Yardbird RC MIG-29 Park Jet/Motrolfly USA Combo Review

Everyone wants to see it fly, and after they have seen it fly, they want to see it fly again! Albert Wahrhaftig this MIG-29 from Yard Bird RC.

Climbing out


Servos:2 HS55 or equivalent
Radio:3 channels with v-tail mixing
Battery:Dualsky XP1303GT
Motor:Motrolfly USA DM2210 1700kv
ESC:Motrolfly USA FM20A
Prop:APC 7x5
Available From:Yard Bird RC
Price:for combos see text

After the pleasure of reviewing two different electric powered P-40 Warhawks, I was glad to have an opportunity for a change of pace to a different era, a different side of the former Cold War and a very different aircraft design and system of construction.

At any distance at all, Yard Bird's version of the MIG-29, although constructed from flat and unpainted depron foam, has a convincingly realistic 3D appearance. Unlike most prop driven jet simulations which have motors mounted in the tail, this MIG-29 mounts its motor mid ship near the CG and in a location where it is practically invisible in flight. Unlike many flat foamies with electronics pasted conspicuously to their fuselage sides, the MIG's electronics are all secreted within the fuselage. Interlocking parts provide a stiff and sturdy structure. There is a whole lot to admire in this design, and of course, as we shall see, it flies great. Good work, Yard Bird!

When I bring this one to the field, everyone wants to see it fly, and after they have seen it fly, they want to see it fly again. This simple airplane seems to have a kind of magic.

Kit Contents

The Yard Bird Mig-29 kit contains

  • CNC cut depron foam airframe parts
  • Carbon fiber spar, stiffeners, and pushrods
  • All required hardware, e.g. elevon horns and connectors, screws, hook and loop tape, etc.
  • A pre drilled plastic motor mount
  • An instruction book
  • Decals including extra markings
To complete the kit you will need
  • A three (or more) channel radio with v-tail mixing
  • 2 servos HS55 size or equivalent
  • A brushless outrigger motor, prop, and ESC
The Yard Bird MIG-29 is available as
  • The MIG-29 kit alone, for $54.99
  • The "combo" reviewed here consisting of the kit, a Motrolfly 220-1700 kv brushless outrigger motor, a Motrolfly FM 20A ESC, a DUALSKY XP13003 GT LiPo battery and an APC 7x5 prop for $156.46.
  • A "combo"consisting of the kit, a DUALSKY YM2826CA-12 brushless outrigger motor, a DUALSKY XC1812BA ESC, a DUALSKY XP13003 GT LiPo battery and an APC 7x5 prop for $163.99

In addition, Motrolfly provided the required motor and ESC and, in addition, a programming card. Most generous and many thanks.


This is not an Almost Ready to Fly kit, but it does go together quickly and painlessly. The completeness and clarity of the Instruction Manual help to make assembly a pleasant and relaxing experience.

I used Yardbird RC Ultimate RC Foam Glue, which I have previously reviewed on this site throughout the build (except for one step where CA is specified). This glue sets quickly, but requires 24 hours to develop full strength, so assembly is reminiscent of old times (anyone remember Ambroid?) when you glued a few parts and waited until the next day to continue. The very few hours of work involved may actually occupy several days. No matter, I've got loads of other stuff to do. Don't you?

While the completed airframe is tough, prior to assembly the foam parts with narrow areas like the hatch frame are easy to break if you don't take care. Be assured that if you do break something, it will easily glue back together.


The wing, elevons, and "flat" area of the fuselage consist of foam pieces glued together along with a carbon fiber spar and carbon fiber stiffeners. You need to have a couple of heavy books on hand to weight things down, and don't forget to place wax paper beneath and above the foam pieces in case the glue oozes.


The upper and lower portions of the fuselage are built onto the flat wing-fuselage-elevons. Tab and slot construction makes accurate assembly easy. Note that the vertical stabilizers also serve as stiffeners for the aft section of the airplane, so be sure to glue them well.

Radio Installation

There is loads of room for your radio. The servos fit into slots on the fuselage sides. Everything else hides under the hatch in the fuselage. The carbon fiber pushrods are fine. I can't say that I am a great fan of gluing the clevis to the carbon fiber push rods, but I have to admit that so far this has held together well.


In case you find elevons a little confusing, just follow the set up shown in the Instruction Manual and you will get it right. CG is 2.125" in front of the back of the engine mount. Yard Bird recommends adding 1/8 oz of weight to the right wing (a finishing nail pushed into the tip will do) and setting 4 to 6 degrees of up trim into the elevons. My one small criticism is that no dimensions are given for the low and high throws on the elevons. Approximating the deflections shown in the photos at Step 28 in the Instruction Manual worked out OK for me. Add the decals, and you are ready for flight.



When I first saw this airplane, I thought flying it would be a challenge, but I couldn't have been more wrong. This is a high performance airplane, but it is remarkably stable and easy to pilot. I really get a kick out of its responsive yet worry free handling.

Taking Off and Landing

The MIG has to be hand launched. (In the video, a buddy launches it in the manner recommended for the first test flights.) Once the plane is checked out, the pilot can easily launch it alone. At about 2/3 throttle, it will lift itself from your hand.

I have never encountered an easier to land airplane. In fact, it doesn't need you. Just stand aside and let it land itself.

Aerobatics/Special Flight Performance

Aerobatics, of course, are not what this plane about. It is a top dollar (ruble?) twentieth century jet fighter, so what would you expect it to be able to do? Climb vertically? Tight, tight turns? Instant loops? Be the kind of plane that can get on the 6 of another flier and stay there? This baby does all of that readily. Want to fly jet combat? You are in business. This MIG seems to have no weird habits and can fly very slowly with no loss of stability. Pretty amazing, actually.

