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Aug 15, 2007, 12:00 PM
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Hand Launch Links - Updated

This handlaunch link thread was inspired by (and originated from) Adam Neat's Hand Launch Info thread. Thanks Adam for the great idea! The list has evolved due to helpful suggestions from RCGroups users: please let me know of additions, dead links, or errors.

I’m trying to keep the list short enough to be meaningful and useful. Therefore, I'm listing only only suppliers, build logs, plans, building supplies or reference materials related to handlaunch / discus-launched RC gliders. New links/recent changes are highlighted with a big red *New* or *Updated* etc. "Source code" of this post, and my reasons for archiving it, are at this link.


Legend: Colors denote Kit or Scratchbuild, all others are ARF

Handlaunch Planes:

Airfoils Thread ; Links to the Edge, Synergy, Zone, and Zone V2 (corrections welcome)
ArmSoar ; Neos; US and Canadian Distributor of TopSky, JJEdge: Asia distributor of Steigeisen, Flow 5, and Ultegra as well
Art Hobby ; Nice selection of HLG's
BLH ; ASPI 97 (in French)
Bowman's Hobbies; Javelin
Bug Yahoo Group; Bug
Canterbury Sailplanes ; Eagle
Charles River RC; Online plans for the SuperGee II, Apogee, Terminator HLG
Claus Thiele Modellbau ; Falke, Keibitz, Milan, Weihe, and others (in German)
CLM-Pro ; Trotter
CS Flugmodellbau ; KiSal
Crazy Canuck Gliders ; Vortex *New* (fixed)
[Dave's Aircraft Works; Hosted by SkyKing RC Products; Dragonette, Schweizer 1-26
Davy; Scratchbuilt micro-HLG plans in DXF format
Decker Planes; Spinnin Birdy (in German)
DeX SAL ; DeX 0.77m SAL
DJ Aerotech; Chrysalis traditional built up HLG. Also their "Ask D&J" has lots of good info.
Dr. Chucho; Dr. Chucho SAL Glider
Dream Flight; Libelle
Dyne-o-mite; Dyne-o-Mite 1M SAL Glider
Edge; RC Groups thread on the Edge Airfoil series - refer to the top post for links to designs buried deeper in the thread
Edge RC ; MiSAL
Enduro Composite Models ; Apogee Elite, Apogee Sport; Link is apparently dead as of 8/12
Falken ; RC Groups Thread on the Falken
Flightcomp ; Latigo, Neo, Zen
f3x ; SALpeter, Aspirin, RAD2 and Stobel
graham1234's planes : Designs by RCG user graham1234: Storm, Blackjack, Karisma,
Great Planes ; Fling DL
HJZ ; Predator II
HKM ; Concept Xtreme 2, 3, 4
HobbyKing ; Versus, Apollo 1550, Mini
Hobby Club ; Long Shot, Top Sky Series
Hokusei model shop ; Chinese Mini DLGs similar to Apogee Sport
Hyperflight ; EU supplier of the Vladimir's Models incl. Blaster, Elf, Longshot, Fireworks
ICare ; Osiris, Gladiator, Absalut, Sofia
Icarus; Icarus 1.2m DLG
Isthmus Models; Zephyr traditional built-up HLG, others
Jones' Prototypes ; Vandal - Link is dead as of 1/14
Kennedy Composites ; Blaster 2, Blaster 3, Blaster 3 ST, Elf, Snipe
Liftworx ; Swyft - No longer taking orders as of May 2013
Little Nipper Yahoo Group; Grandfather of the Seeker / Swyft
Manta; RC Groups Thread on the Manta - built-up Drela DLG
Merlin Hobbies ; Ice Fire II reseller - dead link as of mid-2016 *Updated*
Miniplumes ; Topset II
MM Glider Tech; Merlin, Illusion: balsa HLGs in the $50 price range
Modelflight ; AUS supplier of Long Shot
Modellflug-Technik ; K-wing
Modellbau Bichler ; EU supplier of Horejsi Joy and Longshot II, Valenta Apache, Huron and Baby Fly
Momentum Model Technologies ; Arctus, Polaris
The MONSTR Shop; US Distributor of TopSky - dead link as of mid-2016 *Updated*
Mountain Models/Laser Arts; Boomer, Quickflick II kit and short kit, DL-50, Supergee II short kit (templates), Spinner XT EPP Kit
Nano; Quickflick Kits, plus DLG onboard electronics solutions: apparently closed
Oleg Golovidov ; Validol, Stream, Flitzebogen, Flitz2, Stream NXT *Updated*
Pacific Glider Works ; Arrow 5 and Arrow Pro 5
PCM ; Fireworks, Flow
Peak Hobby ; Binary, Binary 900 and Ice Fire II Manufacturer
Possum Works ; Avenger 3
QSC; QSC 32 inch (80cm) SAL
RC Builder ; Lighthawk, Lightspeed, Blade, Razor
Rocky Mountain Soaring Association ; Old school javelin HLGs "Aspen Leaf" and "Soarcerer"
Skip Miller Models ; Ultegra, Steigeisen, Super Freak
Sklep Modelarski Exspert ; Pulsar, Mistral, Orion
Skybench Aerotech; Lil' Bird, Sunbird
SkyHighHobby ; Micro 21"
SMT Solinske Modelltechnik ; YASAL
SoaringUSA ; Solo, Tabu, X-ray, Bat, Gladiator II, Spin, Fireworks, Steigeisen, Stobel, etc
Spritz ; Spritz Molded DLG
Stratair ; Bat, Chili F3K, Risk, Steigeisen, Ultegra, and X-Ray Micro. In German
Steelhead Products; Fry and Fry MKII ; Link is apparently dead as of 8/12
Tralla la; Tralla la 80cm DLG
Top Soaring ; Top Sky 2.0 and Mini Top Sky Manufacturer
TUD Modelltechnik ; Manufacturer of Aspirin and SALPeter
YPSI; Fenix (in Czech)
Wright Brothers RC; Gambler AG
Zaerotech ; Zip 33 -

