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Jul 24, 2001, 10:51 PM
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Total Newbie (Watch My progress with 0 Experience First Heli and Beginner)

First off sorry about the subject length, but I thought I would get in all the Search parameters I think newcomers will use to search.

What this will be is my progress from start to fly. And hopefully it will help others later on.

Ok here it begins.

I have decided to not go with a full kit and part it out to help with the bank acct stress and spouse stress

I thought about starting with a Micro such as the Robin 280, Hornet, or Piccolo but wrote that off since I like to have a more versatile Aircraft and parts for later use and affordability. Larger Gas/Nitro powered are out of the question since the majority of flights will be in the backyard 3/4 acres with some trees and neighbors nearby, as well as the good ole basement for hovering, don't worry 10ft ceilings and unfinished area and I will keep the dog and cats upstairs .

So I decieded to go with the ECO 8 for a starter,

1. For my lack of knowledge it seems like a good craft to get my feet off the ground.

2. Versatility, I love upgrading and being in the middle means I can go smaller or larger if I liked to.

This is my purchase list so far and I will place an order after talking with the "tester" at hobby lobby on 7/24/2001

1. Ikarus ECO 8 199.00
2. Auto Rotation Gear 41.50
3. Accesory Pack 32.00 (starting from scratch remember )
4. Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem Reverse 22x1 21.99 (from Tower Hobbies)
5. Jeti 300 Heli Microprocessor(ESC) 55.90 (not sure if I will buy this in the first purchase, I may hold off).

Well that is what I am going for on the first wave I may just hold off on the Motor but from what I Have been reading it looks like it will be the affordable winner.

As far as a Radio I am going to wait on making a solid decision on one, Reasons are I am not sure on the torque needed and weight issues, as you know most radios come with Servos, so I want to get an idea and do some more research before I find the one I want. I do however have some choices,

1. Airtronics RD6000 249-349(Tower Hobbies)
2. Futaba 8UHFS 409(Tower Hobbies)
3. Hitec Eclipse 7 329(Tower Hobbies)
4. Hitec Eclipse 7 249(Hobby Lobby) 2 less Servos

Those are my 4 choices and I am almost ruling out the Futaba for price reasons but then again that IRS check is on the way too so maybe I will go with it for it's bells and whistles.

I have not researched Bat packs or chargers at this time I will wait on those after I get more info on them but I am looking at the 10 cell option for the longer flight durations.

That's all for now feel free to add your 2 cents and help me and others build. More to come tomorrow.

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Jul 25, 2001, 12:43 AM
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Hope this info makes your decision easier

First off, I too am pretty new to helicopters. I baught my Eco for someone with the metal swash plate, carbon boom supports and lots of extras from someone for way below the Hobby Lobby kit price. Guess I got lucky After that I started to buy bits and pieces here and there.

Before I even decided to fly my heli I practiced on the FMS simulatior for 2 month. Dont attempt to fly before you get some practice and some get help from an experienced pilot first because you will break your heli!

As for a radio all of your choices are are good. Get the one that a majority of people use at you local flying club. This makes it easier for them to help you because they are already fimilar with you equipment. I got my JR x347 with the CCPM activated for a very good price and that is why I purchased it.

As for your battery pack people have had good flight times with 2000 mah, 2400mah Nicads. Also 3000 mah Nimh. I have a 9 cell 2000 mah matched and zapped pack. I get 5 min hovering and a little flying around with my training gear on. This should go up to 7- 8 minuites with out the training gear.

I dont know about using a 10 cell with the MMr. I think that is too much for the MMr to handle and will cause it to wear out faster, or so I have read on this fourm. Just so you know I have the MMr but have not used it yet. My Ikarus Preformance Motor is working flawlessly with a PC fan attached to it(stays really cool here in hot, sunny Florida).

