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Nov 04, 2007, 10:56 PM
find me @samotage
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Surely you can't B.Ceres?

Samotage has just taken a call from his good MRS to inform him that a rather large package from Soaring USA has just arrived.
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Nov 05, 2007, 12:13 AM
screamin' eagle's Avatar
Target talk you into it?
Nov 05, 2007, 12:48 AM
Fun ain't cheap!
droydx's Avatar
I checked out Woody's Cere's today. Great looking design. Trileron wing tips. Ample tail boom section, but slim up front. Needs a ballast tube set up, if you aren't in to just the wing ballast, or want to go max. Really high quality molding....going racing?
Nov 05, 2007, 01:41 AM
C'mon more Energy
Swoopdown's Avatar
I expect you to do an all night build on it tonight Sam so you can be flying it tomorrow.
Nov 05, 2007, 03:48 AM
find me @samotage
samotage's Avatar
And the unwrapping has begin. This is a very Big Ceres. It's not the F3F version Mr T has, I needed to Git some NUTS, so I got the large size. It's truly a big, awesome toy. It thought I'd lash out, and build not only a slope version, but a kick a$$ 3.5 kW electro version. There is enough kick in that sucker to scare me...

Must send my thanks to Bob and Annette at SUSA and Jiri at Baudis. This order had a bit of a drama... the original order went walkabout when the UPS bozo collected the wrong box. So Bob pulled a rabbit out of his hat and Jiri pumped an new order out in 2 weeks. You guys rock!

So now samotage has a whole bunch of gear in his shed, and he will get building. Stat.

who has tested the fit in his sportscar.
Nov 05, 2007, 04:39 AM
DS= -$ & :-)
Ezza's Avatar

Velly Noise!
Nov 05, 2007, 04:59 AM
Magic Blue Smoke costs to much
jason H's Avatar
HOLYCOW, that is almost as big as the grin on your chop.
Nov 05, 2007, 05:00 AM
Scorpian 60'' 2012
BMtech's Avatar
Wow Sam thats 1 big Mother, it will be interesting to see if it can keep up with the Rodent

Great to see you got the elec fuse as well ,

Nov 05, 2007, 06:18 AM
chetosmachine's Avatar
What can i see! Mr Sam O tage not wearing his cammo pants
Dude, you're getting lost

BTW, nice plane, but i hate yellow moldies (even if i own a yellow mini ellipse).
Nov 05, 2007, 06:41 AM
antipodean recalcitrant
AntonL's Avatar
Originally Posted by chetosmachine
...nice plane, but i hate yellow moldies...
Hey, go easy on Sam's Big McCeres!

Awesome stuff - just the thing for Charman Rd (on a quiet day).
Nov 05, 2007, 07:48 AM
knee ligaments are over rated
dingo's Avatar
Mmmm , a hamburger with the lot . Very nice.
Nov 05, 2007, 09:29 AM
screamin' eagle's Avatar
With that setup, you can fly it out to help with repairs on the international space station.
Nov 05, 2007, 09:46 AM
plane obsessed
Cody WIlson's Avatar
That is waaaaaaay sweet! OMG I would crap my pants if that were my bird to fly (and crash)

Looks totally fricking awesome!!!
Nov 05, 2007, 11:16 AM
Hutch's Avatar
Nice greeting card collection! Sweet plane too. Lookin' forward to the Hella-build

Nov 05, 2007, 01:55 PM
Magic Blue Smoke costs to much
jason H's Avatar
Originally Posted by screamin' eagle
With that setup, you can fly it out to help with repairs on the international space station.

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