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May 25, 2009, 10:24 PM
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VOYAGER II 1M Cup Yacht: 5552 up dated 2009

Look like the VOYAGER II 1M Cup Yacht P/N 5552 is about to come on line. I went to MFG web site This site also listed optimal parts such as there “Light and Rigid Fiberglass Racing Hull” with P/N PJ6242.

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May 26, 2009, 09:57 PM
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i don't see the optional fiberglass hull. can ya post a link to it please?
May 27, 2009, 02:02 AM
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Doomracing: Go to web site, and scan down to just about the bottom of the page and you will see “Spare Parts”. Click #3 slide of 1-5 slides, for the hull PJ6242.
Jun 09, 2009, 07:54 AM
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Doomracing, the word used was optimal, not optional.
The hull is a fibreglass one

Jun 12, 2009, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Islander51
Doomracing, the word used was optimal, not optional.
The hull is a fibreglass one

ummm think about it, and look at the site. i see no optimal parts listed. i did find the hull pic. i just wonder how much it is for the hull. i either missed the pricing, or they don't give it.
Jun 12, 2009, 02:36 PM
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No, I didn't see any prices either, and for 'optimal', I was referring to ralphhager's post #46.

Still, it's good that if a hull gets wrecked, then I can get a new one without having to buy the whole kit!

Jun 30, 2009, 12:57 PM
Useful Idiot
TTNZ "Necessary mods"
This was posted by KoneWone
There is thread "ETNZ building tips" started 3 years ago & documents valuable pieces of the TT ETNZ when it came onto the market (read it before buying a TT ETNZ)

I came across this thread “after” I brought my ETNZ when I was looking for some building tips and was horrified at the extend of mods being carried out over time, but having bit the bullet and having high expectations, coming up to 6 months experience, I like to pass on my experience as a review.

Thirteen (13) some believe is an unlucky number, when buying and ETNZ well it was me, after previously buying TT Victoria which I found to be very good boat to build and sail, I took my previous experience of Thunder Tiger products into account when I purchased my second TT ETNZ. I have two other RC boats manufactured by Kyosho (Fairwind & Oracle BMW)

Formerly a regular off-shore big boat sailor in home land New Zealand, I would now re-classify myself as regular recreational RC sailor, now living inland Europe, now I can only enjoy the pleasure of regular RC sailing with my two sons and we love it !

When talking RC sailing I put Yacht kit-sets into 3 categories:

A. Display model purposes
B. Occasional recreational sailing
C. Frequent sailing and or racing

Out of the box the ETNZ model fits application (A) perfectly, it what the kit was designed for to look good and there will be no additional costs with maybe the exception of 1) buying some good quality glue, not recommended to use what comes with the kit as does not work!

If one steps up to application (B) it is standard practice to 2) replace the plastic chain plates & all screws & bolts with stainless steel or brass fittings, simply because the plastic chain plates are not designed for the stresses put upon them when sailing and will break and the standard steel fitting will rust. 3) Speaking of rust, when installing the rudder & Keel fin, apply as much grease as you can on the keel & rudder shafts when installing to prevent them into rusting into place.

Further, it is by practical experience from many users that the two piece mast should 4) be glued with epoxy in the join otherwise it will bend under backstay tension and cause ugly crease at the top of the main sail & ruin any chance of achieving any basic sail shape at all.

Unless you have experience or some-one with practical knowledge of RC sheeting and servo’s, I personally would recommend that you go sail arm/winch arm servo set-up, 5) do not try and attempt the assemblies manual recommendation of installing a sail drum winch with loose sheeting, it will drive you absolutely nuts when your sheets gets tangled or jammed, especially in light air ...believe me it will happen !

Weighing in at total weight of 3.5 kilos this boat is heavy wind boat meaning it really comes to life with wind speeds of 15 kph + unlike the similar sized Kyosho Seawind which is 1 kilo lighter and therefore favours more lighter winds than the ETNZ.

If you’re going to sail ETNZ frequently or try racing application (C) There are a lot of modifications required to get the boat to a stable sailing condition. In addition to modifications of application A & B you will need to: 6) check the fibre-glass hull around the keel box to see that it is strong enough for the handling the heavy keel bulb (mine had no fibre-glass in 3 areas around the box and the resin was very thin you could see light through the hull, so I had to reinforce with another layer of fibre-glass) 7) check the straightness of the keel fin (my was bent and needed straightening) 8) replace the standard vang for adjustable fitting for more main sail adjust possibilities 9) replace the mast from two piece to one piece item 10) replace the spars from plastic to something more stable under tension and constant use (light weight alloy tube or similar) as standard plastic is not up for long term use, 11) replace all sheeting with something stronger and more robust 12) install adjustable mast-step for different wind conditions to give yourself fine tuning boat balance capability (managing helm with constant rudder movement to stay on course will rob boat speed) in my opinion this ETNZ has been badly designed in this area, position C.L.R to C.E is way out of wack !!! have some panelled sail suit made for improved performance and to get rid of the head board wire under the mast crane. And finally, if you want ... 13) install continuous winch system.

