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Dec 05, 2002, 01:35 AM
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Cape Town , South Africa. Big slope event. Pics!

We just had our anual AFC Hermanus (a small town just ouside Cape Town) slope fly event. Drew a huge crowd , we had 82 (Registered) Pilots and 235 Planes at this year's event.

More pics here ...

Heres the official report:

AFC Slope Report
Steve McCarthy
Hermanus 2002

The 2002 AFC Hermanus Slope-Fly once again lived up to it’s reputation
as the biggest slope event in the country, with 82 registered pilots and
235 models over the course of the weekend. Thanks to all who attended
and supported our annual event, especially those who traveled down from
up north to fly with us.

Those fortunate enough to get there early on Friday, managed to get some
nice flying in a good southeaster before the weekend even started. Young
Anderson even managed to wedge his foamie into the main radio-mast much
to his dad’s dismay,(pic) but got it back the next day. Several foamies
dotted the sky and quite a few conventionals as well. An unusual sight
was Mark Williams flying a large “Cap232” with the engine removed. (pic)
It flew amazingly well, rolls, inverted, the lot, better than a lot of
PSS models I’ve seen. Ross got his afternoon exercise walking down to
fetch his all-glass “Sitebe” after the wings folded in what I assume was
a pretty high G maneuver. Friday night saw he usual Hermanus pub-crawl
revelry, which resulted in some rather tender heads on Saturday morning.

The majority of pilots had registered by midday Saturday, but the wind
remained light until late afternoon, when it arrived with a vengeance.
The light conditions gave us a chance to socialize and take a look
around to see who had brought what, while those with thermal models got
a chance to venture out. Some heavier ones paid the price and ended up
walking, but most impressive was Craig Goodrum’s “Sangoma”, which gained
height and then converted it into awesome speed, followed by a series of
“pylon-turns” that had even the most seasoned slopers gawking. Seeing
him catch it out of the air when landing didn’t go unnoticed either.
(pic) Andro got in some nice flights with his big “Salto” and Chris
Adrian flew his impressive “ASW”. Several electrics flew as well, and I
remember watching an indoor-size little ugly-sick hovering head-on into
the breeze, like he was flying in a gale. At about 4pm the wind finally
came through and we got some decent flying in. Martin Venn, Craig
Neetling, Meryn Eagles and myself flew our big MVM (Marin Venn Models)
“Impalas” in the east facing bowl and managed to get a few decent
formation turns and passes together (pic). A few close calls, but then
when you are trying to fly in formation, that’s what its all about. Marc
Wolffe and his mate from Jo’burg did some great formation with two MWM
(Marc Wolffe Models) “Piranhas” as well (pic).

About fifty tired, sun-roasted faces attended our Saturday night braai
at “Paradise Park”. We had a few beers, relaxed and chatted some more.
After polishing off our braai packs and Belinda’s delicious salad, we
headed back to our accommodation, while the more adventurous went back
into town to carry on where they left off the night before, trying to
drink Hermanus dry and get Tiago to stop talking for at least a minute!
With some success, I might add.

On Sunday morning we had a fresh southeaster blowing. We had to switch
to a peg-on-board frequency control system because half the mob had
forgotten to return the frequency pegs on Saturday after flying. It
worked out fine though and people booked their twenty-minute slots as
usual. Hangovers forgotten, just about everyone got to fly. Some of the
notables where Bernard Goetz’s X-29 Canard (pic) that flew very
smoothly. Alex Selkirk’s “Manta” with a really nice spray job (pic).
Andre Wagner’s large “Impala” Mk2 (pic). Charles Saunders’s
“Slingsby?”(pic). Chris Adrian’s “ASW?” (pic). Dave Greer’s “JW- Wing”
(pic). Ross Leighton’s “CE?32”(pic). Martin Venn’s big “Hawk”(pic).
Charlie Blakemore’s “Sitebe” and John Gordon’s “Aermacchi Impala”.

