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Nov 17, 2007, 10:20 AM
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Can this foamy really do 290kph and what gear does it use to go 180mph

flying wing Razor( EDIT SORRY REVENGE IS THE MAME NOT RAZOR )eco claims some 180mph 290kph for 40 euro or ~ $60 often less cost than MPX jet

I have a Kontronik Fai 480 55 5500kv and 3s 3200kokams and 4.7*4.7 from my now too beat up MPX Jet which probably did 110mph as its too draggy to go much faster than that with 500 watts and to spend $700 to make 1KW system to do 150mphMPX JET no thanks

smaller cheaper faster preferably
My s 400 Voodoo probably does 150mph plus but it is very small

Not much good at hacking my way through german speeaking sites so any feedback from owners of this Razor ECO give us the story what power props etc

Please I know all the claims for MPX JET and skytriker and ZAGI 170 etc but this is not a how fast these other craft can go but interesteed to hear of similar priced similar specs flying wing craft both epoxy and foamy which can
REALLY do 290KPH for the same costs

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Nov 18, 2007, 07:10 PM
Did you try clicking the little English flag on the right where it says "sprachen" ?

And yep it looks like it's actualy been clocked at 290kph
Nov 18, 2007, 07:25 PM
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Yep I did all that
What I was refering to the abilty of non english sites which supply more than thier own lingo is that often the other translated pages are out of date or edited down versions and to get the total piture you have to go to the original sites lingo to get all the info

Example TF4000 tubofAN 4000 AT WWW.AERONAUT.DE
You cant get any info on this tf4000 unit on the english speaking section but change to german all the info is there

Anyway looks like as always the germans are way out in front for speed and so I will have to go to a german speaking forum and use google babble fish to speak in german to the germans to get the specks on this craft

But I dont take anybodys word for speed as it seem the abilty to get mixxed up between KPH and MPH on measuring or the abilty to use a howling gale following down wind dive to get high speed results means you cant realy trust anybody until you checked out all the info and OFTEN the biggest seriously unverified numbers seem to come from english speaking countries

Recently germans had a good laugh when I asked the german forums what they thought about NUE MOTORS
That was an eye opener so i will stick to mega and high Quality german motors for the moment

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Nov 19, 2007, 06:07 AM
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A voodoo was recently clocked at 216mph at my club..........but it gets real small real quick!

Nov 19, 2007, 10:44 AM
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I love my voodoo but figure its mayby 150mph and recently I..

I love my Voodoo"s (I have over several years two full Voodoos left and four fuses so the wings gets swopped around a lot as I killed two wings )
but I figure its mayby 150mph
(just guessing as I dont do radar or doppler but rely on the glow brigades dropped jaw draging on the ground syndrome to estimate speeds )
Recently I lost sight of it several times in flight usualy marginal metroligal conditions cloudy days low light conditions etc.
So now I only fly when visibilty is perfect as spending days weeks months looking for lost Voodoos upsets the other club members who ritualy hide in thier cars when the Voodoos fly

So a replacement sooother fairly fast slightly bigger craft preferably cheaper also easy to bring on Spanish holidays in the suitcase would suit
The MPX jet is too big too draggy but a bit of fun worth bringing along the electronic equipment and buying one MPX JET in a LHS on holidays in Spain and leaving it behind after you strip out the gear if it wont stuff into the suitcase full of now broken planes (and bottles of cheapo plonko for the christmas in laws to consume or other drugery non modeling social commitments )

I would require a lot of real serious proof as in make of radar weather conditions club location eg top of ben nevis where air is thinner and other factors like was radar in KPH mode to believe a Voodoo any Voodoo could exceed 200mph

But who knows mayby the glow brigade know I am exceeding 200mph and just want to no say it and play it down to 150mph and it might explain why I lose sight of these days or is it my wrong end of 40 plus eye balls syndrome kicking in hard

Realy the Voodoo would require a hell of a tail wind to exceed the terminal velocity speed of ~160mph and some 2kw of power prop doing 50k plus to overcome the drag of some ~1.3kg plus (and the voodoo only weighs ~500 grams)

So if any body knows of any contender that fits between the bigger draggy MPX Jet and the micro sized ballistic Voodoo preferably with proven peddegree speed and costing a lot less than a Voodoo and preferably Foamy to cope with Spanish airports suitcase flat pack handling qualities BEEN THERE SEEN THAT GOT THE T SHIRT and have better bounce qualities than a fragile Voodoo on the sun hard baked concrete qualities of spanish flying Terrain then chime in
and if its this REVENGE ECO plane all the better

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Nov 20, 2007, 06:00 PM
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The websites name is misleading, huh "SlowFlyWorld" really suites this plane perfectly...
Nov 22, 2007, 04:58 AM
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Finnaly got time to get google translator on this problem

first english lingo google search Revenge pro or eco results are zip nada and tried varations brushless revenge pro or eco results again nicht

then change to google,de Suche means search using modelflug revenge eco

link 2nd one down

Goole,de quote

"Christine Irnstetter Flugmodellbauteile
Revenge Eco 39,00 EUR. EPP-Speed-Canard 54,99 EUR. Upgrade 24,00 EUR. Parasit 34 cm EPP/Depron Delta 9,50 EUR. EPP-Impeller-Jet 41,99 EUR ... - 21k - Im Cache - Ähnliche Seiten"

end google,de quote

put the into google tranlate

you come onto ... jomari online shop

seach for details here in english or use german version direct and click on Details hier

