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Nov 18, 2002, 12:29 AM
I hole jumped him!!!
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Got some fun flights with my NSP Navajo today

Today was a great day to be flying up here in the Texas Panhandle area. Clear skies, temps in the 70's....just awesome (and unusual for this area this time of year)........

So me and a dozen or so other club guys are flying at the local field here in Dumas. It's a small town, but we've got a great club with a bunch of really friendly slimers (and me, the "E guy").

I decided to stay up laaaate last night and get around to putting some gear in an NSP navajo sailplane that I bought from another guy here on the boards (Thanks Exo...) and I'm glad I did. It's a four servo e-glider, and it works great (at least as far as I was expecting).

I've got an astro 10 brushless in it, spinning a 6x3 graupner folder direct on 10 maxells. Not the perfect setup (but I had my B20-15L dedicated to another plane). I've got a GWS R4P receiver in it, seems to be working just fine. Two aileron servos, on a Y cord.

It flies great! Not a vert. monster by any means, but it's a lot of fun. Whisper quiet, had maybe an 8~10degree climbout early on...slowly into the headwind, and then the turn for the downleg it really picks up some speed! Inverted required a little down, but was nice and smooth. Rolls and loops (with a little dive...remember the wimply motor) were no problem. It was a rockin' fun little plane! Why has nobody done much talking about it? It even looks pretty neat...all the guys thought the purple transparent was really good looking. Very easy to see up there too. (White LE on the wings really stands out too.)

A buddy of mine used my digicam and got a little video clip of me floating it in and flarying it just in front of me and me catching it with my hand. If anyone can host a 1.4meg .mov file then I'd be glad to send it if anyone's interested in seeing it.

What a great little plane. Now it looks like another late night while I look for a spare little brushless so I can get mini-warmliner performance on a budget.
That remnids me.....I need to call about a Mini-E too.

The Navajo, two thumbs up from me.
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Nov 18, 2002, 12:35 AM
I hole jumped him!!!
Lance's Avatar

Follow up pic

Here's a pic of my navajo (left) along with my son and the Bandit (booyah!).
Nov 18, 2002, 05:13 PM
Time for me to Fly...
Mr. Wiz's Avatar

Do you think the Navajo would work well with an Astro 020? I have one lying around and I'm looking to put it back to work.

I'm new to electric powered gliders and I don't have a good feel for the answers Motocalc is giving me for them.

Nov 18, 2002, 05:25 PM
I hole jumped him!!!
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Originally posted by Mike Wizynajtys

Do you think the Navajo would work well with an Astro 020? I have one lying around and I'm looking to put it back to work.

I'm new to electric powered gliders and I don't have a good feel for the answers Motocalc is giving me for them.

I think it would work well, but only if you've got a pack that'll run the 020 (HEcells I assume). I flew mine once last weekend with an 8cell pack of RS1600's. It flew ok, but the extra weight of the pack negated any real advantage.

I plan on putting a 1615-4 in my navajo and trying it again, probably on a 7x5 folder and 7 or 8 HE1100's.
Nov 18, 2002, 09:19 PM
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Roger-Roger's Avatar

