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Sep 04, 2007, 03:28 PM
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A three-dayer

Well, three days off is a treat. I flew Saturday and Monday, but I slept most of Sunday away.

Traffic on Saturday was pretty light considering the Bay Bridge was closed for retrofit. The lift was a waiting game. I got to Four Corners at noon, and ran into Joe S. Tick Point was in heavy, slow moving fog. We talked for an hour until the wind came up, and I flew my Star-light for about an hour. The lift was mediocre at best. Finally- the fog cleared at Tick, so we jumped in the cars and went down there.

At the coast, the wind was barely moving, and it was super hot. I was able to fly my Starlight and Shredder, but landing the Shredder was a chore since there was nearly NO wind coming across the slope to help you slow down. I flew some loose formation with Dr. Dan and his Katie 2. Dan is primarily a gas/electric flyer, but we wont hold that against him....will we? It was fun showing him the fast line in some light air. I left a little early since I could feel a good sunburn coming on. Bashed the tail of my Sparrow getting it out of the car...gotta make a new tail for that plane.

I cut out the pallet for the fuse servos on my Miraj, and adjusted the pushrods to make sure they were close to fitting. I'll have to fill up a BUNCH of holes in the sides of the fuse from the previous owner making what looked like a few attempts (four, and I guess he was happy on the fifth, since there were no less than TEN holes in the left side of the fuse) to get the pallet mounted. I also made sure the new joiners I purchased from F3X.com fit. One of my joiner tubes was bent internally just enough to keep the joiner from going in, but I carefully honed it ever-so-slightly, which got the joiner mounted with a nice friction fit.

Sunday. Yawn. The wind looked mighty light from my end of San Francisco. I got up, played online for a while, and went back to bed for four more hours. When I got back up at 5:00 pm, I toyed around with my Miraj some more. I assembled the entire plane, except for 1/2 of the v-tail, since the crash this plane had been in broke the joiner off flush with the fuse. It was actually close to balancing, so thats a good sign. I need to fux the wing center section, since the crash pulled the front wing bolt out throught the bottom of the wing...harsh. I'll probably make a wad of chopped glass or carbon, or something. It'll have to be strong, whatever it is. I need one of those metal inserts (note: "escutcheons") to keep the edge of the wing bolt from pulling through the top skin again. I also upgraded the wing bolts to 10/32, as is my usual MO.

Monday. I got up early and made an incredibly strong cup of coffee. It was either the coffee or the No-Doze...anyway, I got loaded up and headed to the hill. Tick was clearing about the time I showed up. The lift started light like Saturday, but MAN did it come on like crazy. My Shredder started ripping. Joe SA. and I flew some formation, Joe flying his RnR MIllenium, me with the Shredder. They were pretty closely matched in speed, actually.

Got home and had some AMAZING pork ribs my wife made. Neimann Ranch, write it down kiddies!

After dinner I trimmed the v-tail joiner to the appropriate lentch, and drilled out the old broken off stub. God, sometimes, you just gotta hate carbon, ya know? Razor sharp splinters EVERYWHERE! I swept all the death-shards up, for a change. I had to carefully hog-out the hole in the fuse for the joiner, but that went surprisingly easy, actually. The hole I drilled out was only off a few degrees, so a few judicious file strokes got it into an acceptable range.

I roughed up the base of the joiner, mixed up some epoxy, sprayed hair-spray (you heard me...) all over the base of the v-tail half, and crammed it all together. I shimed the fuse up to sut flat upside down on its wing saddel, and the v-tail tips to be on the floor. Not scientific, but it came out straight.

This morning I woke up, and before heading off to work I gave the v-tail a pull. I was a little worried as it took a bit of effort, but then popped off with a satisfying thunk. The joiner was glued, the tail was straight, all was good with the world...other than the going off to work part, I suppose.
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