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Nov 17, 2002, 12:45 AM
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Covering ideas for the Micro Cub

Hello all,

I am building the House of Balsa Micro Cub. Let me first say that this kit is pretty amazing! I have the wing together on my board and the pieces fit so perfectly that you probably could cover it without using any glue! Just an amazing kit! Anyway, after I finish the building phase I am going to cover it with something that I've used before, such as Solarfilm Lite or something better that hopefully some of you will recommend. I think the Solarfilm Lite is OK but it can be a pain getting it to stick since the iron temp has to be perfect. I would like to know about Oracover from some who have used both Solarfilm Lite and Oracover. I thought
I had read that Oracover sticks to the wood before you iron it on so it is easy to position before ironing. Also, as a side note, any thoughts of the power source for this plane? I will probably buy the Astro Flight 010 Brushless with direct drive... is this correct or should I go with gear reduction? Thanks to all in advance.. great bunch of people here!

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Nov 17, 2002, 01:18 AM
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Get the direct drive. A cheaper alternative to the 010 is a Speed 300 direct drive.

Personally I'd use the litefilm as its lighter, and the temperature isn't that critical as long as you put it on low roughly.

Nov 17, 2002, 02:49 AM
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Covering and motor

I didn't build the Micro Electric Cub but have built the House of Balsa 52" Electric Cub (K-70) and I used Oracover Lite in Cub Yellow. Attached is a picture of the finished product. I think any of the Oracover Lite films would work great and is where I get them. I've used a few different coverings (not Solite yet) and I always go back to the Oracover.

On the motor. If at all possible go with the recommended direct drive Asto 010. The plane is built around it and although you could stick something else in it you will miss out on a lot of flying duration and power that's delivered by the brushless setup. I use the Astro 010 and I also tried a Speed 400 in my Cub. I won't go back to the brushed setup. I think you can get the 010 with speed control and a prop for $115 or maybe a little less if you look around. Tower sells it in this combo for ~$120.

- Bill
Nov 17, 2002, 04:34 AM
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congrats... J-3's will always have a soft spot in my heart

I agree w/ Bill.. Go with the recomended motor.. Not saying that Paul is wrong, but I tried running my Micro Cub w/ 300 upgrade to 400, it flew like a tard , until I flew her w/ 010, she grooved

Never wrote about my Micro, but for sure one of these days, I will have picture gallore of all my Cubs

Good luck on your maiden..

Nov 17, 2002, 06:56 PM
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You do bring up a good point and I should have clarified my answer better. The 010 is the prime motor to use, the Speed 300 will give a tad less power and much less duration, though much cheaper for some of us that are on tight budgets.

I never flew my micro Cub on the 300, but based on my experience flying the 010 and 300 in my Zipper 010 (designed to use either one) I couldn't tell much difference between the two in power, though duration was noticeably down. (I have the Zipper propped a lot different than the HOB Micro Cub)

Basically what we're all trying to say is go with the little 010 unless your budget just absolutly won't allow it.


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