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Nov 24, 2002, 09:49 PM
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more questions about my logo 10

Now that I have flown my logo 10 several times, EXTREMELY pleased, a few new issues have come to mind:

1. I usually fly one 3000mah pack per day - I store it empty overnight, right? What about for a couple of days? How long do I need to wait to recharge -until it cools off (it gets warm after flight)?

2. I have the isl-6d chameleon charger from shulze - somewhat confusing little thing - they recommend all packs including reciever/transmitter should have 2.5 mm diameter wire to use autocharging function?! - is anyone really doing this? autocharge is only for nicads, right?

3. I check belt tension regularly and have retightened some main bolts - is there anything else I should check/tighten at this point? what about lubrication?

4. once or twice after lift- off the training rods and tail began to vibrate steadily, I set her down, and after a couple of seconds it went away, lifted off again no problem - is this a gyro sensativity issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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