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Nov 22, 2007, 01:27 AM
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My 2 cents: Looking at the photo's provided of the frontal section of the T-craft...I'm really impressed. It looks be both light and stong. As John suggested some light balsa or ply could easily be CA-ed to the firewall and give the plane extremely high strength for a small weight penalty. Honestly though, how many of us really expect a small electric plane to be "landed" four feet high and survive? As for the example, provided with the O-1 Bird dog; as I recall there is a reason those planes are always on the "crash sale" list with another vendor: because they were built too heavy, have high wing loading, and are seriously prone to stalling. Not a good example IMHO.

ETA: Poor spelling.
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Nov 22, 2007, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by John Redman
Hey guys,

As for the guys who's Hobby SHops don't have one, let them know to order the plane when they are called. That would have been close to 2 months ago. Let them know they have the power to help you.

Actually, my hobby shop wasn't open two months ago, so I can't blame him for not getting in on the first batch. I had the Taylorcraft and the Pawnee on backorder on the web site, but when he opened I really want to help support my LHS so I can run down there and pick up the $1.25 servo arms when I need them! So I am not really upset other than I don't have my "new" toy

I am getting a kick out of reading all these posts anyway!

Happy Thanksgiving ALL!!!

Nov 22, 2007, 08:00 AM
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I am surprised at your post.....marketing has nothing to do nor an indication of quality. If you are referring to Hobby-Lobby crash sales there has been "other" RC Models and items that has been sold during Wednesdays and are you saying that those items that Hobby-Lobby sell during CRASH SALES are of "Poor Quality" as well? Oh please......

Now you are saying that you are in agreement to add some glue and lite ply to a model that could have been constructed a little more robust and that's my point.....it would NOT take any extra clicks of the computer pointer at the CAD machine to add just a little more structure up front to have this model a very durable RC Model without having it crack up like the SHOWTIME in my previous post and of course you failed to note my post about this young gentleman being a competitive RC Flyer.....4 feet off the ground is NOT that high The SHOWTIME was not flying fast...he was doing some smooth and slow rolls.

Lets assume that both this E-Flite TaylorCraft and the Mega-Model BirdDog are both 31oz. fully flight ready:

E-Flite TaylorCraft has 370sq.-in. (370/144 = 2.57 sq.-ft.)

Wing Loading: 31oz. / 2.57 sq.-ft. = 12.06 oz. / sq.-ft.


Now the Mega-Model BirdDog that comes with 270 sq.-in.
(270 / 144 = 1.875 sq.-ft.)

Wing loading: 31oz. / 1.875 sq.-ft. = 16.5 oz. / sq.-ft.

Actually, the Mega Model BirdDog can fly with a Glow Engine "or" believe it or not a 540 size motor for even more wing loading.

Check out:


Many people interpret Wing Loading differently.....if you are going to fly any model in the manner of a Park Flyer with very mild acro then, the need to keep the wing loading at a minimum is paramount. If the requirement to fly a RC Model with some additional wind and be able to penetrate without too much bump and shift in the air then, a higher wing loading is required.

Your post about equating too High Wing loading as being the measuring stick for a poorly built RC Model is really silly

I have two RC Models that sport almost the same wing span (48") as this TaylorCraft (46")....and they are the Great Planes Super Sportster EP at 3.2lbs. and the Hobbico Super Star EP at a whopper of 3.4lbs. and they fly with spectacular results using a good powerful brushless inrunner motors and "Wind" is NOT an issue as they penetrate any wind very well and yet they slow down for a very nice and slow landings. (yeah, perhaps not as slow as this newer model, E-Flite TaylarCraft but, nevertheless pretty slow considering the High Wing Loading they carry )

At 12 oz. / sq.-ft. is pretty light wing loading and I feel it is a very good for super scale flight and able to power the TaylorCraft with the lightest power system that can be possible assuming Center-of-Gravity issues do not play badly.

Again, the TaylorCraft is a looker and I feel that a little extra wood up front would not hurt but, I feel changing things at this time after production would be significant costs at the factory at this time.
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Nov 22, 2007, 09:55 AM
Chesapeake Bay RC Club
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Hey guys can we get this thread back on track? I would like to see a T-Craft on my bench! My LHS still has not received their supply
Nov 22, 2007, 09:57 AM
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If you really want one bad, HERE is one for a decent price.

Or, you could PM Turbonut here on RCG. He works at a LHS in SoCal and posted that he has 3 in stock. He has always been very good to deal with on shipping planes.

But I understand if you prefer to wait and support your own local shop.
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Nov 22, 2007, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by BARNESJONR
If you really want one bad, HERE is one for a decent price.
I just visited a new HOBBY TOWN USA down to Melbourne, Florida (SR-192 & I-95) and you apply (FREE) a card that gives you an immidiate 5% off plus I found the Hobby-Lobby Bird Dog Olive Drab Green for $30% off so, I got a total of $35% OFF from $119.00 retail came to $77.35 then, add local tax and it was $83.15 out the door.

The E-Flite TaylorCraft is there as well for $109 and you get 5% off with the card.

