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Nov 20, 2007, 02:00 PM
Chef, Snowboarder, WEEEE!

Baja SS Speculation and hopup thread.

I've been pouring through a ton of post, and most the upgrades available right now are for the standard Baja RTR.

With the new SS being released (hopefully next week), what hop=ups can we speculate about being MUST HAVE / MUST DO to make it the best running car for abuse and least amount of down-time on the bench for repairs ?
Being it is a KIT , I would rather just replace the junk from the start and later just enjoy knowing it is a good set up for abuse ( because I'm going to trounce and thrash this beast )
I know my sh*t with my FGMT, but when it comes to the Baja, I'm kind of unsure as there is a lot of "fancy parts" that really are just for customizing, but not really all that necessary IMHO ( eg: carbon fiber chassis and bling parts)> I'm a driver, not a parts polisher.

So far Since the SS is a kit, I have got this for the initial build:

Bad Horsie Shock sock covers,
Metal pull start ring,
Outerwears intake and start covers,
TGN redneck dual stage airfilter,
TGN failsafe,
Full Ball Bearing set -Fast Eddie(Also replaces diff bushings)
Spektrum dx3 TX/RX
HiTec -all metal gear servo for throt/brake. * I have a spare 805bb now. May add the metal gears ?
Klotz oil.



Battery- 4400mah hump pack, but what one...... want quality cells.
Front Shock tower- billet maybe the new one is stronger and wont need to be upgraded?

Aloy output gear carrier- From what I read it is a weak area on teh car and can cause premature gear wear.

Wheel extenders- did they fix the rubbing ?

Disc Brakes- Going to try to make some out of Smarttech parts hopefully.

Elkon race Clutch- <-I plan on getting this bad boy for my SS. I hate repairing stuff prematurely, so the 100.00 is money well spent IMHO if the upgraded one in the SS is "the suck".

Debating on the steel or aluminum gears, and I know I will get them at some point for sure, but right away.... not sure if I need them.

Other than that, I'm not sure what really will be a surefire right off the bat NEED for replacing from the stock parts.
Perhaps the wheel extenders and upper arms for the rear ?

Will the new dif and clutch be good enough ? The aluminum one is cast metal.
Aloy billet machined barstock is stronger by far,

Lets speculate a bit........

I cleaned up my table and re-aranged my hobby room.

I have 1/2 my parts ordered for the upgrades I plan on slappig in initialy, and well...... my RC hobby table is a mess.......

Putting together one of these big kits is going to take room. My job that I thought I came back to fell through, so I've been in a kind of a dumpy rut and (hence why I'm on the forum so often this past week or so) today when stressed, I decided to power clean and move some stuff around.

I'm quite happy with the results

Should have PLENTY of room now for the Baja SS build
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Nov 20, 2007, 05:06 PM
34Ford's Avatar
Oh yea, you have enough room now.

I saw one of those Boeing 747's for sale here.

What is that white foamy with the twin motors?

Nov 20, 2007, 07:08 PM
Chef, Snowboarder, WEEEE!
the foamy is a glider I converted with guts from a Storm Launcher. Flies "OK" but hard to keep it in the air as it is fairly nose heavy. I may have to increase the prop size with some GWS gearboxes to get the thrust I need. was a "monkey around project" I did earlier this spring one day I was really bored.
Feb 03, 2008, 08:39 PM
Registered User
here's my new ss with some hop-ups

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