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Nov 27, 2007, 02:31 PM
From the bowels of MI

Mosquito 3CH Radio Control Helicopter Version 2 by Syma

With the weather turning sour I decided to pick up one of these so I can play around with it indoors. I picked it up for $37 (inc/shipping) off of ebay from 93Video. They shipped it really fast.

In the box was the heli, a spare rear prop, a spare control link, a 9V battery, transmitter, and a wall adapter to charge the heli (not the "C" battery charger pad like the RS version).

Stock weight of the heli is 37.2g (1.31oz) but there are a number of unnecessary stickers which I plan on removing. Does anyone know the stock weights of the RS and Alany versions? The front "eye" LEDs stay solid green, there are a couple of "stripes" on the side which flash red-blue when the heli is on.

Stock it hovers pretty well although the blades aren't tracking too great. I haven't made any attempt to fix this yet. Forward speed is dismal but it's definitely there. As you can the flybars are weighted. The main blades are screwed on pretty tight. I'm wondering if loosening them a little bit would help with the tracking....

The transmitter sticks are WAY too stiff, I need to either remove the springs or replace them with something much softer. It's very difficult to modulate them the way they are.

The legs catch on carpet very easily... I wonder why they didn't add little "beads" or some tubing on the ends to prevent this from happening...

The charger is kind of funny in the fact that it has one red LED which is on only if the heli is not plugged in, or when it's done charging. I would think it should work the other way around but it works well enough and I prefer it to charging from batteries. I can't really give a charge/flight time report yet since I haven't timed either.

Flight report: As I said, it hovers great. It usually needs some trim adjustment. The trim is controlled by two buttons and not a dial like some of the other versions. When giving it a forward or backward command it messes with the trim so you have to adjust with the right stick. Trying to trim it would be futile because as soon as you re-adjust the speed of the rear prop you'd have to re-trim again. I think the voltage is not isolated well between the main and tail motors and when current flows to the tail motor the voltage on the main motors drops screwing up the trim and giving it a tendency to drop. I'm getting a little better at controlling it but I think some mods are definitely in order and will improve the flight characteristics. I've never flow any of the other versions out there so I don't know how this one compares.. to me, it's more fun then the 2 channel helis though.

One odd thing is that only one control link is on there... I'm not sure if this is by design or what. I haven't tried to put the second one on to see if it makes any difference.

Can I get some recommendations on what to mod to improve flight? So far I have:

1. Delete throttle spring in Xmitter... maybe the right one also.
2. Remove stickers. Should I remove the ones from the blades or do they make the hover more stable?
3. Lube the gears w/silicone? Not sure if this is recommended.
4. Adjust blade tracking... how?
5. Try a picco prop in the rear to see if it helps w/forward speed.

Has anyone attempted to tilt the rear motor/prop forward a few degrees? That way it would not only "tilt" the heli forward but some of the vector would go to providing some forward thrust...

That's all for now... thanks for reading.
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Nov 27, 2007, 02:47 PM
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Nov 27, 2007, 02:48 PM
Do a Barrel Roll!
rcbif's Avatar
This thing looks pretty cool! Anyone know of any other decent 3ch helis on the market?
Nov 27, 2007, 04:51 PM
"raven" didn't fit, heh
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i'm pretty sure the RS/ITC Micro-Mosquito is around 20 grams, but don't quote me on that -- i'm not sure that a clone could be almost twice the weight
Nov 27, 2007, 06:05 PM
From the bowels of MI
I'm not sure why it's so much heavier but I'm guessing the weight must be from the rotors. The MM also has exposed main motors. It doesn't seem to effect flight duration... I still haven't timed it but I can fly for a long time. The LiPo capacity is quoted as 210mAh (3.7V) in the manual. I did do a few things to it in the last couple of hours.

1. Pulled off stickers except those under the rotors (still not sure if I should do that). I haven't checked to see how much weight I saved.
2. Pulled the Xmitter apart and removed the throttle spring. I like it much better without it.
3. I tried to "loosen" the springs on the right stick but they get inelastic very quickly.... just a warning to anyone who plans to do this mod... work with one loop at a time and go VERY SLOW. The springs were pretty much worthless after my "modding". So I put a couple of rubber bands in their place. They're not quite the right size but they seem to work well enough. I didn't like the right stick without any centering.
3. I tried the Picco prop in the back. It works great, but unfortunately in the wrong direction (backward). I noticed that the prop is very directional so even if I got used to working the forward/reverse stick backward it still wouldn't do much good because the fast flight would be in the reverse direction.
4. I put a little bit of weight in the front because, although close, the CG was a little bit back. There's no mention of it in the manual which is kind of surprising. I'm thinking of adding a little "probiscus" to correct the balance.

