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Sep 02, 2007, 09:59 PM
Karl Miller
Karl Miller

USA F3J Team Selects Day 2

Another spectacular day of intense F3J competition in Chicago is in the
books. It has been great weather both days with not a single cloud in the
sky (literally, just endless blue and the moon hanging around in the
daytime); which is kind of strange two days in a row. The lift has been big
sometimes and sometimes you just found sink and landed off field, or early
and had to relight! There were some great great saves and some carnage to
in the ever exciting F3J mass launches! It is great to see so many fantastic
pilots from all over the USA on one field competing together. It has been a
truly memorable contest to fly in. Can't wait for tomorrow and the 15 minute

Scores for the first 2 days are posted on the SOAR website under the
articles section at .

Karl Miller

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