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Sep 01, 2007, 05:39 AM
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Ai's Easy Fly RTF Glider


Just wondering if anyone has any reviews or opinions on Ai's Easy Fly RTF Glider.

Just wondering how it compares to the Multiplex Easy Glider Electric. Any information on this kit would be much appreciated.

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Jan 18, 2009, 07:35 AM
Ian Downunder
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Well fistly you will nede an intupreter to work out thar lingo. This is the werst translaton of instuctions I have eva scene. I thought we had gotin threw this herdle last centary. Surely it woodent cost to muche for the manufuctura to pay an ennglish borne persun to translate propa insructions. Poor gramma, shockin sentence dismembering.

I purhcased 4 for resaling and 3 had substantial dents in the fuselage due to careless pakageing. I have had to repair them before I can sel them.

This aircraft is not designed for easy fixing. Damage the motor and you have to cut off half the nose to fix it. Many other bits are also glued in before the fuselage harves are glued together making other areas also difficult to fix.

The hinges, whilst they mite be a clever idea, there is not enough of them. Leaving the majority of the hinging for the foam to do the work will gradually see this area deteriorate over time. Some parts of the kit had already showed signs of this on the ones I purchased.

The plastic closing clip on the canopy is poorly designed and will give way after a few flights.

The instructions for changing the brake on the motor from off to on is wrong. You actually have to do the opposite to what the intructions tell you to do????

Motor mounting plate made of crappy ply that shatters with only minimum front-on impact.

You can't get the internal wing mount assembly unit off without having to drill holes through the top of the fuselage. The four self-tapping screws that hold the injection moulded wing assembly together are very poorly made because the Phillips head on the screws strip as soon as you try to unscrew them. The aluminium wing joiner is too light and bends far too easily.

I was relly lookin forward to giving this model a big wrap but againn we have anotha good consept ruened by the manufactruer overlookng the finer details.

This model is not made for easy repairing.

P.S. If you can read me ritein without a problum, then you won't have any truble readin the instructions for the Eassy Fle.
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Jan 28, 2009, 12:52 AM
Ian Downunder
Ian Downunder's Avatar
First wrecked model reported in from one of my customers. Cause. The double-sided tape which holds in the foam piece, which covers the wing spar, gave way on a hot day. The spar itself gave way because it was not glued properly into the wing.
Mar 21, 2009, 12:34 PM
seeks thermals
crow man's Avatar
I got one of these from As far as how it compares to the German Multiplex, I can't say. This is definitely no German manufacture though heh heh.
Still, I got mine shipped to my door from Hong Kong (9 days transit) with a 1500 mah 3s "zippy" battery for less than 140 usd and I had it assembled that night charged, programmed and ready for flight the next day so I was pretty satisfied.
The ply motor mount does look kind of sketchy, hopefully I won't punch it in someday, but it is a nice flyer. In calm conditions it will find and ride thermals well. I have taken it out twice. The day of the maiden was a bright sunny day, very warm. It did really well. The second day was cool, overcast and windy and I found it more difficult to fly and I used the motor a lot more. I got 20 minutes of flight before it was time to leave. According to my multiplex charger later in the day, I took around 800 mah out of the batt so roughly half it's capacity and I was fighting the wind most of the time.
I am using a Dx7 radio with AR6100 2.4ghz receiver, programmed with ailerons on 2 channels so that when it's time to land I can flip the flight mode switch up and raise both the ailerons around 15 degrees to steepen the glide path.

One thing I noticed about the Easy Fly is that if you have too much off the horizontal on roll axis it will want to stall, and that takes some altitude before you can recover. Obviously any plane will do that if the roll angle is large enough & depending on airspeed, but it's something I don't notice on my 2M 2-channel balsa glider at all...

This model is built to be cheap, and certainly some people will have bad experiences with it (like any model) but I am hopeful so far and having a lot of fun with it.
SOme things I don't like about it are the absence of a removeable cowl, if i want to change the motor out, the motor mount as Ian Downunder pointed out, and then the prop assembly seems very flimsy. I know that on gliders everything is made as light as they can get away with though.
One thing is fairly clear, 140 + cost of receiver VS MTPLX E-gldr pro + 4 servos + motor + esc + receiver + battery + CA + kicker + servo lead extension + SHipping + however much time it takes U to slap it all together.... is basically the equation we're looking at here. Imo neither one of these planes is for a beginner.
Here's hoping I didn;t just completely jinx myself and go pile it into a barbed wire fence or have a spar cover come off leading to spar failure

Plus, time will always tell... I have only tw days flight time on my bird yet. If something terrible happens I will man-up and come back to report on it.

I wanted to post as there is almost nothing at all on these here at RCGroups so far!
The main reason I wanted one of these is that, a lot of my flying spots aren't ideal for using up-start or hi-starts.

Ian, I hope you all are clear of all those terrible fires down there. Awful, horrible stuff.

crow man
new mexico USA
Last edited by crow man; Mar 21, 2009 at 12:39 PM. Reason: ooops can't forget the cost of shipping all that stuff either :)

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