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Aug 07, 2007, 09:48 PM
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Discussion Author of the Week - dawnron1!

Ronnie Pope aka dawnron1 is one of the nicest people on the planet. He lives in Texas (near Fort Worth) and so I already have a soft spot for him.

He's the guy at Verizon who routes your DSL repair calls but who would love to be an actor (he played "Man with Limp" in his drama teacher sister's version of Arsenic and Old Lace). He's a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, a golf fiend and movie buff. He's married with a stepdaughter and a 3 year old grandkiddo and when he's not flying, he does things like bike and dance (hopefully not at the same time though I tried to get him to send me a video of the dancing with no luck).

Ronnie is a spectacular amateur photographer who is starting a to get a few published photos, including some covers, in some RC magazines! Visit his blog to see a list of Ronnie's reviews here on RCG and some of his fantastic photographs!

His fellow RCGroups authors are the interviewers here.

Do you have a favorite type or style of plane that you like to fly? I'd say sport planes are my favorite, followed by slow flyers (my buddy pda4you recently gave me a beautiful Herr Mini Sport that he'd built, AUW is around 12oz and it slows to a crawl, I love it!).

What was your first RC plane? My very first plane was an Aerobird Challenger RTF. Flew it twice, er, sort of (landed in a mesquite tree 10 feet up), sold it and bought a Slow Stick.

What is your favorite RC airplane ever? Man, that's tough. I guess I'd say the Multiplex Acro Master (R.I.P.). It was just a wonderful flier, no bad habits at all.

What is your current must-bring airplane? Probably my Lightflite Bug only because it's a go anywhere plane (I hang it from the coat hook in my car), and people always ask "what the heck is that dang thing?"

How long have you been reviewing? How many reviews have you done? I guess almost 2 years now, and I think I'm at around 8-10 reviews.

What skill are you working on improving these days? I'm really trying to get better at aerobatics like knife edge, blenders, flat spins, waterfalls, etc. I just need to learn to recover quicker.

What would be in your suitcase (you only get one) if you were sent to a beautiful tropical island to live by yourself for one year?We just tried it, and my wife could BARELY fit in our largest suitcase but was unable to breathe, so I guess my camera.

Foam or balsa? I like foamies for their ease of repair, but a balsa a covered plane just has a special beauty for me.

Tell us something about yourself that no one on RCGroups knows. I guess that I like to country and western dance! It's how my wife and I met.

What is your favorite, everyday radio system? If you had big bucks, what radio system would you buy? I absolutely love my DX7, so I would probably buy the top o' the line Spektrum 12 channel when it comes out!

Not including police blotters & post office Most Wanted lists, what was your first time to have your name/picture published in association with RC? The cover shots on the June and October issues of Flying Models are what I'm most proud of.

From Ronnie's flying buddy Mike: Why do you giggle like a little girl when we fly the MiniSports all at the same time? OK bad question I guess we all do! I do giggle the loudest though!

What 3 full scale aircraft and 2 cars would you own if money wasnt and option? As for planes, a Piper Cub, Pitts Biplane and a Supermarine Spitfire. As for cars, a Saleen S7 and a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

What's your dream RC aircraft if you don't currently own it? I'd like to own a 60-size Dragon Lady and convert it to brushless. It is a wonderful flier and looks great in the air!

What were you in high school? geek? jock? hot guy? something else? I played on the golf team, but I had friends in band as well as sports, so I wasn't really a jock or geek, more of a 'jeek'? As far as looks I was pretty average.

The food you can't live without is: Like Jeff (Tram), I gotta have BBQ!

What camera or plane have you wanted the most for the longest time? A Canon 30D! And that new Hangar 9 B-25 looks pretty sweet!

How did you get involved in product reviewing? My friend and fellow author Wendell (gwh) asked me to co-review a book with him. I was fairly new to the hobby and wrote the 'newbie' portion of the review.

Who is your all time favorite musical artist? That would be the Canadian power trio Rush!

What size shoe do you wear? 13D

What is your favorite RC retailer or place to buy your goodies? That would be Roy's Hobby Shop in Hurst, TX.

Do you have to make time for your hobby? Or does other stuff have to make way for your hobby? Definitely have to make time.

RC - way of life or just another hobby? Not necessarily a way of life, but it's a big part of my life.
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Aug 08, 2007, 10:39 AM
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Ronnie is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet..! WAY TO GO RONDO..!!!

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