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Mar 15, 2008, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by PfalzPflyer
So in other words, Atomic Hobbies actually does have the parts, they just refuse to honor the Ebay auction that I won?!! Those scum-licking ba rds!!

OK, time to contact Ebay...

Dean in Omaha
I think they had 3 sets, not the 5 sets they listed. So mine got sent. The other 2 sets probably had to be ordered from Horizon, and that set off the warning bells.

You should contact ebay, because a deal is a deal, and they should have honored it.

If they wanted to negotiate their way out of it, they should have explained that one of their employees made a mistake, and politely asked if you would consider voiding the deal. If you decided not to void the deal, then they should have just sent you the parts.

I would mention the intimidation they tried to pull to ebay, the threatening to post an "unpaid transaction" considering that you already paid by PayPal. That is unethical to say the least.

Just send copies of all the emails / messages from them, with the transaction number for your PayPal payment, and see what happens?

Good luck.
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Mar 16, 2008, 10:49 PM
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Here is a picture of my new SE5A with sharpie painted prop.

Look for the review here on RCGroups in a couple of weeks.
Mar 18, 2008, 10:03 AM
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Wing Failure and Crash

Well, my SE5a is toast! I'm really dissappointed in this one. Here's how:
I had a bit of calm air (3mph) on Friday night and went over to the local mall for some night flying under the lights. I'd done this once before and found the slow flyer great for low and slow in the parking lot. Well 2 minutes into the flight I had it up about 75ft and did a nice and large round loop. When I got back in the throttle (1/2) nearing the completion of the loop, I heard a crack and then total wing failure. The bottom wing folded and then the top on the same side.
I managed to keep it from descending too quickly with opposite rudder, but planted it in a small tree 10ft up. Needless to say this thing is like a spider web with all the surfaces and rigging. It was a bear to get out of the tree and when I did, it wasn't pretty. Both wings came completely off. I'm not entirely sure how much damage was from the crash and how much was from getting it out of the tree, but it sure doesn't look good.
I'm thinking that a strip of packing tap under the wings would have saved me the heart ache.

I know this is a delicate airframe, but I just don't think this should have happened. It's not like I was mashing the sticks or trying to fly pattern.
I contacted Horizon to see if they would do anything for me. They told me that it was probably my fault for giving too much elevator and that if I was insistent that there was a failure, that I should send it to them at my cost and they would "take a look". I don't think it's worth the shipping to be told again that it was my fault. I was careful in the build and used the recommended E-Flite power system. I won't cry for long, but I'm sure not happy.
Mar 18, 2008, 10:29 AM
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Sorry to hear that. Was that the 1st time you looped it?

I looped mine on the maiden flight on Sunday, the wings did flex a bit but didn't break.

The fuse looks like it is still in pretty good shape, maybe just some new wings would get you back in the air?
Mar 18, 2008, 10:38 AM
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Not the first time at all. I've been up with it a half dozen times and looped it at least once with every pack. I usually just let it flop over with little throttle near the top. I guess it is just more brittle than I thought. Be warned.
The fuse has more damage that it appears, but I could probably get it back together with some effort and slap some new wings on it. The struts pushed into the fuse a bit and I don't trust the point of attachment to be structurally sound anymore. I may try to glue it all back together, but I'm afraid of how much weight it will add.
I really do want to like this plane.
Mar 18, 2008, 11:34 AM
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I recently folded the wings on my Jenny. I was flying in some pretty stiff winds though. I was using an Ele C-20 1300 kv motor and just switched from a GWS 8x4 HD to a GWS 8x6 HD prop. After flying for a bit, doing a couple of loops, I heard a crack as I was flying perpendicular to the wing. Both wings on the right side folded straight up! I chopped the throttle and it continued forward for a bit and then just hung stationary for a moment, before beginning a slow death spiral from about 25 feet up. I somehow think that if I stayed on the throttle a bit I could have managed a better "landing". You can see the results in the posted pic.

I looks like the structural failure was in the same location...at the lower wing root. I used some thick CA to glue the wings back together...and then reinforced them with some thin CA after the Thick CA set up. I performed a similar repair to my Pico Tiger Moth and it has held up fine. I think that a carbon fiber spar running the length of the inner struts on the lower wing will prevent this issue. Also, with the addition of a good set of non stretching flying wires which I did not install on my Jenny.
Mar 18, 2008, 05:30 PM
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I've been oogling this Se-5 at my LHS lately. Do you fellas recommend this plane as a strict outdoor flyer? I fly mainly small indoor and some smaller outdoor planes, so getting into this size is something a bit foreign to me. I have seen foam planes break wings off with regularity when flown outside. If I don't put this plane through too much stressful maneuvering, will it be one that is durable enough, or should I try to get into the Great Planes Se-5?
Mar 18, 2008, 06:08 PM
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Wing folding

I think the SE5a is similar to the Fokker DVII distributed by Sig. About the same size, and similar construction.

The Sig kits had issues with no built in dihedral and relied on an induced dihedral when flying. They also come with colored tape strips that reinforce the leading edges.

So turns with just a rudder varied, depending on how much dihedral was on the wing at the time....

The fix for that (and for the SE5a) is to tape 3mm CF tube to the leading edges.

I also used the aluminium wing rod joiner tubes from the GWS Slowstick ( GWS Part # GWSAP097), although you could make your own from brass tubing.

Essential if you are flying in wind and planning to loop it.
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Mar 18, 2008, 06:22 PM
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Thanks Deadduck,
At 50 dollars these are not that bad to replace, but I want to get somthing I don't necessarily have to worry about on every minor loop having its wings pop off. It's not that much more to get the Great Planes version of this, but I want to stick to this size since some indoor planes I want to fly use this same exact setup.

Do you have a pic of the rod joiner tubes as applied on your plane?
Mar 18, 2008, 08:19 PM
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I used 10lb test monofilament line to rig my Jenny and she loops great with no wing flexing. My buddy, Stew Meyers, used the line that came in the kit and it is very loose and worthless for rigging a plane--it loosens up and provides no real bracing. I wouldn't use it on my planes.
Mar 18, 2008, 09:42 PM
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Thanks! One last thing, Do any of you have an opinion on the tiger moth (balsa) from hobby lobby as compared to this se-5?
Mar 19, 2008, 12:32 AM
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I used 10 lb mono for my Jenny, I do loops far beyond the "g" limits for this model with no problem. These things have a high wing loading which= high g load. This is why the wings rip off with string. Now if i could only land without a cartwheel.
Mar 19, 2008, 12:41 AM
In The Sorrano Triangle
Sorry for your loss

What I used that works quite well for the rigging, is stainless steel beading wire, which has a plastic coating. .018 dia. wire is the size , length of 30". I bought it at Michaels Craft store. I was able to rig both the SE5A and the Jenny with one roll. It doesn't flex at all with a couple of well placed drops of med CA. Packing or strapping tape across the bottom of the wing at the front and rear mounting points ( where most failures occur) is a minimum preventive measure.

Mar 19, 2008, 01:12 AM
Been There! Done That!
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Want to see what can be done with 30# spiderwire and flat carbon wing reinforcing with ailerons see:
This is with 20oz of thrust and 115W of power from a Silver Blue Wonder CDR Motor. No wing problems here!

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