Building Supplies:

Aerospace Composite Products
AeroMarine Products; Resins
Aircraft Spruce; Full scale aircraft supply but has lots of stuff a hobbyist could use
AMT Composites; South African Composites Supplier
Balsa USA
Cheap Battery Packs
Clarasonic; US and China Supplier of Rohacell
Composite Structures Technology (CST)
Compufoamcore; CNC foam cutting by Laszlo Horvath
Core Cutting; CNC foam cutting by RCG user Traian
Discount Composite
Fiberglass Supply
Goodwinds Kites; Tailbooms
Hilaunch; Reflective tape, hinge tape
Lonestar Balsa; Back in business as of 2/2009, dead link as of mid-2016 *Updated*
National Balsa
Soller Composites
Stealth Plane Works; CNC foam cutting by Anker Berg-Sonne
Sweet Composites
Thayercraft; Glass Cloth
US Composites


Everything; SensibleNick's "Everything" thread - references to lots of how-to
Airfoil Programs Thread
FAI; Contest rules
Fiberglassing without vacuum; Wax Paper / Weights method for tails
Foam Properties
How to Transport your Handlaunch; Links to examples of transport boxes
Molding / Bagging Threads
Polecat Handlaunch University
Radio Carbon Art; Videos on building and flying handlaunch
Radio Controlled Soaring Digest; Check out the Archives especially March-October 2006 which documented the build process for Maple Leaf's Encore
Reese Productions; Lift Ticket videos
SAL Glider Yahoo Group; Good historical info but activity there all but ended in 2007
SuperGee Thread; Go here to get a full education on building and flying foam-core composite DLGs, centered around Mark Drela's seminal design, the SuperGee.
Switchjacks; SwitchJack and Wiring Harness Links
Tailwind Gliders; Calc tools and instructional vids
Vacuum Bagging and Molding; Phil Barnes Techniques
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Dec 26, 2012, 11:37 PM
Standing Athwart History
roo_ster's Avatar

Do y'all DLG folk have unique criteria for an "ARF?"

