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Dec 05, 2002, 12:50 AM
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Another new charger or two - Eflight.

LHS got in the two new Horizon's Eflite Pinnacle and Apex. Tried both, got the Pinnacle.

Apex's a basic peak charger with 3 charge rates, 400, 750, 1500mAh for 6 or 7 cell pack. Has a nice super-brite blue LED and loud beeper to announce end of charge. imo it'll be a great charger to keep in the car for some eFlite stuff, except for the price $35, which makes it a tad shy of the GWS/Hitec chargers. Maybe in the mid $20's I'll pick one up.

Pinnacle's not that cheap either ($80) but I'd wager it's the only charger in this price range to feature a auto dischage and cycle, and a LCD that lets you know the V, I and mAh pumped either way. It says that it does 1-14 cells, but also states that it has a Step-up Voc of 28V - so maybe a cell or more should be fine (I don't have any >12cell packs). Variable charge rate from 200mA to 5A, you can select Charge, Discharge, Dischage-then-charge, or direct trickle routines. Trickle is set at 150mA though.
There's a 3 position slider switch that lets you display V, I or mAH on the LCD panel, during it will flash between the curent reading and the cell count. Cell count is done automatically, and so far I haven't had a problem. Dischage is done to .9V per cell and from what I've seen so far looks to be a 4ohm load. There's also a fan that's on all the time. The instructions are a little vauge in some points, and there is no indication of a time out .

Anyways, I ended picking up the Pinnacle with a slight discount, and it's a charger that I'll be more comfortable leaving in my car or rough field use than the SuperNova or Triton imo. At $80 it's a tough choice, but if it came in at $65 or $70 it'll make a great parkflyer charger with basic battery management functions.
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Nov 25, 2004, 01:05 AM
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How is it holding up?
Nov 25, 2004, 08:00 AM
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After 2 years? Not bad fwiw sold it a couple of months ago still in great working condition.
Jan 03, 2005, 12:58 AM
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I got one to charge a 10 cell pack I have for another use.. bicycle lighting. Most cycle light chargers take 3 hours minimum but on 24 hour mountain bike races, I sometimes only have an hour between my heats. A second pack would be cheaper but a second charger is better as it can be used for RC .

I also needed a second charger now that I have enough packs for all day flying and I don't like to push NiMH past 1C. It works great, especially on the automatic cycle/charge function for my NiCd packs.