Mega 4T in Navaho

Lance, I just flew my first Navaho flight today using the Mega 4T, 8 HeCells and a 6X3 Graupner folder. The climb rate was pretty good and the straight line speed seemed fairly decent considering it has only 3" of pitch. I would be very intersted in hearing back after your flight with a 7 X 5 folder on a 4T. Overall I'm also very pleased with the plane, got it on make a deal day. The internal layout is very tight in the back. My receiver is behind the servo's with the back edge of the servo's body are a little aft of the aft edge of the rear cutout. I've easily got enough room for a 10 cell 2X5 stick pack but would have to add weight to the tail to get the CG correct. On my navaho it requires almost 1/8" elevator trailing edge down to fly flat, even without power. Before the first flight I cut the nose off and re-glued a motor mount due to the original having way too much right thrust (4-5 degrees). How did your plane trim out. Mine is fully stream lined ailerons, stream lined rudder and elevator 1/8" down for flat and level. I've got the spoilers and flaps programed in but have not had enough time to dial them in.
Nov 19, 2002, 09:16 AM
I hole jumped him!!!
Lance's Avatar
Glad to hear someone else has one of these too. I think this plane is a steal of a deal when it's on the "make a deal day" on NSP's site....or if it pops up on the daily or weekly specials...I just may order myself another.
I was up late again last night, and mounted my 1615/4 in mine. There's some resin "flash" or crud that had to be sanded and pricked at to get just enough room to get the motor to sit flush against the mount (I have not removed my mount, it's just as it was out of the box). I did take a drill bit and ream/oval the holes a bit to made it easier to get the 3mm button head bolts in to mount the motor.
I also was mistaken on my prop, I've got a 7.5x4" graupner folder. I've got an 8x6, but motocalc shows that as being just too much (for 600AE's or even HE1100's). I think I ran a 7cell scenario on the 7.5x4 direct and got 18amps static and a 40mph top speed (we'll see about that). It always looks impressive when you make the turn downwind and it immediately picks up a lot of speed. It picks up speed well in a dive too.
I did have to file some of the material off my prop at the pivot to get it to fit in the yoke. I think this yoke is a 5mm, and most small pin graupner folders are 6mm wide (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I know that modifying the pivot even a little is a no-no, but I'll take my chances and try to be responsible (and I hope if it slings a prop blad that it doesn't take out anyone's eye).
Yep, my GWS R4P receiver is tucked back behind the servos too.

As anyone can see, it's a tight squeeze. All I had handy was a phoenix 35 esc, so that's what's crammed in there. In the pic there's an 8cell pack of the new style 4/5A 1350nimh's, but I plan on running the 7 or 8cell HE1100's.

I did mock up my gear with the mega geared with an MPJET 3.8 planetary box, but it put the motor another 1" further back into the canapoy, and made it look like battery space would be getting too cramped. Maybe some canopy opening trimming is in order.
I did not get a clear canopy cover with mine, so I cut one out of a green Sprite bottle. Fit is pretty good, and the green is a real eye catcher.

Lemme know whatchya think.
Nov 19, 2002, 06:30 PM
#3 - Combat Intimidator
Roger-Roger's Avatar
Lance, next time I have a digital camera here I'll take a picture of my configuration. I'm not sure if you are going to be able to balance out your a/c with a 2X4 stick pack of the HeCells without balast in the tail. My fuse servos are much farther back and it still requires the 8 cell pack to go all of the way aft touching the servos to get the CG right. I did not epoxy the horizontal mounting members for the servos. I built a small assy that can be slid fore and aft that holds the servos in place. You can not see the receiver at all as it is way under the access hole. The support structure for the elev and rud pushrod tubes are about 3/4 of an inch aft of the access hole. Up front I have the terminal version of the Mega motor and I have cut the speed control wires to less than 1/4 inch so the TMM 18 +3 is nearly soldered directly to the motor and is up against the fuse side.

I could not fly today, went down to the field and launched an old faithful high wing loaded a/c and had my hands full flying safely in the Santa-ana winds. The gusts must have been in the high 20's to low 30 mph. It seemed way too windy for Navaho flight #2. More later after I get a few flights in. - Roger
Nov 20, 2002, 07:38 PM
I hole jumped him!!!
Lance's Avatar

Flew the navajo on the mega 1615/3 just now

Straight from work to daycare to pick up my son, then straight home to throw some gear in the car, and off we went to the flying field.

It was about 30min till sunset, and it was just about dead calm...not much of a breeze even. It was pretty chilly though, but I ran the batteries warm off the charger and they seemed to work well. I ran my two 7cell HE1100 packs.

Yes, it was a bit nose heavy. I'm not sure how much it'll take to balance it, but I'll bet not more than a few grams on the rear stab. I'll balance it later tonight. I was in a hurry and so just crammed my packs in and flew "as it was". One small benefit is that I've got 3" of wire from my esc to the motor, and the esc sits back against the servos as well.

