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Dec 17, 2002, 06:26 PM
Triad of Fun
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Has anyone ordered from Gensmantel?

Actually I know the answer to this since I have found a few posts from a few months ago but I thought I'd see if anyone could help me gain some insite.

I want to purchase his Hughes 300 kit, http://www.gensmantel-heli.de/www/erumpf.html , for one of my ECOs cause it looks so nice. I shot him an e-mail asking if the Hughes kit would fit the ECO 8 with a bit of work and what did the kit consist of.

Markus Gensmantel replied and was "The kit is the complete H-300. cost 50 Euro. Shipping is 25 Euro. Regards M.Gensmnatel"

It was a short answer so I figured we might have a language barrier. I don't speak German and I suspect he might not have understood my question. Totally understandable since we live in two different countries however I might be wrong.

So before I e-mail him again I was hoping someone could give me a bit of insite on:
1. Is the Hughes-300 kit sized for the ECO (or Heaven)?
2. How does one order from him and how to pay?

I appreciate any input.

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Dec 17, 2002, 11:28 PM
misskimo's Avatar

hey , Bill

I have ordered from him and yes he is trust worthy , the only conflict is the dang shipping is so slow even if you request fast shipping , its not his fault though , longest to alaska was about 6 weeks and the shortest was about 4 weeks out of the 4 times I bought from him .
yes , he dont quit understand that much but he just gets to the point , so 73.32 international check, priorty mail to the address on his site will do the job and get there in a week ,
yes the fuse will fit and his hopup parts to the head and tail will also fit the eco . Gensmantal and eco used to be partners and they split up awhile back , frames and gears are way different , I do like the belt drive system he uses in his helis , real quite , and alittle lighter too compaired to the eco , I sold my heaven and micro heaven a few months back , just to many projects .
I crashed one heaven on the second flight , just dont dive down like its a dive bomber , I got to high on the second flight and like I always did with airplanes was dive. pitch up affect with a 1300 head speed and about 40 mph ended up with the pitch up affect that all helis will do as they reach there limit where the trailing blade will quit producing lift and stall and since the heli reacts 90 degrees out , it ends up acting on the alevator when that happens .
The pitch up was so hard that it bogged the motor down right then and stripped the main gear because of the flimze frame that the eco and the heaven share.

Dec 18, 2002, 12:16 AM
Triad of Fun
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Thanks Tony. I appreciate the info. Sounds like I just need to get a international money order and send it to him. Easy enough.

Sorry to hear about your Heaven. It would be a drag waiting 6 weeks for heli parts after a crash

When I bought my first ECO a couple of years ago, parts were hard to find and would take weeks or months to get. Thank goodness thats not the case anymore.

Appreciate the help,
Dec 18, 2002, 08:19 AM
Registered User
I have the 300 fuse and the heli if you are interested. Both are brand new(heli partially assembled, fuse kit is new in box).