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Aug 08, 2007, 01:12 AM
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How to program my dx7 to fly blade cx2?

I would like to use my dx7 transmitter to fly my eflight blade cx2 helicopter. Anybody know how to do this? Main problem is getting the motors to turn. What channel(s) are they operated from? Seems like it should be possible. Thanks!
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Aug 08, 2007, 02:13 AM
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This should help. There is also instructions on Horizon hobbies web page.
Aug 08, 2007, 03:08 AM
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And here's another how-to. I found the aileron channel was incorrect (I had to toggle it on the channel selector) but otherwise this got me flying.

I would mention that I also pushed my servo throws out to %125 to make it more responsive, including my throttle. I have found that the stock radio that comes with the CX2 is set aggressively. The first time I flew the CX2 with the Dx7 I felt like I'd taken a valium, it was way too soft in response. Pushed out the servo travel percent and it got a lot more twitchy.

While this is good for cyclic (aileron and elevator), in regards to throttle, while it seemed to make the bird quicker in throttle response, I think this brings on full throttle condition a bit too early, and the bird tends to spend too much time in the red on the 4in1 indicating full throttle. I haven't compared this to the LP5DSM radio yet, maybe I just didn't notice it when I had the stockie.

Anyway, the Dx7 is a blast, I set a countdown for battery warning and got some dual-rate going to flatten out mid-stick response. I am still working on setting the dx7 up for a heli instead of acro model (this is the basic setup), which would also allow throttle curves, which might sort my high throttle problem. The heli mode doesn't let my bird arm...must investigate!
Aug 25, 2007, 02:54 PM
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Thanks guys. I had wanted to do this so I could mix the cyclic servos to work together in pitch and roll. As stock my blade would never go strait with forward stick. Its because the servos are not positioned correctly for a 2 servo set up. Now, if you use a delta mix, in addition to the above set up, both servos work together. Now the heli flies strait, and is more responsive. Still great for indoors though. I could not get my heli to arm using a heli mix either. I dunno, but the acro set up is working great. Stupid dx7 is a pain to get the mixes working correctly though. There is no provision to revers a mix, in the mix function menue. The only way is to switch servo plugs on the rec, and use servo reverse switches. Its a major flaw in the dx7 functionality, but oh well. Anyway, my cx2 is now a real hotrod, and much more fun.
Sep 23, 2007, 10:13 AM
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I'm trying to figure out this setup - I have an E-Sky Happy Baby (another coaxial bird) which I basically rebuilt into a Blade CX2. I've got the 4in1, main frame assembly, and swashplate - everything else is stock E-Sky stuff (which is almost a drop in fit - even the blades look like they'll mount properly). The servos are taped on in approximately the correct location for the CX2.

The question I have is with the swashplate. I'm not new to helis, but the geometry, to me, is really wrong - especially since all of the other posts and setup guides mentioned above for using the DX7 don't mention anything about mixing aileron and elevator (delta mix). The only mention of that (unless I missed it) is topforce's post above.

The Happy Baby swash was also setup 90* so that aileron really only moved the swash left and right, and the elevator back and forth, but the anti-rotation pin was directly opposite of the CX2 one and the swash itself was turned 45* relative to the CX2 one. I don't see how that works with the CX2 anti-rotation pin in the middle of the arms, aligned straight back. Is there something I'm missing about the servo to swash setup?

I've got this setup almost working with the delta mix, but I've had to stop due to battery issues. I'll try to pick a e-flite battery up so I can continue with this.

For the record, I'm not using the DX7, either, but rather a Multiplex Evo with a Spektrum module.

Thanks for any help,
Neil Lumagui
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