Moreover this Mig will fly itself out of trouble. The video shows what happened one day when the air stream blew an ESC wire back into the prop which severed it, leaving the MIG with no power and no controls. And what did it do? It descended almost vertically to a gentle landing.

On another flight, both pushrod connectors detached themselves from their elevon servos (because I forgot the instruction to secure the nut on the E/Z connectors with a drop of CA) leaving the MIG with motor power but no controls. Chopping throttle and hoping for the best, I watched the MIG, as before, simply settle downward until it gently contacted earth. Could you possibly ask for more?

Is This For a Beginner?

No. This is a surprisingly obedient and stable airplane, but it is on the small side and speedy enough to get very small very fast. With its light gray bottom and dark gray top, it can be hard to distinguish right side up from upside down, especially when the sky is gray. Disorientation can happen easily and very fast. So, no, not for beginners. This airplane is best saved for someone with enough experience not to get flustered when it has suddenly become a dot in the sky going who knows which way.

Flight Video/Photo Gallery



This MIG-29 is fun!! It is a sturdy design and is turning out to be quite durable. Weekend after weekend I am exploring its capabilities and am now flying with much greater control deflections than I was using in this review's videos. If the reaction at our flying field is any predictor, Yard Bird's MIG -29 is going to be very popular, for four of our small band are already talking about getting together to build MIGs of their own. Formations, anyone? I hope so.


  • Well designed model
  • Impressive flier
  • Easy to assemble


  • None at all!
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Dec 28, 2007, 02:44 PM
The sky is my playground.
Dora Nine's Avatar
Thanks, this plane does look like a lot of fun, and the price is decent too.
Dec 28, 2007, 02:58 PM
Doctor Who's Avatar
Nice review.

I have flown a friends Mig and Raptor from Yardbird. They both fly well.
Dec 28, 2007, 03:39 PM
There is no place like Hodges!
edge5foamy's Avatar
Nice review! I will be reviewing the Raptor soon, looks like they are both keepers!
Dec 28, 2007, 04:00 PM
The Reaper's Avatar

Nice Job

Dear albert

nice review very well written. you did a nice job on the build too.

Dec 28, 2007, 07:24 PM
Just one more flight...
RCSuperPowers's Avatar
Excellent combo. Nice work guys!
Dec 29, 2007, 08:49 AM
Registered User

great entertainment

this has become one of my favorite models of all time for what it is. i fly mine around in a 80 degree high alpha most of the time. use throttle for altitude management. also enjoy nose into wind, 0 throttle, full up and after initial stall break it will float down at a gravity defying speed or actually float down flying backwards if wind is above 10 mph. great fun. donnie
Dec 30, 2007, 12:06 PM
Fly it like you stole it..
Tram's Avatar
Wow.. Someone got reaaaallly lucky on that second video...

I had my US 25 ESC shut down on me the other day and watched the US25 drop straight and level and go behind a hill.. I always walk up to a crash sight wiggling the sticks so I can hear if "something" survived..

There she was, sitting in 1 perfect piece.. Zero damage.. Sometimes, it just works..

Great review!

Jan 01, 2008, 03:03 PM
Registered User
kissfan's Avatar
good review, I bought one of the raptors from Mark at 2dogrc when he first got them. AWESOME plane, plenty of power, handles great, and floats really nice too.
Jan 01, 2008, 03:08 PM
Fly it like you stole it..
Tram's Avatar
Hey Kissfan-

Where are you guys flyin' now? You flyin' with Curtis and those guys?

Jan 01, 2008, 09:09 PM
Registered User
kissfan's Avatar
yeah, mostly. still on 6th street some too.
Jan 01, 2008, 09:17 PM
Fly it like you stole it..
Tram's Avatar
I need to come out and see you fly the Raptor.. I've eyed it for a while..

Not very many electric fliers still in Florence..
Jan 12, 2008, 11:09 AM
The Reaper's Avatar

Dr Kiwi

dear fans

heres some more info on the Motrolfly USA DM2210 line he has testing on the 1400kv and the 1700kv motors.

your will have to read thru a little for all the info.


Feb 22, 2008, 11:17 PM
Registered User


turned mine into popcorn last week. full throttle, full down but a foot low. have built number 2 and flown it. this is one of those things i'd say is a must have. donnie
Feb 26, 2008, 02:01 PM
Bit-Twiddler and Flyer

New CV/FMS YardBird MiG-29 Park Jet

Hi folks!

I have just completed a model of the YardBird RC MiG-29 for ClearView and FMS.

I love the look of the MiG-29 in the air either flying fast or going into high alpha for some awesome flop-over loops or harriers. As you may have seen in the online videos, the MiG-29 flies quite fast, slows down nicely and has enough power with the recommended motor to go vertical at will.

This model can do everything you want a Park Jet to do. Check out the videos on the YardBird RC web site.

AUW: 11.5 ounces typical (.32kg)
Span: 24" (.61m)
Length: 34.5" (.88m)
Materials: Depron and carbon fiber airframe
Motor: 12T brushless motor XM2826CA
ESC: 18A brushless ESC
Prop: APC 7x5, 12 amp draw
Batteries: 3 cell 11.1v 1300 mAh 20C LiPoly

Any YardBird MiG owners out there, please try the model with ClearView or FMS and let me know how it flies or whether any adjustments are needed.

-- Gary

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