THIS IS A SUMMARY OF MY EQUIPMENT(highly recommeded=*)

metal swashplate(a lot stronger than the plastic and the balls can be switched to a 120 degrees from 90 degrees)*

gfk blades(a lot more efficient than the wood ones)*

autorotation gear(will save you gears)*

carbon fins and frame (special ordered from germany and made my Stefan P. A lot beaffier that the Ikarus version and cheaper . $62 shipped to me)

GY 240 gyro(very good light heading hold gyro)*

tail servo mount(mounted near the end of the tail using the long mechanical mxing arms and the white connectors)*

three HS85 on cyclic HS81(faster than 85) on tail(a majority of people that I know use this combo)*

JR x347 radio(ccpm activated) and 10 channel PCM reciever(came with the radio)

9 cell battery pack(2000 mah zapped matched) Hitec peak charger

Tail boom supports, carbon fiber rods accross each landing gear strut

30 sized flybar weights(easier to control)

a lot of sermo connectors

helimax traing gear(any training gear is good for you first flights)*

jeti 30h controller, Ikarus Preformance Motor, cpu cooling fan, 10 tooth pinion (good combo, stays very cool here in Florida)

Hope this helps

Jul 25, 2001, 12:49 AM
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For you autogear you might consider contacting Russ Tront. He has the auto gear with the aluminum hub which doesnt slip. Some of the plastic ones slip because the bearing is not fasteded to well in the hub.

here is his post(its recent)

Jul 25, 2001, 01:05 AM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
OK, here are a few more items to add to the above.

If you get the Eclipse from Hobby Horse, they will let you swap out the servos to what you want. Plus they have great prices!

MAKE sure you get the new auto hub that is aluminum, and not plastic. You will need the hardened shaft for use with the auto hub also.

Add ball bearings to the MMR. Any LHS that deals in cars will have them. Also think about a heatsink. I would not go over 8 cells with the MM.

Now for the best training advice of all. Get a SIM and practice! It will pay for itself if you have 1 good crash.
Jul 25, 2001, 01:24 AM
Luxor's Avatar
The advice givin above is great. My advice:Simulator, simulator, simulator. I know you've heard it before, but it is by far less expensive then nosing in an ECO8. Thx, Eric S.

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Jul 25, 2001, 11:59 AM
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I forgot mention I have had 20 sucessful and fun flights with my Eco(training gear on and I practiced on the simulator before every flight) during my one week break from summer school(trying to get ahead in my Computer Engineering track).

On my 21 flight I was hovering the helicopter nose in and a powerful gust of wind came and knocked the heli sidways and it started to fall. I guess that gust of wind was a downdraft. I quickly got the heli back to level and attempted to keep the heli from plowing into the gound by setting the throttle and collective to full. I slowed the helicopter from dropping like a rock and came away with only broken skids.

Like I have stated in my first post and Luxor in his post, a SIMULATOR is a valuable tool and will give you a feeling in how to react in certain situations.

When I plug my radio to my computer the connection is not too stable so during my practice it glitches sometimes. I treated the downdraft just like I did the glitch, get you heli level and increase throttle.

Jul 25, 2001, 03:36 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
OK, Yes on the Eclipse with the 81's.

A brushed setup will cost around $100, a BL will cost around $250.

As for a Gyro, the Hobbico Piezo is fine and they are just around $60.

FORGET the AC/DC charger. They just aren't there that will do what you need. Go with something like the Hitec 335 or supernova.

For Training gear, just use a set of "X" FG rods with wiffle golf balls on the ends. They are light and forgiving. Rubber band them to the skids which acts as a shock obsorber.

If you want to tether it, do no more than enough to just let it hover, so it won't tip over. I would recommend no type of tether at all.

DO NOT use a power tether to fly. Sure it may extend the flights, but the problems far outwiegh the pluses!
The motor needs to cool and you need to relax.
You can still get 8-10 minutes of flight from batteries packs.
They can cause the heli to become unstable and get caught.
Jul 25, 2001, 06:24 PM
Luxor's Avatar
Very good advice on the tether Fred. When newbies hear that the flight time on an E-heli is around 5 to 8 minutes, they seem to think that isn't alot of time. Belive me, 5 minutes of heli flying seems like an hour. Unlike an airplane(fixed wing), helicopters(rotor wing) have NO inherant stability. When flying a heli you have to be on top of the control every nano-second, there is NO time to take a breather while your in the air. This is from experience. Eric S.
Jul 25, 2001, 07:25 PM
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I like the advice on the tether, that's another 30 bucks I can put towards a second battery.

