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Dec 03, 2002, 12:17 PM
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Plans\Pics - Bristol Beaufort

Been thinking about building a Bristol Beaufort for S400s. Haven't had any luck finding a kit, or plans anywhere on the net so I may have to just build from pictures.

Ive only made 5 planes in my day, 3 kits 2 from plans so I think building from pictures may be a little over my head when it comes to airfoils and structural items.

Any experienced builders have any advice on how I should proceed? Should I find a similar wing kit (maybe a mosquito) and then just make the fuse from pics?

Thanks... Jon
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Dec 03, 2002, 06:49 PM
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John Ranson designed and built a very handsome Bristol Beaufort for Nexus- featured in the August 1998 edition of Radio Control Scale AIRCRAFT International. Should be available from the online shop at their website (

It''s a good bit bigger than you are looking for at 73" span for twin Sp700BB motors geared 3:1 and weighing in at 7.25lbs with 14xSanyo 2000 Nicds and retracts. The plans are available with cowls, canopies and turret mouldings and the Beaufort as pictured in the mag is a beautifully beligerent big bird.

There are loads of kits and plans for Beaufighters in the Sp400-480 arena, which could be modded to give a Beaufort. In fact Slope NUt is even flogging a set for a Sp400 Beaufighter in the For Sale forum that might be of interest. The Beaufighter plans would be a better candidate as regards structure than the Mosquito- big radial engines, polyhedral wing etc might make for a different construction technique than the Mosquito with it's slender nacelles and more highly tapered wings.

Hope that is of some use.

I'll move your thread to the Scale Modelling forum where it will undoubtedly generate more replies.

Best of luck with the Beau.


ETA - I've had two recent (2011) enquiries regarding this post and the search for the magazine article. The article concerned is in Radio Control Scale AIRCRAFT International, a Nexus publication which was the decendant of RCSA quarterly - IMO the best scale magazine that there was. That isn't the same magazine as RC Scale International, a Traplet publication, hence the confusion. If anyone wants the article, which is out of print and a discontinued title, drop me an email and I'll send a scan.
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Dec 09, 2002, 12:37 PM
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Kit for the Beaufighter

Kit for WWII fighters including the Beaufighter,

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