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SKS Video Productions RC Event DVD Review

Ashley Hartman reviews SKS Video Productions' 2007 RC event DVDs!



Product:SKS Video Productions RC event DVDs
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SKS video productions has been making quality RC videos for years. I can remember seeing their tapes playing in hobby stores when I started flying in the 90s, and they haven't stopped. This year they did what they do best again with excellent DVDs from Joe Nall 2007, XFC 2007, Kentucky Jets and SEFF 2007.

The Videos

What you get

Each DVD comes in a slim DVD case with a full color cover and disk. On the back of the DVD case is a little info about the event along with some pictures. The DVD cover is a little grainy, but donít let that make your mind up about the quality of the videos! The DVDs are professionally authored, not individually burned (as is often the case with smaller DVD runs) and are digitally edited.


Overall the DVDs were quite entertaining to watch. Each gives a good feel for how the event was run and shows glimpses of the latest projects and equipment found in the RC world. All three of the event videos - Joe Nall, Kentucky Jets, and SEFF - follow a basic outline of intro, interviews/flights, noontime demos, interviews/flights and closing. The airplane and helicopter versions of the XFC include detailed interviews with the competitors followed by their judged routines. The routines are filmed completely from the beginning of the flight to the end without any breaks. The only downside in all of the DVDs is that of some the interviews tend to be a bit long, and I would have liked some general flying montage clips to break up the interviewing. Each DVD has a nice, easy to navigate style and picture with a run-time of around 100 minutes.

The Events

Joe Nall 2007

Every year modelers flock to South Carolina for one of the largest RC aircraft events around the world. Last year was no different, and SKS Video Productions was there to cover the action. The DVD focuses mostly on interviews with modelers attending the event. Breaking up the interviews is Matt Chapman flying an amazing noontime demo with his full scale Cap 580. This DVD is a great way to get a good idea of what goes on at the famous Joe Nall fly-in without leaving your living room.

Futaba XFC Airplane and Helicopter 2007

Prepare to be amazed with the hot flying skills of the pilots competing at the Futaba XFC in 2007. SKS thoroughly covered most of the XFC including interviews with the competitors and footage of their entire routines. The helicopter and airplane portions of the event are split into two separate DVDs to cover each portion more thoroughly. Noontime demos are mentioned, but there is little coverage of them. But thatís no reason to be disappointed as the competition will have you wanting to see it again after it is over. As a special bonus is the Helicopter DVD; Justin Chi's routine is included at the end of the competition footage.

SEEF 2007

The SEFF DVD follows the format of the Joe Nall DVD with interviews and footage of the noontime demos. The main difference in this DVD from the others is that all of the planes are electric. This is a great DVD, not only to see what went on at one of the nationís premiere electric fly-ins, but also to see the latest and greatest in electric technology offered by some of the top manufacturers in the RC world.

Kentucky Jets 2007

This DVD is a definite must see for the RC jet fans out there. It covers the fast flying of the latest toys in the jet world as well as interviews with RC jet pilots. From the full scale helicopter demo to some impressive flying, SKS Productions covers the event from head to toe.

Who will be interested in these SKS DVDs?

The beginner

The new RCer will get a lot from SKSís DVDs, especially the event coverage DVDs which offer a great chance to look over some of the new and exciting aircraft that are out there. The competition DVDs will impress the newer pilot and inspire them to improve their own flying skills!

Advanced pilots

Advanced pilots will enjoy SKSís latest offerings as a chance to get caught up with the yearís events and competitions without having to travel further than the couch. The event DVDs show a lot of the newest technologies that are out there and also offer a chance to see some of the masters of RC talk about their aircraft. Those RCers who aspire to compete with the masters will enjoy watching the best of the best show off their stuff. SKS does a great job of capturing everything from a flight line vantage point and will give great insight into how the masters of aerobatics are flying this year.


For the beginner to the expert RC pilot, SKS video productions delivers a great view into four of the largest RC events of the year. They are fun and informative videos to pop in the DVD player when you are working on models, have some extra time, or just want to get a RC fix without going to the field. No matter whether your interest is in scale, jets, aerobatic planes, or just general RC, these SKS videos have something for everyone!

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