Awesome power. Climb rate was easily 45degrees or better, with about 60' or more of pure vert just after hand toss. In about 20 seconds it was a few hundred feet up there...not spec height, but way way up there. I could dive it down, pull out, do a loop...another loops, and then a couple of rolls...then throttle on and climb again.

First flight I was up there about 15 minutes...and this with absolutely no breeze. It was cold, and I brought it in with a little battery left because my fingers were getting stiff from the cold.
I flew one more pack (also 7 cell) and got a little video of it. My son couldn't operate the video camera (he's 3) so I just set it on a wooden spool at the flight line and stood out in the field. Most of the video has the navajo out of the frame, but there's a few good shots. I"ll try to get it captured to .mpeg and see if someone will put it on a site for me. At the end of the video I flare it just in front of me and catch it by the rear boom as it's gliding over me. Pretty neato I though. I usually catch it by the wing tip.

Hey Roger, fix me up with one of those cool Sky scooters. !
Nov 20, 2002, 08:42 PM
#3 - Combat Intimidator
Roger-Roger's Avatar

Another day with too much wind

Lance, it is great to hear the Navaho is working so well. I'm very excited to fly my Navaho again but the wind was again too strong. Less than yesterday but still strong enough to scare me away on a new plane I don't have a good feel for yet. I did fly two of my Scooters. Sold one last week to a friend at work. I flat out love the way these planes fly with all of the modifications. Last weekend I had my Mega 5T and Kontronik Fun-400-23 Scooter with me and a guy walked up to me before seeing them fly and asked "Why would anybody want two Sky Scooters?" Before he left he had a complete list of the configurations and was going to build one of his own.

With the very warm temps (88 degrees today, 95 yesterday) and moderate winds I was actually able to thermal up my lighter Scooter on 8 HeCells. I must have got a segment of at least 5-6 minutes with the motor off! Had I brought the Scooter to the slope lift a couple more miles to the east I probably could have flown all afternoon on one pack. BTW I was incorrect about the wind speeds on yesterday's post. The local news mentioned inland east county San Diego had gusts up to 45MPH! I'll be going out tomorrow with several buddies after work and with the Santa-Ana winds weakening tomorrow I should get her some flight time. During the 'make a deal day' I actually got two Navaho's one was for a friend. His is not built yet but I'll post any extra info from his experiences once complete. He is also an Aero-Engr and incorporates good thought into his work.

I actually got this plane to introduce myself to sailplanes and thermaling before I build my Omega 1.8. I've got to get used to using flaps and spoilers before I feel comfortable at my landing zone with a plane that can glide forever. I just built up a another Scooter with dual aileron servos and will play around with it with flaps/spoilers on the left stick on one model memory and regular throttle and 3 flap settings on the other.

If you want all the info on getting an ultimate Scooter shoot me a PM. - Roger
Nov 26, 2002, 05:27 PM
I hole jumped him!!!
Lance's Avatar

More Navajo fun

I flew my Navajo for most of the day last Saturday. It was yet another unseasonably nice warm calm day...very unusual for these parts up here.

I had planned on flying my Smart, but it seems that the channel 1 trim lever died, and I could not get the ailerons to trim (hitec focus 4 radio) rather than fuss with adjusting rods and clevisis I just flew the navajo almost all day.

Same setup, 1615/4 direct on a 7.5x5 graupner folder and 7 HEcells. Climb is fantastic, speed is pretty good. Hell, I fly it like a little mini-warmliner most of the time. The wing doesn't have much in the way of dihidral, and that little navajo will *roll* with a little speed. It'll stall and nose over, or I can just bank it, get it to flik around almost 180 and still not lose but a few feet of altitude. I flew it around 20 minutes a couple of flights, with most lasting 12~15 minutes of goofing around climbing again (5 seconds of motor run gets it up a few hundred feet it seems).

