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Old Apr 27, 2009, 08:20 PM
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Information on Lipos

I sure hope you can advice me on a problem.
When charging Lipos is at possible to interupt the charging cycle and then going on after. When I set up to charge batteries and for some reason I have to go from the charger can i shut down the charge and then pick it up later.Having seen all the warnings not to walk away from this is it possible to interupt and then pick it up later, without harming the battery or the charger. Oh and the same thing applys also to the discharge cycle.
Your help would be much appreciated .
By the way I use a Astro flight Delux Lithium charger and a Liposack while charging.

Hans Bruhn

Originally Posted by write2dgray
With the hundreds of battery choices that are out there these days it has become an exhaustive task to even locate all the product options which exist.

In order to save everyone the time of seeking out information on all the available lipo batteries out there, I decided to share the data that I have compiled which includes a comprehensive list of every available lipo from 2S and 150 mAh to 15S and 10,000 mAh. All the major brands are included such as Thunder Power, FlightPower, Kong Power, Hyperion, CommonSenseRC, TrueRC, Tenergy, AirThunder, MaxAmps, PolyQuest, Neu, Tanic, etc.

It is in spreadsheet format and allows you to sort by headings as well as filter the given lists. Outside of normal statistics (weight, dimensions, etc.) there are columns which allow you to sort to determine which battery offers the most bang for the buck (capacity per dollar) or capacity per weight (mAh/gram).

The website will be updated frequently and also provides a link to a low price available online to purchase each item. Check it out here:

Feedback on this work in progress would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you would like to see added and information posted in this thread will be incorporated into the website. So, if you'd like to see a product that I am missing, you see a stat that is wrong, or if you know where you can find an item for a lower price please post it here.



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Old Apr 27, 2009, 09:18 PM
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Sure, no problem - won't hurt a thing. I will say that I would encourage you to use a balancer when charging, if you are not already. A relatively cheap $20 investment in something like a Hyperion LBA6 is money well spent.

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hi David,

We are battery manufactory, have you ever used our brand ACEPOW. We have Nimh and Lipo. And we promise all the battery we produce are full in capacity and discharge. If you are interested in pls contact me. And make our battery in your list after you confirmed our quality.

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I knew about ACEPOW. It is specify manufacturer in Lipo and NiMH batteris field. ACE batteries is been a sound brand in China, known for its high quality and superior poformence.
You can find the product catalog on below website:
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Wow very subtle advertising there guys. Why not just take out a banner ad. Nobody is fooled into thinking that you aren't battery salespeople.
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Hi, friends, here's a related test report showing some data, just for your reference.

hope they are helpful. Thanks!
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madness - good list though, definately trying out the LiPo
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can you list the specs on the RObbe Power Peak Triple EQ-BID ?

Maybe you have better specs available than Robbe does???

Or maybe point me to someplace that does have all the specs on this unit??

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I found some specifications for that charger here:

No power specifications given but a close look at the box confirms that it is 50W/5A per port, 150W total.
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Who knows the website that the price of Align 450 is the cheapest?
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My God ,
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David, gentleman, you are just doing an amazing job.
I just search for Maylion Lipo batteries I am using.
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Cinderella kelly632851970 are spammers. Report them
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Rc Angel
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