I have snooped at most of the links that claim to be ARFs and they look awfully kit-like. Granted some foamy ARFs are nearly ready to fly out of the box, what with pre-installed electronics. Most ARFs (of all types) seem to require gluing together the major components, fiddling with the control rods, and all electronics are DIY.

I think that glassing wings, covering pods, and a few other steps are not what the usual consumer thinks of when they think "ARF."

FTR, my perspective is that of someone who is contemplating jumping into DLGs. My preference is a durable (advanced state of completion) relatively cheap beginner's ARF that I can learn how to properly launch as well as learn a thing or three about DLG construction (so that when I spend real $$$ on a kit or kit-like ARF DLG I don't hose it up).

The closest DLGs I have seen to what I consider in the ARF state of completion are the Hokusei mini DLGs and the Apache & Huron from (bad reviews for the latter two, sadly).

If I have overlooked other beginner/reasonable ARFs in a state of completion similar to that of the Apache & Hokusei DLGs, I would be more than happy to recant and learn the error of my ways.
Dec 27, 2012, 10:22 AM
Proud member of LISF and ESL
Relatively inexpensive is not a well defined term. With top competition DLGs approaching $1000, $500 is relatively inexpensive. Is this what you had in mind?

Hobby Club has the Top Sky line. They should meet your expectations and range from $130 to $365.

Kennedy Composites Blaster 2 is $400 and the Blaster III is $470
Jan 16, 2013, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by roo_ster View Post

Do y'all DLG folk have unique criteria for an "ARF?"

I have snooped at most of the links that claim to be ARFs and they look awfully kit-like. Granted some foamy ARFs are nearly ready to fly out of the box, what with pre-installed electronics. Most ARFs (of all types) seem to require gluing together the major components, fiddling with the control rods, and all electronics are DIY.

I think that glassing wings, covering pods, and a few other steps are not what the usual consumer thinks of when they think "ARF."
I don't know how much consensus there is on these definitions, but in sorting out this list I used the following rough definitions, presented in order of increasing effort on the part of the modeler:

RTF (ready to fly) - When the modeler opens the box, all that has to be done is charge batteries and ensure that the radio is programmed properly before the plane is ready to fly. The new terminology for this with the advent of 2.4 systems is "bind 'n' fly". (I don't think any DLG's come this way except if you buy someone else's already completed plane.)

ARF - With the exception of sometimes having to cut out control surfaces, all the major parts of the plane are provided complete, ready to assemble. Wing halves may need to be joined, tail surfaces mounted, and control horns installed. The modeler must still install the radio, ensure that control surfaces move the correct direction, and ensure that the plane is balanced properly.

Kit - In addition to the work done on an ARF, the modeler must also create the major airplane parts (wing, fuse, tail) out of smaller pieces of wood, foam, carbon/glass by framing up, vac bagging, or other techniques. The kit provides a complete set of the needed materials and some of the parts (wing cores or ribs, fuse materials or molded parts, tail pieces) have been cut out. If the modeler has to provide sheet or stick stock, glass or the like, it's called a short kit.

Scratchbuild - I categorized links as scratchbuild if the link shows a builder who sourced all the materials themselves, either cutting out and fabricating every single thing, or by buying some of the parts and building others, for example buying foam cores but showing the bagging process.

If there are some links that don't match that definition, please let me know and I'll try to fix them.


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Jul 02, 2013, 04:36 PM
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List Maintenance

I continue to receive excellent pointers to links to add, and with this help the list continues to grow! This list has continued to evolve largely due to the collaboration of so many RC Groups members. Thanks everyone for your help.

I've been maintaining the top post with all the current information. Followup posts, after the link suggestions have been added to the list, I've been pruning out of the thread after letting them stand for a few weeks or if a flurry of comments starts to stack up. I hope that no one takes offense at that, I'm just trying to keep things quick n' clean.

An additional note: after a few days, I'm also going to be pruning out posts containing reviews, criticisms, complaints, or praise of various vendors. I'm trying to keep this thread about listing HLG and DLG models. Instead please take those discussions over to Vendor Talk.

