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Jul 09, 2001, 04:18 PM
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Hawk (bird type) distraction

Yesterday I was enjoying a hot, low wind day to practice flying inverted. I'd had to swerve around a circling hawk on earlier flights. For the first time I had the LOGO less than one mistake high while hovering inverted, meaning that I was counting on keeping control, rather than resorting to a "half loop cures all" bail-out, if all else failed. I was watching the heli intently while it was 45-60 degrees up from me when I spoted the hawk gliding silently and slowly towards me about 10 feet up! It was a beautiful sight as its spread wing momentarily (but completely) blocked the heli from view! "Please don't poop!", I said as our eyes met when he passed over me. I guess I passed some sort of concentration test

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Jul 09, 2001, 05:35 PM
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Oh yeh,

At one with nature, the blue ski, wild predatory birds, and an all-organic helicopter! Isn't the great outdoors truly great! Yes I would certainely give you a concentration bonus score. As I was reading the account I was anticipating one all out bird assualt. Who would win?? I have lost 2 gliders to bird attack; one while thermalling, and one on the slope. Score: Hawk 2, plane 0.
Glad to hear you faired better.

Jul 16, 2001, 12:52 PM
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In this week's installment of "nature fights back", I was hovering low (about 10 feet), inverted and nose in. At first the bug near my eye wasn't going to distract me, but as it crawled on and even behind my glasses, I couldn't help but notice that it was rather large and had stripes across its abdomen. I called for my wife to get that wasp off my glasses as I started an ascent to an altitude where I could flip the heli upright. At that point my wife's face is at the side of my eye trying to blow the critter off. Then the hand swipes at the little devil at one point momentarily covered oh, about 1-1/2 of my eyeballs about the time that I was rolling it upright. Then I noticed that the LOGO was plummeting, assessed that it was level but still with negative pitch, and pulled it out low enough that if it hadn't been just in FRONT of the trees this would be a sad, sad story It turns out that it wasn't a wasp, just a critter that looks like one. Laura said that it did have a stinger though????

Concentration test #2 passed, but with a low grade. I think I need to find a hobby to relax after these sessions


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Jul 19, 2001, 12:40 AM
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Jul 19, 2001, 12:57 PM
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Relaxation is why I still fly sailplanes. I can sit in my chair, drift around the sky, take a drink, and land smoothly. All accomplished with zero stress. Evrything happens soooo much slower in the glider world. To sympathize, I am a constant victim of mosquito attack while flying and it sure is a test of wits and concentration to fly while they are sucking the life-force out of you.

Jul 23, 2001, 09:30 PM
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Well giheli, maybe I should get myself a glider Today the forces of nature finally triumphed.

For me, the challenging part of inverted hovering, is afterwards when the heli is upright and there is a tendency to use the relexes just practiced to move the heli in the wrong direction just as one starts to relax. I've been really focusing on watching out for this. Anyway, right during that awkward transition time a "flock" of several fly-like creatures started buzzing around and hitting my face. The heli was upright a few feet high, nose-in, and as the nose lifted up, I gave the wrong command (they swarmmed me at this point), and then gave the wrong command again only harder (to correct???). Since the heli was mostly inverted at this point, I gave full negative pitch to try and save it. Nope

Oh yes, I was standing in the same spot as the hawk fly-by

Jul 24, 2001, 12:59 AM
Todd Long's Avatar
Please don't say it's so...!!! Did you really break your Logo...?? Sometimes up, sometimes down but never fly when the swarms in town. Scratch your head then rub yer belly, time to order from cyber heli...!!!

I'll send you my MS blades if you wish. When you make your next Logo order Glen let me know, I would like to get a few parts.

Jul 25, 2001, 05:47 PM
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Glen, how bad was the damage? I hope you are not discuraged by the accident (if you are, how much you want for your motor ). It sounds like you were progressing really well. I remember only a few months ago you were afraid to loop it

Note to all reading this: If you can't handle your pride and joy helicopter at some point turning its self into a ball of scrap metal, this not the hobby for you !

A very good pilot in my club recently crashed badly his Millenium ($$$) under mysterious causes (his only maching a couple days before a big fly-in). He left the field depressed saying that he was gonna find a new hobby. Last I heard, he was not only fixing his crashed machine, but had bought a new one. Once your bitten, its hard to stop, I guess...

Jul 25, 2001, 09:52 PM
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Hi Fitz,

No worries here - this stuff is starting to get fun Thanks for the encouraging words.

I was going to make a post about how little the damage was and how small the repair costs were. I can even use some parts from LOGO #1
Between an unofficial "LOGO friends sharing spare parts network" and RC-Direct having good stock, I should be OK

I'm just a little worried that I won't get back to a local fun fly in a couple of weeks. Last year I had the only electric out of 60 odd helis, and I must get back there with the symmetrical blades, hotter motor, and better skills. They were impressed with the heli last year