Quote from jomari online shop site in german

"25.09.2007 Marcel Petrasch erreichte auf dem Speedcup 2007 in Dachau den 4. Platz (Elektro) mit unseren Revenge Pro,
mit offiziell gemessenen 309 km/h ist es damit das mit Abstand schnellste motorisierte EPP-Modell auf der Welt.
nähere Details hier

"end quote

on that page lots of tecky info but click on engine details

Quote from jomari online shop site in german

"Möglich wurde dies durch den Powercroco von Dr. Ralph Okon. Nähere Details zu dem Motor gibt es hier.
end quote

That brings you to

details for motors esc props etc
its a big foamie 6S kokam 4000 lipo (probably 30c type ) with 144amp outruner on 7*10 apc inch props

neat photo of crater in ground at the bottom of the page where it crashed at 300kph some 160mph plus

good idea motor at the back with a feather bed of lipoly to cusioned from impact OOOOCHHHH but best i can tell they infer nothing broken and plane is repairable

This is not a parkfly friendly plane

the 180mph seems to be at a proper controled speed competition
but again that might be a club meeting with lots of pics so would need german forum sources to verify quality of this competition

super cheap plane but quite large so the equipment cost is mega bucks

but speed costs big time and big models cost a lot more

The all white unpainted version best i can understand is going to 8KW and go for 400kph or 250MPH

I will I think go to Plan b make a f5d sized plane instead
3s 3700 poly quest or 4000 kokams and do sub 100 amps with 5*5 props as I have most of that gear already and live at 160mph as it fits in suitcase for travel on airliner I know cuase I have taken 2 f5d limited Aeronaut Fox and one voodooin the case along with one aeronaut skyraider one horji discus throw solaomi one aeronaut sports aeronaut sinus f5b with break apart wings and one horji airlion version daisy s400 1.5 meter powered glider

Pity its not so spanish airport flat pack proof like a foamie

Revenge would certainly eat a Zagi for breakfast


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Nov 22, 2007, 05:44 AM
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Jesus christ, he only got 4th place doing 309 Km/h
Nov 22, 2007, 06:51 AM
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RE: meatbomber "Ich Habe bisse duetch"

RE: meatbomber "I have a very little german "
last time i lived in germany was 1992 so I forgoten nearly all the german i learnt living and working there in the wonderball 100% employment days but i can still hack some tecky details at times

My comprehension was that he came first in group 4 or class 4 type craft

If he did come forth what was the speed of first

Even they came forth not bad for some fairly young flyers estimate late teens

mayby your german is more perfect living in Czech Republic beside germanyAny usefull translations of other sites or these sites would be interesting from those whose German is stronger than google translator

Mayby you can confirm this is a well controlled fly in with real results that are correct

Neat job you got Meatbomber dropping of parachuters every day from a skyvan
loved the holidays in Czech and the girls and Pilzner when i went to Pilzner and had the good luck to meet Horji at the model expo 2002 and later Pilzer

But the drive through Germany is a financial killer so nowadays end up going to Spain in the car or on the plane

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Nov 22, 2007, 07:46 AM
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har me neing austrian exile in Cz my mother tounge is german so i can hae a look see what i can find out for you. And as you said, CZ is the holy land of awesome and cheap beer and beautiful woman

What i found out so far about the cup:


1----Koppendorfer, Peter--10-----384,2
2----Schamburger, Erwin---E-----363,0
3----Haisssl, Wolfgang----15-----353,5
4----Pietschmann, Rolf-----6,6---347,3
5----Pietschmann, Rolf----10-----342,1
6----Neesen, Uwe---------E-----317,3
7----Penz, Stephan--------E-----312,5
8----Uhlig, Gerd----------10-----310,1
9----Petrasch, Marcel-----E -----309,0
10---Müller, Steffen-------E -----290,0
11---Koppenburg, Kai-----15-----289,1
12---Pietschmann, Rolf----3,5----268,1
13---Uhlig, Gerd-----------5,8----266,8
14---Berktold, Klaus-------4,8----239,9
15---Kennerknecht, Martin-6,6----238,6
16---Hasieber, Martin------E------235,5
17---Reithmeier, Gerhard--Wankel-229,4
19---Kennerknecht, Martin-3,5-----216,8
21---Boos, Harry----------6,6-----193,6

All Ic powered models were measured with Kai Koppenburgers very accurate doppler-method, all E-powered models with manual timing. Distance allways 150m
The speed is an average from 2 runs one upwind one downwind. (Apparantly the system they used is the same FAI system used on the German Championships... unfortuately the contest rules are no longer on the MFC Dachau website so i can`t confirm that for sure)

The plane you are looking for was 4th in the E-powered group. But it was the fastest EPP plane

Nov 22, 2007, 05:56 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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Thanks meatbomber that info was interesting

Thanks saved a lot of leg work translating that

position no 9 and forth E plane in table 309kph

If you get any further info let us know

I am still looking to get something a bit bigger than Voodoo and fairly fast eg 100 to 150mph probably foamy for fun good for 3s 3700 or 4000 or similar and preferably fairly cheap

like I said at the beggining of thread MPX jet is too big and too draggy as I already got one and its good fun but on 3s seems to be more like 80 to100mph and a tad slow and to make it faster costs too much

Any links to the planes that came first second thrird etc at that competition

Fist E plane was 363kph ~101 M/sec or ~225mph on one run

So 150meter course with manual timing for electric is the going to probably be the standard

At 180mph or 86 metres per second thats sub 2second gate to gate something like ~1.9 seconds

the electric doing 225mph ~101 m/sec would be ~1.5 seconds gate to gate

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Nov 23, 2007, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by treehog
So 150meter course with manual timing for electric is the going to probably be the standard
At these speeds, manual measuring with stop watches is prone to some errors.


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