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Aug 15, 2007, 07:34 PM
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Discussion Author of the Week - BARNESJONR!

I immediately nicknamed Jon Barnes (aka BARNESJONR) "Jon Barnes Jovi," because it just so OBVIOUS that this is what he should have been called since high school. How did everyone miss out on that nickname? and I guess he likes it OK, because he doesn't (publicly) complain too loudly. I picture Jon as the Peter GIbbons character from Office Space for reasons still not clear to me. Maybe he also is a bucker of the corporate system? A hater of flair? If we had RCGroups Author Superlatives, Jon would be voted "Friendliest" without a doubt. Maybe even "Camper of the Week" if we had RCGroups Summer Camp.

Jon and his wife run an RC friendly B&B in Marin County, CA called the Red Star Inn which sounds like heaven on earth. He has a 3 year old, a motorcycle, a big love of all things RC and is brave enough to openly admit an admiration for Neil Diamond.

Visit Jon's blog to see a list of his reviews here on RCGroups, and as of today Jon has an article in the current issue of Quiet Flyer (go to page 14-15)!

The RCGroups authors are the interviewers here.

What was your first vehicle? What vehicle do you currently drive? First: 1971 Chevy Nova (4 tired variant) - Ancient 50CC Honda Motorcycle (2 tired variant). Current: 2003 Nissan Murano (Was my recently deceased Dad's) and as of yesterday at 5 PM, a 1993 Honda CBR600 F2.

Ever tried Sushi?Yes and I love it!!! But ONLY if I have had enough to drink!

Who is your all time favorite musical artist? Which genre?! Basia, Euge Groove, Metallica, Nickelback, and I used to really like Neil Diamond.

Ever been to a foreign country? Yes! China, Morocco, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, England, Mexico, Bahamas... I think that is all. Oh yeah, and Canada!!

Which RC magazine is your favorite? Ooh, actually a tough one! I guess FlyRC for their jam packed issues, but since I am all electric, Quiet Flyer is right there.

What was the last movie you saw at the Cinema? Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

What is your favorite RC retailer or place to buy your goodies? AeroMicro in Santa Clara, CA. If you ever get the chance, Perry's store is awesome! If it is electric and it flies, he has it!

What is your favorite candy? Almond Joy - you know, the love it or hate it coconut thing. I LOVE it!

What's the craziest thing you've ever tried (legally)? Probably taking flight lessons? I was like 20-some hours into my training when I kind of gave it up, after multiple instructor changes and a relocation, with about 6 of those hours being solo time. As I look back, I am still blown away that I was actually up in a small plane over and over by MYSELF!?

Are you an In-N-Out Burger fan? Yes ... and YES to ALL burgers everywhere! They are the nectar of life!

What's the biggest plane you've ever flown? My second plane, a 60" nitro powered high wing aileron trainer type plane.

What is your current job? Instrumentation Technician

What's the smallest RC plane you've ever flown? Probably the two little AirHogz I bought for my daughter and the PicoZ copter. I am totally amazed at how flyable these little "toys" are!!

Which of your reviews was your favorite? I would have to say the Electrifly PBY Catalina. What a cool subject for a plane. I know the scale aficionados are at times a little critical as far as the outlines or the lack of this or that, but I am amazed at what Great Planes has done in making this unique subject available to the flying public.

What RC project have you been putting off for the longest and why? A WHOLE closet full of my own planes! I have so many planes I want to get done but I figure I am "saving" for my retirement. Why? Time shortage. This nasty thing called work, the parasite called sleep and the time that having a three year old running around entails. But its all good!! I want to do my A10, a S3, and F104 by GAD. PLUS, I just picked up a 3DHobby 300 SHP. SWEET! The Eflite J3 Cub on floats.

What was your first radio system? What radio system do you fly currently? I think it was a Futaba 4NL, and now it's a Multiplex EVO 9. And I love it! I have not even scratched the surface of what this transmitter is capable of doing.

What is your next radio system? I am closely watching several threads in which RCGroupers have modded their EVO to use other 2.4 GHZ modules. And then there is Mr. Drew and his XPS also. It will be a tough transition to 2.4 for me, since I have a TON of 72 MHZ receivers. I am thinking I'll pick up one or two 6 channel receivers initially, for my most treasured models

What plane or type of plane would you most like to be assigned for review? I have ALWAYS wanted to fly/own a 1/4 scale aerobatic plane. I keep saying I will, when I am retired. It'll be my present to myself. I always figured it would be a gasser but now, I don't know. With the continuing advances in the electrics, it may be an electric!

