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Aug 16, 2007, 11:04 PM
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New to all rc stuff??? need a little help

okwell first off I am new to this forum and to rc in general. last weekend I was fishing with my father when we started talking about rc planes, and I was intrigued. Havent really thaought about it in years. And now I make good money and like toys so i was hooked. ok so here is the deal i bought my first rc plan on sunday. It was a parkzone cessna 210, with a 15in wingspan. I tried it and crashed, more than Id like to talk about. But it was good for me cause the next day i bought the g3.5 simulator, and really prcticed flying. the next 2 days I flew the parkzone plane with no crashes and really opened up on it, so the simulator worked great to keep my orientation in tact. ok I am ready to take the next step, so I purchased 2 planes online from no name companies just to get a feel for a bigger plane, they will be in next week. but I am already looking into the real plane I want to build, I am going to purchase the sektrum dx7 transmitter, and want to purchase an e-flite plane, I know I have to buy the servos and esc seperate, but I dont know how to wire this stuff. the reciever that comes with the dx7 connects to the esc, but where do the servos connect to? and the esc connects to the motor, but does the esc have to be compatible with the sektrum transmitter or is it just the reciever that has to be compatible? also the batteries I am going to use are lipo, so do i have to buy a regulator to make sure that the batteries dont drop below the min voltage or do the e-flite esc take care of this problem? If someone could give me a brief overview It would cetainly help me here, thanks guys happy to be part of the forum goup.
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Aug 17, 2007, 12:00 AM
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Servos connect to the receiver. esc connects to the receiver, battery and motor.
Aug 17, 2007, 12:08 AM
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The e-flite ESC has a low voltage cutoff. Most of them do. You may have to program the number of cells, but many of them sense the number of cells automatically somehow. Tell us what planes you ordered and we'll let you know if there's anything special you need to know about them.

As far as how things plug in, you've got it right. It will be obvious when you see the parts. My receivers are color-coded as well, and you simply match up the wires. If you plug them in backwards, nothing bad will happen, it just won't work. The three wires are power (red), ground(black), and signal(white or yellow). Since the power is in the middle, it's always in the right spot, and reversing the signal and ground won't hurt because the signal is extremely low voltage. It just won't work that way. If you got brushless motors and brushed motors both, keep in mind that the ESCs can't be swapped... they won't even hook up, but they won't drive the wrong type of motor no matter what you do.

If there's anything else, be specific. And try searching first... most of your questions will be answered already. Also, it sounds like you have a good start, but you should read this:

For your Lipos... you'll need a good charger specifically for Lipo batteries, and you should consider this new type of LiPo with safer (manganese rather than cobalt) chemistry:

No I do not work for them, but I am very happy with their products, and have been promoting them enthusiastically. They sell old-skool Lipos too, so make sure you're looking at the "magnum"
Aug 18, 2007, 10:10 AM
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thanks for the help, I bought the 2 new planes from 2 diffrent sites, although I wouldnt be surprised if the sites were both affiliated with eachother. most low end stores do this to keep profit up??? anyway I purchased the first one from this is the plane. and the second one from could someone tell me if the herd about the planes from these sites, hard to find reviews on the internet, that worries me a little.
Aug 18, 2007, 11:04 AM
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I saw that little Cesna the other day at the local shop. looked intresting. How does it fly?

That second plane is a Shun Da made airframe. Shun Da sells to other companies who put in there own electronics, and there are dozens of those no name companies who sell the same plane with various motors and radios. mostly, the electronics are junk, but the airframe its self can be made to fly very well, and there are many fans of the Shun Da Piper Cub around.

Regardless of where you go with the hobby, you're starting right with that Spektrum 7. Which E-flite plane were you looking at?
Aug 18, 2007, 11:08 AM
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thanks for the help the e-flite I want is the p47 thunderbolt with the brushless motor setup
Aug 18, 2007, 12:02 PM
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The P47 is a great plane, and flys like a dream. You'll love it. However, its not a beginers plane. trying to fly a warbird when you're new to the hobby is like giving the keys to a Formula 1 race car to a 15 year old girl who just got her learners permit.

You will need at a minimum, 100 hours of actual stick time on trainers and iintermediate level planes before you'll have the skills for a low winged high preformance warbird. Working on the simulater is great, but .. and I appoligise for my liberal use of metiphores here, .. Flying a simulated plane will do about as much for you as playing simulated golf. Its a great way to increase you knowledge of what to do in various situations, but not to actualy increase your skill.
Simulaters are great, but not a substitutuin for actual stick time.

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