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Nov 28, 2007, 06:19 PM

Supra or Onyx JW?? Benchmark? Doesn't take a Soaring Lord to figure it out.

There may be better or more talented pilots than I but there isn't anyone
with network experience in Soaring...but that hardly anoints me as the
determiner of what qualifies a sailplane as one of the bench mark ships in RC
history. That's a title that is earned by the model.

Dave offered up:
Gordy self proclaimed himself with that title. :-)
Because he didn't have anything of value to contribute to the topic.

Paul mentioned it happens when a phrase is attached to it :
"It launches like a ______." Or, "It ranges out like a _____."
Or, "It hangs like a _____." Or even, "It lands like a _____."

But sorry, that's not even close to what earns a specific model its spot as
one of the bench mark spots in RC history (by the way AVA earned its spot

Paul listed some planes with one being the Icon. Icon sort of fits sideways
into the category because of it's price, American moldy and JW having
designed it. Definitely the Falcon series are on the family tree and Super V.
Hobie, Pelican, Magic, Logic, Addiction/Compulsion, Sharon, Pike...easy to
determine which models mark a turning point in RC history when you understand
the criteria.
Keep in mind ,its not about what you 'think' or 'feel' is a great sailplane,
its about what it contributed in the greater scope of things.

Skeeter is there too, not for its winning ability but for its places as the
Rodney Dangerfield of RC soaring.

A bench mark would be 1980 for refers to planes produce before
that date....that date groups a turning point in RC sailplane design history.

Joe R mentioned this below, and while he was implying that early versions
fluttered or some such it loses the right to be considered bench mark status.

The Supra is the most documented sailplane since it's release to the public,
with it's many issues depending what serial number you have. I cannot agree
that fits a standard for "bench mark" status.

However the opposite is what confirmed that the Supra was indeed a bench
mark ship. In spite of its early 'construction' shortcomings, it was
recognizable even back then by all, or it would have 'folded'...but instead it thrived.

When planes like the Duck, Cirrus, etc made their mark, and there were those
models that are 'just like it only better' produced. A good thing by the
way...but they are the 'others' and can never become the 'bench mark'.

Its not about liking the model, its about how it is received, its record and
its longevity.

Levoe, Selig, Drela, Renaud.... a long the RC time line there are those
'peaks' that spike high enough for all to see. Supra and AVA are there.

A winning plane is the one that a pilot puts in precisely 10mins of air, and
that the pilot puts its nose on the 100. That doesn't make it a bench mark
design, but in the case of the pilot who does it consistently at all levels
of competition, over a long period of years...does qualify the pilot as a
bench mark in RC history.

On the beach in Westchester NY tomorrow.

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Nov 28, 2007, 09:10 PM
Martin Doney
Martin Doney

Re: Supra or Onyx JW?? Benchmark? Doesn't take a Soaring Lord to figure it out.

well Gordy just used up 14 paragraph to say nothing he must be on the road.

Would have been out flying today but it was snowing. So I did some repair to a couple of ducks.

Martin Doney
Baldwin, MI (the middle of nowhere)
LSF 7429 level IV

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