I'll just grab an inexpensive 12volt from the autostore and use that for charging.

I see your point on the restrictive tether system I was talking about, I have only begun to think of possibilities and will continue to do so, when I come up with one I'll try my hand at ms paint and get a small drawing of a setup and see what you all think.

Thanks again for the input, keep it coming it is really helping me and others.
Jul 26, 2001, 01:02 AM
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Ok First off Thank you for the Replies they have been very helpful if not comforting to know I have a place to go for support.

I just now got off the phone with Ben at Hobby Lobby and we had a nice long chat about the Eco 8 and answered a lot of my questions. Which in the end resulted in my first order.

1. Ikarus ECO 8 Helicopter
2. Tailrotor Servo Mount
3. Blade Balancing Set
4. Accesory pack for the ECO 8

Now I know it differs from my original plan, but I came up with the idea to build the Heli first and do some more research on these items while building.

1. Radio
2. Motor/ESC
3. Gyro
4. Battery/Charger

As for the Radio I'm am begining to lean towards the Hitec Eclipse 7 with HS 81 servos. Input is welcome on this.

Motor/ESC will be determined if I will go with brushed or brushless, still need to do research on brushless and get RPM rates and pinion setups and such for them. Plus Price is a factor in that.

Gyro no clue on this one, he mentioned the Ikarus Profit which looks good but in the 100 dollar range, So I will look into other options for that soon. Input Welcome.

Batteries/Charger I am looking for any info on MaH and cell amounts and such, I need to figure that stuff out and as far as a charger goes I want to find one that will be AC/DC rated, I will get the 12volt trainer cord to get long hovers and such in for learning, and I have also thought about purchasing a separate 12volt car battery for charging use as well.

I am also begining to think about designing/building training equipment, maybe a tether type system to keep the Heli limited in certain movement as I learn, just something to keep repair costs at a minimum and keep my brain working as I quit smoking.

That's all for now, I will be waiting and reading, and hopefully get a package Friday, if not then Monday or Tuesday next week, I will keep you posted and such on my findings.

Jul 26, 2001, 08:09 PM
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Ok Time for Order number 2.

Now I've been thinking and I decieded to go it in 3 parts mainly because I wanted to get a good versatile radio, and without ado.

1. Hitec Eclipse 7 (non-spectra) w/2 HS-81 Servos Rcvr and nicad packs.
2. 2 Hitec HS-81 Servos.

Price comes to, 284.20 at (Hobby Lobby)

This order will go out sometime next week, in the mean time I will have the Heli on hand soon and will continue searching for information on the batteries gyro charger motor and ESC.

Jul 29, 2001, 12:45 PM
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OK, Great weekend I must say.

I received my Heli Kit on Friday and was waiting for me when I got home on the steps.

I got cracking opening the package and checking out all the tiny! parts that evening and started putting some things together.

My first challenge was the Mechanical mixer which was provided in the kit, Piece of cake I can still turn a small screwdriver. I then proceded to assemble the frame and main shaft along with the Tail gear tower assembly. And that is where I stopped for the evening, didn't take long at all maybe an hour or two.

Saturday Night I took a break since I was dead tired from work this week (Worked saturday also) and slept forever till this morning.

Bright and early Sunday morning I got on with the assembly, Rotor head swash plate and tail assembly. All done with a little drilling on the Tail Shaft Tube to fit the Tail rotor assembly also.

In Ending the whole kit took maybe 7 to 8 hours to assemble the mechanics so far and I would rate that at a novice level, since it's been so long for me.

The whole kit is assembled minus the electronics, and motor/battery(still need to order)

I will order the Radio tomorrow morning and expect that by the end of the week early next week. I will most likely go with the Eclipse 7 and if I remember correctly Hobby Lobby is out of them and they seem to have the best price out there for that radio/servo combo(hs-81's).

Still thinking about the Batteries/charger.

But I do know I will be going with the Magnetic Mayhem Reverse motor and the jeti 30 speed control to learn from.

once again all input/feedback is appreciated if you know of a good place to get info on batteries/chargers please let me know, and leave a link or just a link I can copy.

Thanks in advance,