Suggestions for new links are always welcome. Furthermore, notification about bad or obsolete links is very welcome - I no longer check them on any regular basis.

Last edited by Chachi639; Jul 02, 2013 at 04:45 PM.
Feb 04, 2014, 11:00 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Fly2High View Post
Someone should provide the Zone V2 and Synergy foils threads

Would also be helpful to have direct links to the final plane designed by GT as well.
I made an attempt to gather links to the Edge, Synergy, Zone, and Zone V2 airfoil development threads into the top post line, "Airfoil Threads". I welcome corrections, better and more links and a link to the final plane thread if anyone has them.

Last edited by Chachi639; Feb 05, 2014 at 02:00 PM. Reason: Restructured
Mar 26, 2014, 04:55 PM
I make planes I want to fly
Mid7night's Avatar

One man's trash...

I know carbon arrow shafts aren't a new resource, but I was surprised yesterday to learn that you may be able to get some completely FREE, depending on your local archery shop.

I was at MY local archery shop, O.C. Archery, and at first I thought I would have to buy a whole 6-pack of 32" shafts for $38, which isn't a bad deal when you look at price/inch, but I didn't need SIX of them. Then the girl said, "well you can have one of these ..." and she pulled a discarded arrow out of a mixed-bag bucket in the back of the shop. Apparently they have a stash of arrows people give them, because they don't want them for some reason, and they usually donate them to classes or less-fortunate kids learning the sport, but it's basically a bucket of reject-arrows. I asked her what they wanted for them, and she said "nothing". She even heated the tip and removed the aluminum arrowhead-fitting for me! So I ended up with two carbon arrow shafts for ZERO dollars.

So search out your local archery shop, especially if it's locally-owned/non-franchise, and ask if they have a "reject pile" of arrows you could rummage through. Not to say that it's the same everywhere, but you won't know if you don't ask!

And if you're in the So.Cal. area at all, definitely go check out O.C. Archery in either Fountain Valley or Costa Mesa.
Apr 07, 2014, 09:57 AM
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JR Airflow

This thread popped up on the front page today.

The JR "Airflow" DLG
Apr 08, 2014, 08:10 AM
Winging it >
leadfeather's Avatar
I'm working on a project in the slope forum called the Fusion. It is a 1.5m sloper with many dlg characteristics... picture a scratch built dlg with all epp flying surfaces.

So far I've used servos that are pretty heavy relative to what is used in most dlg's. I'd like to save some weight and use lighter gear.

I've started compiling a list of servos used in 1.5m dlg's.

1) Has this work on a list of servos been done already?
2) If not I would appreciate help adding other servos and possible other useful attributes to the spread sheet.

Thanks for any help,
Apr 08, 2014, 09:06 AM
looking up, down under
scruffy1's Avatar
add this to the links maybe ?
Jun 10, 2014, 08:32 PM
It's GoTime all the Time
GoTime360's Avatar
Update Flightcomp will have the Zen SOON
Jun 11, 2014, 09:14 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by scruffy1 View Post
add this to the links maybe ?
HobbyKing's entry on the list already had noted this model. I did however update the link to point to the more general HobbyKing ARF page that includes both the Versus and the Mini - before it had pointed to the Versus' product page.

Thanks for your input.
Jun 11, 2014, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by gotime360 View Post
Update Flightcomp will have the Zen SOON
I updated Flightcomp's entry to note this model name. Thanks for your input.

And for the Latigo
Last edited by Chachi639; Jun 19, 2014 at 04:36 PM. Reason: Another entry
Jun 19, 2014, 04:31 PM
ak79's Avatar
We will also have the Latigo from Tecnoepoxy in a few days.
Oct 31, 2014, 11:58 PM
Lift is good
Rayven's Avatar

Listing of Competition Level Currently Available?

Any thoughts of developing a listing for this niche? I, for one, am in the market to upgrade and suspect their may be many choices in the market, esp from cottage industry builders. I would, however, want to include an estimate of wait times!

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