West Melbourne
4335 West Haven Ave
West Melbourne, Fl 32904
(321) 574-0951

I could not believe how well stocked they were....they had most of the Great Planes 3D models, E-Flite 3D's and they had the new E-Flite TaylorCraft of 46 inch wing span $109.99 plus the E-Flite AT-6 $164.99 !!!

No restrictions on any new E-Flite Models, you get 5% off no questions asked!!!

Also, there was an Alpha Models World War-II Wildcat at 50% Off Retail from standard Alpha Models pricing at $119.00 plus your 5% Off.

Nov 22, 2007, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary Hoorn
Hey guys can we get this thread back on track? I would like to see a T-Craft on my bench! My LHS still has not received their supply


Excuse me but, the model in title is being discussed

Sorry, you have not been able to find one....
Nov 22, 2007, 12:27 PM
The sky is my playground.
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Originally Posted by Gary Hoorn
Hey guys can we get this thread back on track? I would like to see a T-Craft on my bench! My LHS still has not received their supply

I thought I/we were on topic. Discussing wing loading of the T-craft and how it compairs with another "similar" model...how much more ON topic could we be?

G-man: I can't. The code of conduct of this forum doesn't permit me to say what I'd really like to. It would be easy for one to interpurt what I'd like to say as a personal attack either to you or various vendors. We'll leave it to the readers to decide. I may suggest for folks to read over the thread on the O-1 in the Electric Warbirds section and make their own conclusions.
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Nov 22, 2007, 12:55 PM
Chesapeake Bay RC Club
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Did not mean to start a controversy.
Nov 22, 2007, 01:50 PM
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Dora, Gary,

This is a little Park Flyer.....I would not take anything you guys post as personal attack

I don't know about you all but, I am getting pretty hungry and going to get some Turkey!!!!

Again, this model is super Scale and Super nice looking that for those like myself a little more wood would suffice.

Nov 22, 2007, 02:31 PM
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Hey guys, first question regarding the gluing in of hinges. A fair amount of our research in the market place says that modelers today would rather us do all the work if possible. For that reason we try to accomplish the most we can. We do not glue the hinges in on our 3D park flyers, becasue I have yet to get ot a point of controlling the vendor during manufacturing to the tollerances we would like. We have not had any complaints on the Mini Pulse XT or the Mini Ultra Stick. I will look into the setups at the factories and see what I can come up with.

The comparison between our Taylorcraft and the Hobby Lobby Bird Dog is a nice comparison. I believe we are a slightly larger model with 100 square inches more wing area which in turns costa bit more with covering, materials and such. But overall the Bird Dog looks very nice.

I will look at the nose structure on the next coupel of models and see what I can do for you guys. All great info guys.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Nov 22, 2007, 02:39 PM
Chesapeake Bay RC Club
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Turkey is almost ready and I am hungry like GMan. I made the stuffing and turkey. Heidi is making the veggies, salad etc.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Nov 22, 2007, 04:03 PM
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Nov 22, 2007, 04:17 PM
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just picked one of these up at my LHS. total impulse buy. never flown a plane before, but i had to have this: the quality looks outstanding, a beautiful model.
so i guess, i now have to buy a trainer, and learn to fly planes!

Oh oh, I think we have heard THAT before! Man walks into Hobby Shop, sees awesome and beautiful plane he just has to have! Man buys plane, then man thinks: Uh, But I don't know how to fly planes!?

Hey Aftica, at least you appear to be a heli guy already? So you have a leg up on learning to fly planes, thats for sure. If you want a great trainer, so you don't destroy this beauty, I would recommend the Hobby Zone Super Cub , as it is durable, has cheap replacement spare parts, is a pretty big plane for good visibility and it is even kinda scale looking, all IMHO? One buddy of mine is learning on one and he's doing great. I even have a blast flying his.

The Taylorcraft sure is pretty!
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Nov 22, 2007, 04:18 PM
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Mines almost ready, I'm going with the E-Flite 450 and a 10X8 prop. At the flying field this morning the other Taylorcraft that was at my LHS was maidened by a friend of mine. He went with the E-Flite 480 and a 12X6 prop. It was windy about 10MPH on average. The Taylorcraft flew great! As soon as he throttled up for takeoff, the tail pops off the ground, then it can either takeoff or roll along the ground for a scale takeoff. It looks and flies great, everyone who saw it flying immediately wanted one. It landed perfectly on 2 or 3 wheels your choice, it is that easy! I will have mine ready for tomorrow.

One advantage I saw using the 480 setup is you never need full throttle, not even half throttle, it was very efficient, he was getting 12-15 minutes on a 3S 2100 lipo, even with all the wind. Full throttle is a waste he never used it. He is going to switch to an 11x7 prop to reduce the prop strikes.

Things to note: The screws for the wing struts popped out of the fuselage, the holes need to be reinforced with CA. And the tail-wheel fell off almost immediately, I'll check the collar on mine tonight. (Although it really doesn't need a tail-wheel, since the tail comes off the ground almost immediately, he flew most of the morning with out it.)

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