I'm going to look into reconfiguring my HEpacks to make them a bit shorter, so I can fit an 8cell pack in the canopy. Right now my 7cell is as long as I can fit in there. with a short 8cell pack I may be able to fit a planetary box in there and try spinning a 10 or 11" prop.

I'll keep ya posted.
Nov 26, 2002, 06:11 PM
#3 - Combat Intimidator
Roger-Roger's Avatar

Flights on Mega 4T, 8He, 6X3 Navaho

Lance, I got in a bunch of flights yesterday on my Navaho. I was unable to fly during the weekend due to a wedding engagement. Most flights were about 23-25 minutes but I was not trying to max out on the duration. My field tends to have a little up lift during most occasions. The climb out requires a little down elevator to maintain the best climb to altitude time. If I let it go with out adding the slight down elevator the plane will get too steep and slow way down. I've started to experiment with different flap settings with programmed in down elevator to assist on climb out. I can't seem to find a use for the spoilers, this plane can bleed off speed quickly if desired and I've found a quick dash down followed by a hard crabbing turn to flair-out serves me well. I've not fully dialed in the best flap settings yet. With lots of flap the plane gets a little twitchy. I need to keep working on the 2 extra flap settings for possible loitering in tight thermals, landing or climb out. I did break loose the small balsa piece that the rudder horn attaches to. I would recommend adding some structure there. I think I also need to go up on prop diameter a 6X3 Graupner is not enough.

Can you please tell me what the static elevator trim looks like? Mine for flat and level power off with ailerons streamlined is about 1/16 TE down. I think I also need to re-set my thrust angle a little more down.

My friend is currently in the building process of his Navaho, I'll report back any other observations. - Roger
Jan 16, 2003, 11:20 PM
Registered User
This thread inspired me so I orderd a Navajo today. NESailplane has them on sale.

Are you all continuing to enjoy your Navajos? I upgraded the motor to a brushless with NiMH batt.
Jan 17, 2003, 09:58 PM
#3 - Combat Intimidator
Roger-Roger's Avatar


rmartin: I still really enjoy the Navaho. Since the last post I have changed the power system to a Mega 5T, TMM 18 +, Graupner 7.5 X 4 Folder, 30mm Aluminum Spinner and 1100 Nimh. After cutting the motor mount off twice I finally got the thrust angle where it flies the way I wanted. This sail plane needs a lot more down thrust than I had originally projected. I also added a wire skid to keep the tail up a little more off the ground on landing (highly recommended). Flights are now 30-40 minutes without any significant thermals. I'm still working out the best flap and spoiler settings but neither are needed for flight or landing. This plane is very stable and super easy to fly. During build do all you can to get the components as far back as possible so you can get the CG right with a 4X2 stick pack of 2/3A cells. I would buy one again if this one flew away. The size is great for transport, even with the wing on. Overall I'm very happy with it, the blue color though can get real hard to see at times. I can't understand why a factory would cover a plane in deep sky blue solar film.
Jan 17, 2003, 10:36 PM
Registered User
Thanks for your reply. I think my plane will be yellow if it is like their advertisement, although your blue sure looks good in the photo. Perhaps you could recover the underside of the wings.

This is the power system I ordered with my Navajo:

Mini Axi 1215/16 motor with 6-1 inline reduction drive, TMM 18 electronic speed control, 8 x 6 prop system with hub, adapter and spinner, 8-cell 720 mah NiMhd battery pack, and connectors.

I debated between this plane the MiniFlo, or Wendy. Your comments steered me toward the Navajo. I'll let you know when we get the kit as we may have some additional questions.

Our other NESailplanes include the Huron(not yet assembled), Sandy, and the XL3200(man, what a plane). We also fly an electrified Spirit 100. Thanks, Russ
Jan 23, 2003, 08:24 AM
Registered User
I appreciated your comments on the flying characteristics of this plane but did not see muchh conversation regarding its thermaling qualities. How well does it behave in those elusive thermals?

Just received mine from NES

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