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Old Dec 05, 2002, 05:52 AM
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I've been very happy with my old Schulze (6-430d) but have been looking at an Orbit partly for the slightly higher current but mainly because Schulze is a bit feeble for Li-ion/poly cells (500mA max.). If I'm reading the specs correctly the top end Schulze doesn't do them at all.

This discussion isn't really putting me off Orbit much because I don't expect technology to be 100% perfect. But the combination of this and the Li-poly 9 or is it 6 cells discussion does tend to make me wonder if perhaps Orbit specs aren't as accurate or don't have as much headroom to spare as some others.

I wonder if Schulze are thinking of beefing up their Li-poly capabilities ? That would make a decision trickier.

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Old Dec 05, 2002, 07:30 AM
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I have an orbit pro and it has worked fine for me with a PS and battery.

The issue on 6 or 9 Li batteries isn't an issue of what the charger can do... it can pump out the voltage required. The problem is with the batteries, you can't overcharge them like nicd and nimh. This means the cells in the pack need to be exactly matched to work well in series, if one cell isn't matched and is pushed over 4.2V it can be destroyed. Really to be 100% safe the charger should monitor the voltage of each cell, however as with most things in our hobby you can get away without doing this because the cells will be close to the same most of the time. It appears that orbit's experience is that about 6 cells is the max. cell count you can use before the difference in cells starts to be a problem so they lowered the cell count.
Old Dec 05, 2002, 08:08 AM
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Originally posted by steve lewin
If I'm reading the specs correctly the top end Schulze doesn't do them at all.

I wonder if Schulze are thinking of beefing up their Li-poly capabilities ? That would make a decision trickier.


You're right, the ISL8 doesn't do Li cells. I thought long and hard before buying one a few months back, then finally concluded that a separate dedicated Li charger was not the end of the world. For me, the other features of the ISL8 (like charging RC2400s from flat in 20 mins without them being any warmer than on my previous 5A chargers) made up for it! Having a 5A outlet in addition to the main 10A one is very useful, plus the third which is great for charging my e-flight TX (Cockpit MM - 6 cells).

I got a tiny 1-3 cell Li charger from WES Technik that's switchable 450/700/1000 mA and works great for my indoor stuff. Only cost about Ģ30.
Old Dec 05, 2002, 08:12 AM
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I think anyone could feel safe buying an Orbit charger. The problem is that only the people having problems with their chargers post in the different forums but you seldom hear about all the people whose chargers are working like a charm. I talked to the Swedish Orbit retailer and he said that he has sold hundreds of them and only 2(!) have been returned to them. Also, I agree with everthing that has been said about going to the retailer and not the manufacturer with your problems. The retailer should handle all support for the product while itīs under warranty. If I had a charger break down, my retailer would replace it within minutes. Arenīt things like that over in the states?

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