I must say that the more I fly this thing the more fun it's becoming... and the better I'm getting at it. I think it was a pretty good deal for $40. I think the RS MM runs something like $70. Hopefully with some more fine tuning I'll be able to get it to go exactly where I want.

BTW, I should have mentioned that there is no throttle "arming" function like on the full size radios so if you do the throttle spring mod make sure you keep that in mind.

Nov 27, 2007, 06:30 PM
From the bowels of MI
I found a post with the weights of the different units and it looks like mine is right on the money. See here:
Nov 27, 2007, 09:31 PM
I need a BIGGER lvng rm!
I took the stickers off the blades of mine, didn't hurt anything. I also had to balance the blades to get some vibration out of it. That helped it fly a little better. Also, if the heli turns in one direction when you go forward, try twisting the tail shaft so that the tail motor points SLIGHTLY to one side, this will help counter the torque of the motor. I had to adjust mine, but now it flies nice and straight in forward flight.
Nov 28, 2007, 12:40 AM
From the bowels of MI
Thanks for the hints MicroTex, I'll give those a shot tomorrow. I wonder if the stickers on the blades are somehow intended to strengthen them or keep them together in the event that they break?

How do you guys adjust the tracking of fixed pitched rotors like these?
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Nov 29, 2007, 04:21 PM
From the bowels of MI
I took the stickers off the blades and everywhere else and put a little silicone lube on the gears. I don't think that the blades are out of balance but the lower rotor is definitely not tracking as well as the upper. I have no idea how to adjust the tracking on these things, or if it's even possible. I did remove the blades but they have an oval "slot" which keeps them from rotating around the screw axis... I have no idea why they designed it like this. I think the heli would take more abuse if the blades could "give" a little.

After a lot more flight time on this bug I'm getting a lot better... even managed to fly it through a doorway. I wish it had more fine control toward the center of the stick when it comes to yaw. I read somewhere that the MM does better in this department. I can't confirm this but I know that the electronics in the x-mitter look a LOT different. I'm thinking about during a little surgery and changing the polarity of the rear motor so I could use the Picco props for better forward speed. I guess I'll see how delicate the job would be once I open it up.

There appear to be some crazy variations of this bug... the one here claims that it has an ADJUSTABLE GYRO!!!!!
Nov 29, 2007, 05:00 PM
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i have seen that rotor system on something before
Nov 29, 2007, 09:47 PM
I need a BIGGER lvng rm!
Don't worry to much about the blades, they have proven to be very durable. I have hit pretty hard and have no damage on mine. As for adjusting the blade tracking.... put a thin piece of white tape width wise on the outer end of one of the lower blades. This will help distinguish one blade from the other while the blades are spinning. Now power up the rotors and view them from the side, you should be able to tell if one blade is higher than the other in the way they are tracking, and you should be able to tell which is which by the tape. now bend a little more curve into the blade that is tracking the lowest. This will give the blade more lift and should bring it to the same track as the other blade. repeat until they are tracking the same.

As for the yaw, the MM has WAY better control of the yaw. It is much more precise and can be flown with great accuracy if you swap the rotors to the flybar style.
Nov 30, 2007, 01:31 AM
From the bowels of MI
If I find a good deal on the MM I'll pick one up... but I'm not going to pay $70 for one. I think the clones are a pretty good bang for the buck.

BTW, I did some surgery today... took a bunch of photos. I'll post them along with some descriptive text a little later. I found some surprises... one, the battery is actually 180mAh, not as stated in the manual... two, there's ballast up front between the motors. I also couldn't figure out how to separate the main shaft so I could lube the inside... I think the "caps" might be glued on.

By adding more curvature you mean curing it along it's axis correct? That is, as if you put a pencil lengthwise under the blade and try to bent it around the pencil (not sure if this makes sense).

Thanks again for the info...
Dec 07, 2007, 12:35 AM
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flip the Picoo prop over (shoulder side up).
now its got better thrust for forward and worse for backwards.
any body seen rotor set for this yet?
want to retrofit my MM.
cheers, chris
Dec 07, 2007, 01:13 PM
I need a BIGGER lvng rm!
Originally Posted by 2phar
flip the Picoo prop over (shoulder side up).
now its got better thrust for forward and worse for backwards.
any body seen rotor set for this yet?
want to retrofit my MM.
cheers, chris
Here's a link posted by another member. The price is right, but when you select checkout the shipping is kinda high. Still worth it IMO.

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