a fresh set of batteries. Air Hogs AA planes claim "20-25" charges for a set but it's looking like the Razor is more like the Mini XPV...8-10 charges. I really have to push it to test if this is the case.

Also something I forgot to add to my initial review is "full throttle run time"..which should be tested and noted on all planes. The manual for the razor says FTRT is only 2-3 minutes! Yuck! Actual flight time is longer (because you don't use full throttle the whole flight) but I get the impression not as long as other planes in this class...not sure why.
When I get some fresh batteries I will post the results and will do this from now on.
Dec 23, 2007, 08:36 PM
Just Say No To GMO
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Thread OP

FTRT - Full Throttle Run Time

I let the plane run all the way out then charged it with brand-new batteries for this test.
FTRT for my 2007 Air Rage Razor was 7:37... not too shabby.

It started to noticeably slow down at 7 minutes and died 37 seconds later.
Dec 28, 2007, 03:13 AM
Just Say No To GMO
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Thread OP

20+ Flight Report - Going South

After around 20 flights on the Razor, the Left Motor is starting to "go south."
Making a bad grinding noise. Probably won't last much longer. A real shame as it's a nice little bird that charges quickly. I wish all planes in this class had Throttle-Off turning like this one does.

One other thing about this plane that should be noted is that it will suffer cosmetically very easily. Instead of using black EPP they used White and painted/coated it black. The way it's painted or coated is not that strong and can crack and come off. The black paint on the bottom will scrape off the first time you land it on the ground. Be sure to reinforce the common impact areas and especially the rim around the nose.

This one was virtually perfect except for one bad motor however I still highly recommend this plane as an alternative to Air Hogs 'Aero Ace' type planes, especially if you desire something in 49mhz.
Dec 28, 2007, 03:51 AM
Registered User
Demi, make sure the shaft isn't microscopically bent. Do the prop tips visibly track exactly true when running? If so, then try this trick: take a paper clip and with one end "hooked" around the hub on the rear face of the prop, securely tape it to the rear face of ONE BLADE the prop. Hold the motor SECURELY and rev it up. Just let it vibrate like crazy for about 30 seconds, eventually at full power. Then remove the paperclip and tape and tape-residue (push it off with your fingers) and try the motor. If it doesn't improve, repeat entire procedure, but don't let the motor run in this vibrating, shaking way for more than 1 or 2 minutes at a time. THEN drip in some highgrade lube (like for model trains) and blow spin it into the motor (blow on props) with the nose of the plane down. Run the motor for a second and wipe off any excess lube. ALL the motors in ALL these Micro RTF's need such lubrication before each flight, or at least every other one (if you want them to last).
Dec 28, 2007, 05:02 AM
Just Say No To GMO
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Thread OP
I'm gonna have to get some of that lube. I lost my last "keeper" MXPV because a motor stopped working. Shame the makers can't use motors that will last and don't require such treatment. Sadder still they just let you "crash and burn" and never inform the buyer that such treatment is necessary. Planned obsolescence should be outlawed.

Thanks for the Tip. If I can scrounge up some of that type of lube I will post the results.

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