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Walkera HM 5G6 Coaxial Palm-Sized Mini Helicopter Review

Dr. Dave reviews Walkera's newest RTF coaxial helicopter with built in gyro, 3.7 volt LiPo, and 4-channel radio and finds it to be the perfect introductory rotorcraft!



Upper Rotor Diameter:175mm
Lower Rotor Diameter:175mm
Weight with Battery:57g
Drive System:2 x 1215 brushed motors
Servos:3.5g with .30kg.cm torque
Transmitter:Walkera WK-0405 - PPM/PCM
Receiver:Walkera RX-412 with Servo Extent Adjustment
Battery:3.7 volt 400 mAh LiPo
Gyro:Built in
Available From:Walkera

The HM 5G6 Coaxial Helicopter by Walkera is a great little flyer (and I do mean little). Weighing in at just about 2 ounces, the 5G6 is light, but pretty durable (other than throwing off the flybar a couple of times, the 5G6 survived my training!) once you get the hang of flying a rotorcraft. The two rotor system uses two motors, and because of that arrangement it flies just like a helicopter with a tail rotor. A built in gyro assists greatly with the heading stability, but you definitely have to fly this chopper!

Walkera also offers several upgrades including a metal rotor head and swash plates, blade holders, rotor shafts and different canopies.

Kit Contents

This is a RTF complete kit. It comes in a small box that you need to keep to protect the heli because you can take the HG6 with you wherever you go!

The kit includes:

  • Heli
  • Transmitter
  • 3.7 volt LiPo
  • 120 volt charger
  • Extra set of blades
  • Complete instructions
  • Radio Dip switch tool

Kit requires:

  • 8 AA batteries

Here are a few more detail shots

The 5G6 has a nice radio that is solid and very functional, and includes reversing switches. The two front panel switches are not functional.

I was impressed with the instruction manual. My kit was sent as a Mode I (or European mode) with the throttle on the right and the controls on the left. The instructions walked me through making the switch to Mode II. The manual also includes how to adjust the servo throws.

This is not just a heli that you can pull from the box and fly without having some understanding of how it all works, and the manual provides lots of information on the components. There is information on swash plate adjustments and CG balancing of the heli. While the CG is simplified by moving the battery, swash plate adjustments are more involved, and you must include servo centering and linkage adjustments for a level swash plate and main rotor blade adjustments for blade tracking. Understanding of how these elements affect flight will lead to a better overall experience and a desire to advance into the next level of flight with Walkera's new 4 series of mini helicopters with motorized tail rotors.

In Flight

Helicopters are all about practicing and getting your mind to fully understand when and what inputs to make. If you didn't already know, the best way to learn to fly is with the tail rotor pointed to the rear and directly in front of your view. Your throttle or collective is your left stick with the rudder that keeps the tail where it belongs also on the left stick. The pitch and roll are controlled on the right stick with right and left moving the helicopter side to side and the pitch being forward and backwards.

Practice, consider getting a simulator, and very soon you will be hovering like a pro. Gradually move the heli into different orientations and see how you do. A word of caution: give yourself plenty of room. Rotor strikes and tail strikes will cause damage so get in the open. A large room with nothing in the way and a smooth floor is the best way to learn. Also use a smooth floor surface.

Flight Debriefing

Overall the 5G6 is durable in flight, but you really need to handle it carefully. If you have big mitts, just be easy as the tail is fragile. In flight I have bounced it several times and it just pops right back. Be careful, if you hit something the flybar will likely come off. It is easily replaced, but be sure you are where you can recover the flybar.

I really like the way this helicopter handles. It is also very quiet and sounds like a well tuned sewing machine. There is plenty of power, and so far I have experienced many flights of more than 10 minutes. Figure about 20-30 minutes to charge back up.

The way the rudder works is also perfectly like a tail rotor. You have to use the rudder to keep it straight. I was easily able to trim and get the 5G6 to stay in one place in a hover, but as with all helicopters you have to constantly work the controls. You will notice as the battery diminishes a very slight twitch that precedes a need for more and more rudder to keep the 5G6 straight and at that point battery time is about finished.

Is this Helicopter For Beginners

Boy, that is a good question. Maybe I should answer another question: Will I be able to fly this helicopter without any training right out of the box? I have to say no. In a many ways flight, no matter if fixed or rotorcraft, requires building a skill set. I believe the 5G6 will make you a helicopter pilot and do so at an affordable price with minimal frustration. In fact, the 5G6 is a great introductory rotorcraft. One just needs to take their time and learn to fly. If you have some helicopter experience this is a great indoor flyer. If you have none, as I mentioned give yourself some room and practice.



  • Size and portability
  • 10 minute flights!
  • Durability
  • Looks
  • Flight characteristics
  • Learning curve
  • Great entry level rotorcraft


  • None noted!


I recommend the 5G6 because it flies well and responds to inputs. You will be thoroughly impressed with the flight times as well. Give Walkera's new 5G6 Coaxial helicopter a test drive at your local hobby shop. You will quickly find this RTF a great choice for entering into rotorcraft flight environments, and itís not a bad gift for Christmas either!

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Nov 23, 2007, 07:50 PM
Registered User
kushal_22's Avatar
Not Bad. It would have been nice to see the W56 sitting beside the TX for Size reference. Other than that not too shabby

Nov 24, 2007, 07:48 AM
Dr. Dave
Thanks Mal, good advice
Jul 28, 2008, 04:40 PM
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This helicopter is brilliant. it is my first "real" helicopter and after 2 days i am flying round the room. it is really stable i love it!!!

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