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Nov 18, 2002, 12:53 PM
(aka Cliff Lawson)
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Robbe's "eolo" R22 ??


Sorry to go starting threads right left and centre but I asked in another thread about the Corona in UK/Europe and among the helpful answers was a link to the German site (very interesting even for a non-German reader!).

Anyway, while looking around there I saw mention of a new small e-heli that's about to be released by Robbe so I just checked their site and found this

Does anyone know anything about this new Robinson R22 scale model? It looks like it could be quite interesting and I'm beginning to wonder if I should hold off the heli buying decision until this is available and some more knowledgeable people have had a chance to fly one and give an opinion?

This morning I was pretty sure I'd just get a Piccolo, then the Corona seemed like a better idea, now this... I don't know...

(very confused!)
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Nov 18, 2002, 03:01 PM
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First use this for German to English translations(free). Second I and several other blokes have had the Robbe Eolo ordered since mid year this year. The introduction has slipped more than the politician's promise for reduced taxes. The latest intro is December 2002---We'll see. Go with the LMH 120 Corona. The Robbe is an unknown and it will take a while for the forums to develop a body of knowledge for you to draw on when you have a problem or technical issues. The Corona on the other hand is globally popular (there is even an LMH forum in Germany). Just do a search here on "Corona" or "beginners helicopter" and stand away fom your hard drive as reams on info pour out. Also lots of trick tuning parts and scale fuselage options beginning to appear now for the Corona. I'm only this avid because after hours of limited success with micro heli's, the LMH got me round the bend on hovering(including nose-in) and the FFF. It's fun to build and a joy to fly.
Go Corona!
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