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Dec 02, 2002, 09:52 AM
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Graupner Monsun Build - Run down on electronics?

Getting ready to pull the trigger again on the Graupner Monsun.

I am saving money with parts already in-hand and purchasing others for lower cost than Hobby-Lobby (HL) has "packaged" with the Monsun sale page.

Here is their page:

My list so far. Please comment freely and let me know what is goo, bad, and what you would change if anything.

#1) (1) HiTech (HT) Feather Reciever (6.7g)
#2) (1) Great Planes (GP) C-20 ESC (17g, 22A)
#3) (3) Futaba S3106 Servo (9.6g)
#4) (1) HL (GR170523) 400 Speed / Geardrive 2.33:1
#5) (1) HL (GPS09060) 9x6 prop
#6) (1) HL (GR1298) 30 mm Spinner (4mm shaft)

#1 Is the feeather too light? I mean, should I step up to like the HT 555? It has better listed range, and an extra channel. Is the feeather okay here?

#3 Are the servos okay? I can get them at a good price comparitivly so I thought I would go with them. The weight, torque and speed look okay as well?

#4-#6 I could not find these parts much cheaper, so I thought I would just go with what they have on their sale page. I downloaded the manual for the Monsun and it shows a speed 600 configuration? Is anyone doing this, or is speed 400 more than enough?

# What about the prop/gear setup? Any problems or suggestions?

Thanks for all, and let me know if you have any comments.

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Dec 02, 2002, 11:29 AM
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The only thing that I would check carefully is the Rx. Personally I don't think that the feather has enough range for this plane. I would probably switch to a 555.

I am not sure what you downloaded re: instructions for a Monsun, but Graupner used to have a larger Monsun kit that was for glow or could be converted to electric. This larger model might have been appropriate for a geared 600. The new ARF Monsun is only suitable for geared 400 or 400 brushless sized motors. The weight of a larger motor would be far too much.

Mike Hines
Dec 02, 2002, 01:52 PM
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Check and thanks for the advise:
o Going with suggested 400/gearing
o Switching to HT-555 receiver
o After reading more, I am also going with suggested Jeti ESC

### New question:
What battery can I go with? In my experience a NiMH is better. How many cells? Suggested is 8, but I have seen 10 discussed here. How many Mah should I be looking for?

Thanks agian for all,
Dec 02, 2002, 02:31 PM
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I found an 8 Cell NiMH 1100 maH battery on Can I use it for the Monsun instead of the suggested 8 Cell NiCD 600 maH?

(Click, scroll down, and look for: B1100N8)