Besides planes and radio gear is there anything in our hobby that you would like to review? Probably a boat. That is one area in the RC hobby I have not ventured into at all.

Where is the most unusual place you have flown? I don't know if is unusual but I often fly here at work in the huge concrete holding basins we have. They are actually my own personal flying fields. I keep kidding with my supervisor I am going to paint runway markings on them!

Where do you like to vacation and do you do RC on your vacations? I like South California lately. I love La Jolla or Pismo Beach. And if we drive, then SOMETHING to fly always gets tucked into the car. I have found memories of flying on the beach. I also love Kauai but I have never flown while there.

What is the best food dish you prepare? I make a killer Rice-a-Roni but I am a little sad because they stopped making the Stroganoff flavor, my personal favorite.

b]Which planes do you like better, foam or balsa?[/b] I love the relatively easy shapeability of foam! With little to no effort, you can sculpt complex shapes. Repairs are easy too!

Who would you rather spend a day with Robert DeNiro or Quique Somenzini? Well, DeNiro has nothing to offer me other than to maybe show me how to be cooler than I am but I am too old for that... and is he really cool outside the movies!?
Now, Quique on the other hand ...!

If you could keep only one of your planes, which one would it be and why? Oooo, thats a tough one! Maybe my Brent Hecht (Corsair Nut) built Skray F4D? Because it was handbuilt by Brent (thus not replaceable as far as I am concerned), and it has such a wide flight envelope - from super slow to fast. I am planning on upgrading the motor to a LS Super Park Jet soon and then going 4S! Ballistic!

Favorite place in the world: Anyplace I am with my daughter!!

Favorite food: Buffalo Wings - HOT!!

Favorite Pro Football team: Uh, at the risk of my masculinity being called into question... I don't have one!

Favorite Girl Band: Veruca Salt

Last concert attended: Coldplay

What is your favorite full size airplane? Skyraider

Should Prince William marry Kate? I didn't know Prince's middle name was William!? He's marrying Kate Capshaw!? Lucky dog! She's a hottie!!

Last time you spent money you knew you shouldn't have on RC stuff TODAY! (Which is the same answer as yesterday.)

Where do you fly? Pretty much any place that I do not get run off from?! At home, at work and every place in between.

Tell us about Forest Knolls, CA. Are there really knolls there?If a knoll is like a ridge, than yes, we are surrounded by them. The locals refer to it as "The Valley" and I cannot even get AM radio very well , until I am a few miles down the road. It is a Post Office, a tiny little store and a tavern. Thats it! 30 miles from the coast.

What does your family think about your hobby? Uh, my wife does not understand my passion for the hobby. Now my daughter ... SHE loves going flying with Daddy! We get up early on Saturdays and she is usually chomping at the bit to get going!

Do you hesitate when telling new acquaintances that you fly toy airplanes for a hobby? (I know I do - but I tell them anyway). Same as you. But I usually only go there if somebody else brings it up or mentions that I do it? We had some folks over for dinner the other nite and they passed through the garage on the way to see the chickens. The sight stopped them in their tracks. Planes, planes everywhere!

What flying skill are you working on these days? I am pretty hard on myself. I always feel as if I shold be far more advanced in my abilities, in all types of flying, than I am. I really want to be able to fly the more difficult aerobatics. I can fly just about anything but perhaps because I have not concentrated on any one specific type of plane or flying long enough, I feel like I have not honed my abilities.

Whats your favorite manuever with a plane or a heli? I am currently in a phase where I love scale type flying. I really like trying to make it look real, you know, to the extent that if only for a moment, you fool any who may be observing. As far as aerobatics, I really aspire to be able to do a high speed, low altitude knife edge right down the center line of the runway! And as far as my heli skillz? I am just happy to hover through a battery with no hard set downs!

What do you like most about RC? The amazing advances in electrics. And I love shooting stills and video. And doing reviews! I spend 95% of my online time right here. This is "home" to me (It really is the Home Page on my home PC and my Blackberry!) There is such a vast pool of extreme talent here on RCGroups and it is all accessible via the forums.
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