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Feb 18, 2013, 04:09 PM
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The Corsairs will be flown but for know I am working with the AXN Clouds can Fly Floater Jet. I have done the sim thing and can fly great on the computer. The AXN will be beat up for awhile and then the Corsairs will come out. I have enough Corsair parts that when things break I can get it right back together. And gluing them is very easy and that is a good thing.
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Feb 18, 2013, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by EastBay580
The Corsairs will be flown but for know I am working with the AXN Clouds can Fly Floater Jet. I have done the sim thing and can fly great on the computer. The AXN will be beat up for awhile and then the Corsairs will come out. I have enough Corsair parts that when things break I can get it right back together. And gluing them is very easy and that is a good thing.
Axn is the best! thats the plane i learned 4 channel on mostly..when its crashed it can be repaired easy....
Feb 23, 2013, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by hate2crash
Yes i believe this corsair is just as easy to fly as most trainers...Mine has also been crashed and repaired numerous times and flys just as good as ever...You can't learn to fly if you are worried about crashing or believe you will crash...Once u believe in your ability and settle your nerves and use common sense you will have success...
I have to agree! After gluing mine back together again for the third time...I realized I had the controls set like on high! I flipped the switch and the ailerons don't move as far when the stick is moved! DUH DUH DUH me!!! I flew it the other day and it was a breeeeze to fly! Floated like a butterfly! Handled like my trainer except a little more manuverable. Handled like a dream! I love how it flew! I guess live and learn!

Mar 06, 2013, 10:26 PM
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Hey guys, I see that they still make the Art tech corsair, it's not as an attractive color as the old ones though. Has anyone bought one of these "new" models? If so does it fly as well as the older version? Thanks

Mar 08, 2013, 08:24 PM
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Which one are you refering to PonyMan? It seems to be sold a number of places.
Mar 24, 2013, 06:07 PM

Can't get the tail to go on right

HELP I just got the art tech corsair and for the life of me I cannot get the rudder wire on the tail to go in that little rubber grommet on the servo. Also the tail wheel is opposite direction of the rudder direction
Mar 24, 2013, 09:54 PM
Any hints?
Mar 24, 2013, 10:12 PM
Gorilla Glue Expert
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Patience . Really, about the only way. Grease up that little rubber bushing first, and stick a pc. of wire thru it several times to stretch it out a bit.

As to the rudder and tail wheel ; obviously they have to go the same direction. Is the servo arm somehow turned around? - been a while since I had the tail off mine, and if I recall right the wire off the rudder goes forward of the rudder, to engage that wonderful little grommet. Meaning, the servo arm has to forward too.
Apr 23, 2013, 09:27 AM
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ESC in cowl

Bought my Corsair over a year ago and just now getting ready to add it to my squadron. After reading about it being tail heavy I checked some of the mods and implemented two.

First was to move the ESC to the cowl area. I decided a great place was in the motor mount so I hot-glued it in there, as shown in the photo. The rubber band was just to hold it in place for gluing. Also worked best to scuff up the heat shrink on the ESC for the glue to hold better. Just need to extend the battery leads a bit now. Also replaced the original mount screws at the firewall, as they were extra long and weren't even threaded for for the first bit where they should be to work best.

Next was to rework the battery bay, starting with the steel weight under the floor of the bay. Since I had the cowl area open already I was able to use a small metal rod and poke it through the top of the firewall to push the weight out. Turns out mine wasn't attached well anyway. Then I used a hobby knife with a longer blade to cut out the intermediate floor.

With the bay enlarged it's a just fit for a 100mm long battery. I'm hoping to use a 2200mah or maybe 2 1400mah in parallel.

Oh, and mine did come with the 'beautiful' HobbyKing sticker on the vertical stab, but lite use of a heat gun loosened the adhesive and it peeled right off.
Jun 07, 2013, 08:32 PM

Bought three Art-Tech PNP Corsairs on clearance for $79.99

MotionRC has their 1000 mm Art-Tech Corsairs on clearance for $79.99. Free shipping for orders over $100.

I called and asked about them, and was told that they have been having complaints about this lot in stock, because of inconsistencies in finish, particularly placement of decals. According to "the voice on the phone" there have been few complaints about component quality. Hope he is right about that.

So, I bought three of them, to use as 4 Ch trainer "belly landers" in a 200+ acre field next to the house. I reckon I can use them up, learn 4CH warbird flight aerobatics (with plenty of repair parts!) in the process, for less than the cost of one PZ Corsair!

They had over 200 left when I placed my order this morning.

The Bird
Jun 25, 2013, 02:58 AM
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Just curious anyone thats recieved one of the MotionRC clearance Corsairs if they came in good condition without any mechanical issues?
Nov 11, 2013, 04:01 PM
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It won't stay down!!!!

Okay, this last time I thought it had it.
Wing broken in half at the fuselage.
Cowl crushed to the firewall.
Motor mount crushed.
Motor shaft driven 1/4" back in its housing.
Rudder servo destroyed. Prop gone.

I popped for a new motor mount.
And of course some of my Gorilla friend and paint.
Glued up the rudder. Three channel now.
Oh, yes, and a two liter pop bottle for a make shift cowl.

Bottom line: it jumped out of my hand and reached for sky again as always!
There's just no keeping these guys down!!!
Nov 11, 2013, 05:00 PM
me, right now.
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looks like a racing cowl! Such a great plane. Imho, (for its size) this is by far the best plane that you can get for under $100. I think I need to buy another one.
Dec 15, 2013, 09:18 PM
Corsir Crasher
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Does anyone have an extra or know where i can get a rudder servo arm? The one for the rudder/tail wheel with the slot.
Mine split in half. I was going to try and make one from an extra standard servo arm but they are to short.
Dec 15, 2013, 09:56 PM
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H Norm.
I recently glued up my rudder. The servo died. Well, actually, I killed it.
I'll see if I can pull it apart and fetch the arm out....tomorrow.

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