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Dec 09, 2002, 06:02 PM
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Omega 1.8 maiden flight report

I just got back from the maiden flights and was very impressed. My setup- Hacker B20 12L 4:1, 8 cp1300, and a 10x8 RFM prop. It was a little windy for first flights, 10mph with gusts to 15mph. I gave her a couple trim tosses and evrything was well. I fired up the motor, gave her a toss and wow! The climb was damn near vertical and am very happy with my choice of motor. There was no thermal activity so flights were roughly 10 minutes or so with 6 very high climbouts. I dialed in too much down elevater with spoilers on the first flight so I landed without them. To tell you the truth you really don't even need them. I did a couple of up wind turns to bleed off speed and she landed at my feet at walking pace. This is my first electric floater and find it a very relaxing change from my molded models. I would highly recommend this model.
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Dec 10, 2002, 02:53 PM
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How many amps?

How many amps does your setup draw?

I'm thinking about a B20 15L for the Omega 1.8.

Would like to use HE1100 NiMH cells. 15A is about all these can take.
Dec 10, 2002, 03:21 PM
Thread OP
It's pulling around 23 amps...Too much for the HEcells. Go with the 15L if you want to keep the amps down.
Dec 10, 2002, 05:18 PM

How much thrust

Can you tell me how much thrust this setup is producing at 23amps? thx

Dec 10, 2002, 06:00 PM
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Jofo- I'm not quite sure. Maybe somebody will chime in with that data.
Dec 10, 2002, 06:17 PM
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Pcalc says 49oz thrust but then again it says I'm pulling 28amps which I know isn't right.

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