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Mar 27, 2003, 04:16 PM
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Mar 28, 2003, 10:59 PM
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Maybe we should meet as a group at their boot @ toledo ?
Apr 06, 2003, 07:46 AM
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LMH at Toledo

I spoke with Paul at the Toledo show on Friday. I brought up the CP thing and he said they would eventually come out with a CP upgrade.

The new stuff they showed: They looked like early prototypes at the show

- Aluminium crutch upgrade with necessary plastic parts to mount motor, landing gear, and boom. The biggest advantage to this seems to be the boom mount. They have two mounting points that are spaced further apart then the current single piece mount. Sounds like they are targeting about $30 for this upgrade.

- mechanical gyro in the tail. I believe it is basically an upgraded version found on the 110. This is needed to handle the additional power/weight(?) that the Corona has. Evidently the mechanical gyro is much smoother then a electronic gyro. No over correcting/ wagging that often happens with the electronic.

Other stuff he talked about:
- new scale fuses
- tail gear box with screw mount for tail fin. Primarily to help with the scale fuses, he said.

He said they are targeting the end of summer for the release of these things.

Anyone get other info from him/them?
Apr 06, 2003, 11:27 AM
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The aluminum crutch is 1/2 oz heavier than the wooden crutch. Along wit this comes new landing gear mounts, new tail boom mounts, and a battery holder. Looks good - I have some pics from their booth and will post later.

Also, they mechanical gyro sounds good in theory, but I've heard bad reports from people who flew with it. Maybe its improved. It is supposed to be included in the Corona kits in the future. However it can be removed easily and a regular gyro can still be used.

Scale fuse: I visited their shop 2 weeks ago and saw some of the scale fuses that others have produced, but there was no mention that LMH was going to produce them. Maybe they are? Maybe they will redistribute for someone else?

The CP upgrade was a topic of discussion by many that visited the booth when I was there. Stan (Paul Arltons dad) said that they will release a CP upgrade but it will be a while.
Apr 06, 2003, 11:47 AM
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Originally posted by Buckey29
Also, they mechanical gyro sounds good in theory, but I've heard bad reports from people who flew with it.
Well, let me chime in and say that the Arlton mechanical gyro worked fine for me! Sometimes I had to use a little left thumb, but so what? This woke up reflexes neede for later anyway. I think that the poeple complaining about that mechanical gyro:
  • did not have it setup correctly (too tight - and I have seen examples of this)
  • used a higher powered motor and generally heavier E-LMH110 - as was the case with a common setup. The issue of the original Arlton gyro being able to work with only so much power to the main rotor was well known back in the days of the E-conversions, but often overlooked by the folks so ready to call this ingenious design a POS after they went beyond its design limits.

Attached is a photo of the Arlton gyro working within its design limits - and it worked great!


Apr 06, 2003, 12:09 PM
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I too, like many of you, spoke woth Paul about the CP. He rolled his eyes like it was some sort of conspirecy

I for one am glad that the mechanical gyro is coming back out. Like Glen said; it needs to be set up properly. Yes, so you have to use the left stick, but that's what it's there for When I used the mechanical one I had much better control for the limited aeros it would do. I now havea $50 gyro, and the tai lis too darned stable. I don't see a need for the high $$$ ones that just about everyone recomends as the cheapie is too stable.

I also spoke to him about the Fusion, and my experiences with it. ( about the same as the Atomic for about 15-20 flights, clean the com, replace brushes every other com cleaning, repeat) He siad that was about normal, and expected..... I fixed them, got a brushless set up while in Toledo.

I am not all that excited about the new frame. I'll probably get it, but I don't see how I'll wear out the wooden one. Heck the wooden one lasted me about 3-4 years and that was when running the sloppy Norvel. I didn't see any mouning points for the fuse, but I'm sure it will be set up for the new fuses.

I'm not also not all the excited about new fuses as the looks of the existing one are just fine. Surves it's purpose.

I'm sure they had the reasons for the direction of product development, as we are but a small segment of their market. BUT I sure would have loved to seen the CP ahead of the crutch, and canaopy, but maybe not the mechanical gyro
Apr 06, 2003, 01:06 PM
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Re: LMH at Toledo

Originally posted by JoeR
I spoke with Paul at the Toledo show on Friday. I brought up the CP thing and he said they would eventually come out with a CP upgrade.
Pretty darn sad. And that is why people reluctanly move on to another heli, like me, soon.

I would pay $80-$100 for a CP mod just so I could use the same setup, RIGHT NOW.

I am not willing to wait until my teeth fall out.

Scale canopies are a serious joke of an "upgrade" compared to CP.

Apr 06, 2003, 01:31 PM
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I called Lite Machines a few weeks ago to see if they might be interested in my new CP head design. Since it's quite a bit simpler and more rugged than other designs and people seem to be crying for it on the Corona, it seemed like a good fit. I think it was Paul that I talked to.

We had a very nice discussion. The long and short of it is that he said the vast majority of Coronas are sold to somebody that sees it on the shelf in a hobby store and thinks it would be neat to try. Therefore it needs to be rugged and simple. CP makes it more complicated and requires a better radio. So, for them it's a fairly simple marketing decision. Basicly, the people on this board are not the average Corona owners. People here tend to be more the upper end of Corona owners.

I still think my head design would be perfect for the Corona. I'd love to design a conversion, but I don't have a Corona and I'm not in a place were I could mass produce them. If I could find someone who would give me a Corona to play with for a while and if one of the other Mod manufactures would be interested in producing the parts I designed, maybe we could get something going.

- Brad
Apr 07, 2003, 08:44 AM
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I think that the LMH guys would have come out with a CP upgrade if there was an easy and quality solution. The biggest challenge is that the Corona is not the precision machine that most CP helis are. Coronas can be set up sloppy and they will still fly great. They can be crashed and they still fly great. I think its tough to introduce rigidity and precision to this design - who knows maybe the aluminum crutch is the first step. Either way, my Corona is my favorite heli and the one that I fly the most. I'll try the CP upgrade if it comes out but I've been waiting on this mod since my first LMH 100.

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