We held the Vodacom sponsored “Spot-Landing” competition and several
people took up the challenge. Each entrant, sporting Vodacom caps, had 3
attempts to land as close as possible to the “Green World” on the
Vodacom logo that was stuck to the middle of the 20 by 6 meter canvas
landing strip laid out on the fynbos. Tiago Dias was the first to hit
the landing strip with his “Sig Ninja” and won a Vodacom T-shirt for his
effort. All the entrants made great attempts, including Michelle and
Craig Goodrum (pic), but Mark Williams walked away with the Vodacom
sponsored Cellphone, starter-pack and recharge voucher for hitting the
logo dead-on. Well done Mark, enjoy (pic).

It was then back to some serious slope flying and lots of it. We did
some more Impala formation flying, which is always a crowd-pleaser if
you can keep it together. John Gordon and Neil (from Jhb) joined us, so
that we had five “Imps” in formation at one time.

Everyone landed at 3pm for the prize giving. Ross, head of the Hermanus
2002 organizing committee, thanked everyone for supporting the event and
presented the prizes. Chris Adrian won the “Cape Sailplanes F-14” kit
for “Pilots Choice Award” with his ASW. Dave Greer won “Southern
Hobbies” voucher for the “Obi-wan Speed-run” Award and then preceded to
win the MWM sponsored “Piranha” in the raffle. Andro DeBeer won a “Zippo
Lighter for the “Worst Crash” award”, Mark Williams won a pair of
sandals for the “Etienne La Grange Longest Fetch” award”. Andre Wagner
won the “Clowns Hobbies” Voucher for the “Aerobatics” award. Jamie
McClellan-Smith won the “Glenda” Kit for the “Most Promising Novice”
Award. John Gordon won “Battery Terminal” vouchers for “Best Jet PSS”.
Mark Williams won the “Best Prop PSS” for his “Cap232”. Kim Phillips won
the “Hard Luck Award” and Peter Beretta won the “Mid-Air King” award.

On behalf of the Atlantic Flying Club, I’d like to thanks our Sponsors:
Vodacom, Southern Hobbies, Hobby Warehouse, Cape Sailplanes, Clowns
Hobbies, Marc Wolffe Models, Top-Flyte Models, Battery Terminal, Zippo
Lighters and Indo-Jet Travel.

Special thanks to Ross Leighton and his Hermanus 2002 organizing
committee, Charlie Blakemore, Andrew Basson, Conrad Strydom, Andy Imrie,
Travis Roland, Johan Malherbe and Mervyn Eagles.

Hope to see you at Hermanus 2003.

Steve McCarthy
Atlantic Flying Club
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Dec 05, 2002, 02:24 AM
Free as a bird now.
Wow! That must have been an AWESOME event. The formation flying pics are great. They really get a PSS slope junkie like me all fired up. Is this an annual event? I might have to start saving up for a trip to Australia...

They only thing I didn't like about the pictures is that they are a little grainy looking. I am sure you had to compress them heavily to keep the website bandwidth under control. If there is any chance of getting some high res copies of some of the better pictures, I'd love to have 'em.

Great event, great pictures. thanks for posting!
Dec 05, 2002, 02:40 AM
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I'm glad you enjoy them Brian , only one thing where are down in South Africa (not Australia!) I modified my post to reflect.

The event occurs yearly and draws a lot of attention , slope soaring and rc in general is huge here.

A trip down to South Africa , especially Cape Town is always worth it , we have some of the best coastal slopes in the world , and a choice of about 10 in a 50 mile radius!

email for a better quality sample of a particular pic.
Dec 05, 2002, 03:56 AM
Free as a bird now.
Hehehehe. Doh!!!!

I realized just as I sent that post off, that Cape Town is in South Africa! I have no idea what possesed me to think it was in Australia. Whatever, I still want to attend that event!
Dec 06, 2002, 09:02 AM
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Very nice report on a great sounding event.
One thing that stands out is that a cell phone(?) company would supply a hugh banner for the landing event.

Wouldn't it be special if sponsors could be found (outside the sport) to upgrade landing zones and such here in the States.

Sounds like you SA guys really have you sxxx together. Good job!

from the far side