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Dec 09, 2002, 09:15 PM

Re: Dumas Chris-Craft

I built the 1930 24 ft runabout.

I finished it with what the big boys (full sized restorers) use, about 6
coats of Epifanes marine varnish. Go to West Marine's website or a retail
location and get some Interlux "Chris Craft Mahoghany Stain Paste Filler"
and dump the junk stain that the kit ships with.

I also use Interlux's paint below the water line.

Another thing I did was sand and fill the nubs off the plastic seats. I
also installed lights, a RAM gas/deisel sound system and run it on 12 cells
with a MACK twin 540 geared drive unit. 20-30 minutes of runtime at scale,
planing speeds.

Here's mine:

Next time I do one, I might try to find some better quality mahoghany

"FastEddy" <> wrote in message om...
> Has any one built one of the Dumas Chris-Craft Boats?
> I am looking at getting the Triple Cockpit Barrel Back #1241.
> Just trying to get some opinions and feedback.
> Thanks,
> Ed.

Jan 20, 2007, 12:25 PM
Registered User
Your boat looks good. I built the dumas barrel back. It turned out great but it took a long time to get it right.I was also dissatified withthe quality of some of the hardware,I through out the running gear.I aldo left off the chrome foil markings,which turned out well because I didn't want to cover up the nice wood finish.The results were great however the process was not fun.bugrancher

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