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Dec 05, 2002, 06:05 AM
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ITs all fun in games until someone loses an EYE

Yesterday I brought one of those RTF models that comes with the 2 channel tx, battery and 20mins charger model.. It has 2 motors with push prop.. it gains height by full throttle and turn by one motor stopping vice versa..

anyway, after reinforcing da wing as i notice a large degree of bending in a turn when i was testing flying today. and the eventful of having da model fly straight into a soccer net by my brother learning to fly for the first time.. it was all fun aye. . Well tonite, at about 11pm my time hehe, i cant help myself but to go out to my street and test throw the model with the strengthen wng. and give it a little power to see it glided up and down da street for like 10 mins.. Well on my last throw i just keep da power going and da model climb straight up over a two story building and i did a turn back to me.. i close da throttle ,expecting it to come down but no ... it decide to glide and glide and into my house and into my sister big window.. DOH>> A quick hard turn back down da road and glide it until da street light blinded me.. all i can think of is keep height and turn until i cant see da model no more.. =o( i ran towards where i tot it will be until my dad yell at me saying it has come around and next minute the model managed to find its way up my neighbours driveway and stopped. Hehe.. it was fun but hell would i do it again?? Nope.. not until i put lights on da model..

all this flying is done with no lights on da model, just plain street lights..

cant wait to fly that again and have fun with it.. something different to my Tempest or Switchback aye..
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