Having reached this level of modification you will have a reasonably stable platform ready for regular use and fit for racing your buddy’s one metre boats at the local. From the original kit you will have i) Hull ii) Keel iii) Rudder, everything else goes into the round filing cabinet (rubbish bin) depending on your inclination (you like tinkering and modifying to improving things?) and your wallet (you can roughly take the price of the kit and multiply that number by four, will be the average additional cost depending on local pricing) you will end up with a good boat that DOES NOT fit into an officially recognised/sanctioned racing class, unless you establish your own.

Finally, Just a word on warranty: The agent in my region is Thunder Tiger Europe, when I bought the kit I checked and found a couple of components missing, it took four weeks but they eventually sent the parts free of charge, 3 months later after tracking down where excess water was coming into the hull, I claimed (within the 6 month warranty period) for a new hull due to the manufacturing quality problem around the keel box, I had no photo at the time to show TT Europe but I did receive an e-mail response asking “It is possible to repair with small amount epoxy ? ” I then found a way to take a photo inside the hull and send it off to TT Europe showing the full extent of the problem ... until now, after repeated e-mails asking for a response to the photo there has been no reply ... I just want to make you aware that you may be left hanging on your own “if” the kit has major manufacturing fault as mine did, TT Europe at least, do not support the warranty claim printed on the front cover of the assembly instructions.

Reading the TT internet site nearly 20,000 man-hours and over six months to build and reading packaging at point of sale, I’m now especially fond of the words print on the front cover of the assembly instructions.

“This is not a toy. Assembly and operating of this boat requires adult supervision”

My message to Thunder Tiger in regard to ETNZ is:

“This is a toy! R&D and manufacturing and assembly requires expert supervision” get some !

I want to say that now after 6 months, I made the initial of mistake believing TT promotional material, I brought my ETNZ being mis-lead into thinking it was application C level model when in reality it is not, I have since lowered my expectations back to B level and trying to get my ETNZ onto lowest ranking C level.
Jul 12, 2009, 08:41 PM
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TTR5552 Thundetiger Voyager II - up-date

I just ran a Goole search for “TTR5552 Thundetiger Voyager II”. It look like it might be coming out this July at the below web site….Ralph New Product for July
TTR5552 Voyager II [TTR5552] Suggested Price $179.99
OUR PRICE $152.99

About US: is an online retail store that carries the most complete product line from Thunder Tiger. We mean complete as in complete product lines, parts, and accessories. We also carry some other brands of RC kits and accessories such as The Associates, Hitec, and Airtronics. Our mission is serve as a readily access for all the Thunder Tiger players anytime and anywhere around the world.
Sep 24, 2009, 07:47 AM
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So has anybody tried the Voyager 2 yet?
Is it as user unfriendly as the ETNZ?
Sep 24, 2009, 09:34 PM
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Sorry about my follow-up: I should have updated my post #53.

I tried to place an order for the “TTR5552 Thundetiger Voyager II” but I was never able to get my credit card cleared or process with "". After giving them two credit card numbers I thought it would be better that I drop this order. I got the feeling they didn’t have any in stock????
Sep 27, 2009, 06:25 PM
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Sent and email to TowerHobbies:

Request for Tower Hobbies to carry “Thunder Tiger - Voyager II 1M Scale Racing Yacht, Product No. TTR5552

There reply:

Dear Tower Hobbies Customer,

Thank you for contacting Tower Hobbies. We appreciate your interest in our products. Unfortunately, the items we carry depend on various circumstances. It may be something we will carry, but as of yet, there is no further information available. We apologize for the inconvenience.
We appreciate your time and your business with us.

-Tower Hobbies
Sep 29, 2009, 11:03 AM
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Ah well,
Thanks for your reply.
Jul 28, 2010, 03:23 PM
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Download and use this information for new builders. It can be applicable to most boat classes and sizes - home built or kit!
Nov 01, 2010, 12:58 PM
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Very useful.. but no Idiot

Martin Richards,
Thanks for putting up this sticky thread.. and for those that have posted here..

speaking as a pure nubie to RC sailing.. it's quite useful and regardless of what Martin may say in his avatar.. he's no idiot!.

Thank you all
Nov 03, 2010, 05:21 PM
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I'm looking for info on something called a double purchase sheet rigging plan..

any clue where I might find that type of info on how servos typically are set up (without a multi- turn winch) to drive Jib and Main sheets in RC sailboats?

Practically Addicted..and don't know it

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