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Apr 24, 2011, 06:21 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Happy Easter Bunny!

We sail Thursday with pre-meeting at 9:30 Holiday Inn.

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Apr 25, 2011, 12:51 AM
Taking care of the pond.
I showed my nephew the picture's of the broken shaft.
He said it looks like cast aluminum, and that you need a live center on the tell stock.
Apr 25, 2011, 12:57 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Live Center


Being a novice at machining and lathe work I really appreciate the comments. The broken aluminum rod and piece looked to have a powder core and it being cast makes a lot of sense to me.

I have been trying to read up on parting and think I was using too high an rpm 500-1000 instead of in the 200 range. Ed was right in the picture it showed a bit that would be used for cutting threads, but I was just using it for marking divisions on the layout. I have a parting tool but it may not have been centered perfectly on the cross slide. It was riding up and was probably putting too much pressure on the cast aluminum.

I think my next purchase will be for a quick change post and bits for it. The bottom line is I'll try again. Thanks for chiming in on the problem. Nothing like defeat to make you want to dig in even more.

Apr 25, 2011, 10:48 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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lathe work

Okay I rescued the parts I cut yesterday and finished up making some 10mm carbon fiber tube mast feet.

I used the band saw to cut the pieces instead of trying to part them on the lathe that seamed to work better for me.

Okay that project is done.

Apr 26, 2011, 12:44 AM
Taking care of the pond.
They look great...
Apr 26, 2011, 03:27 AM
Age quod agis
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Excellent work!
Apr 26, 2011, 11:02 AM
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Nice work on the mast foot. I enjoy making parts on my small lathe. I would like to have a milling machine some day.

Apr 28, 2011, 08:03 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report April 28, 2011

Yo Commodores!

It feels like forever since we sailed. This is our first Thursday sail in a while. This morning Bill and Richard were at the Holiday Inn first. Rick and Tim joined us for the Happy Meal. Although Bill said he searched the menu and couldn't find an item "Happy Meal".

They had already started setting up 8' fencing around the pond in preparation for the Reinsurance Fair this weekend. But it didn't affect our sailing. The city park ranger stopped by and apologized for the water being too high. Both our normal marks were under water and we were guessing where to turn.

Something else the ranger said was "at one time the golf course club house stood where we sail". Who knew.

We had Bud show up toward the end of the day and chatted for a while. He had his MG and was anxious to get up on mountain roads on his day off. He said his Vic was coming right along.

Richard had made a new stand for his Cj boat, he had some pictures posted on Facebook.

Richard had a problem with his rx it wouldn't respond. The solution was just to rebind it. I would later have a problem with mine, maybe it was something in the air. My ODOM was acting too any time I would pull the sheet in in heavy air it would hook a port tack. That got exciting a few times. I think I'll pull the sail servo and go over it and maybe replace it.

We had good wind and many times I got my Vic booms wet. The temperature got up to 81. The after noon was perfect and I think we were taking turns nodding off sailing. I think all the Richards at one time or another rested their boats on the bank oops...

I hope this change to Thursday sailing hasn't caused anyone grief. This Sunday the Fair, next Sunday the fishing Derby. So I'll see ya at the pond next Thursday. Then maybe we can back to Sunday sailing depending on the input I get.

Richard bought a DVD on how to deck a boat. Tim got in some parts he had been waiting for. Rick told us he remains number 1 on the list for an ODOM mast. He would be on first name basis with the help desk for ODOM but they don't give names just dates like he has heard many time "two weeks expect a mast". Hope that gets fixed soon I like the ODOM to sail.

I guess I should propose the COA consider adopting a straight 10mm carbon tube to replace the golf club shaft they have used for years. They could grand father in the folks that have the old mast. I'm sure all the racers would go with a 10mm mast any day.

Charge up your batteries and we will see ya at the pond.

Oh, tomorrow is the Royal Wedding. Tim said something about a viewing party. I might have consider it but I have to refill my water glass tomorrow.

Apr 29, 2011, 12:19 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Cool pictures.
Thank You
Apr 29, 2011, 01:24 AM
Age quod agis
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Looks like a beautiful day in a nice relaxing park. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. Great pictures too. Very crisp, clear colors and detail in the pics.

Thumbs up all around!

Parking the Vic. Yeah that's it, parking the Vic.
Apr 29, 2011, 06:44 PM
Registered User

Found this thread by accident, but have enjoyed it greatly. I'm an airplane guy who's only experience with R/C sailing happened there at Plaza park. I don't recall who allowed me to sail their small (24"??) model but I did OK (kept up ) and had a blast. This was 6-8 years ago.

"Something else the ranger said was "at one time the golf course club house stood where we sail". Who knew."

It is my understanding that the grandstand site at Plaza race track is actually left over from a gun emplacment berm when Visalia airport was a WWII training base for USAAF P-61's. The road that divides the ball fields from the airport used to be the main taxi way.

I lived in Visalia for 26 years and then two more in Tulare. Moved to Ft. Bragg CA in 2009. Kept my airplane at Visalia Municpal till I sold it. It was the oldest aircraft there for quite some time (1938 Aeronca).

I don't miss the Summer heat, but do miss the people! Great bunch of guys, I recall, sailing at Plaza. Btw,I have flown R/c models and used to sail a bit (El Torro, etc.) when I was younger.

My Areonca landing along the St. John's River, directly North of Plaza Park. Please forgive my blatant promotion of my favorite "baby picture".
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Apr 29, 2011, 11:34 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Yo Packardpursuit

Thanks for the note:

Most of our guys will try and hand off the transmitter to a walk up that shows some interest or stops walking for that matter. We are glad that you got to sail with us. It was most likely a 30" boat a Victoria Thunder Tiger sailboat you tried. In any event I'm glad you had a blast. You are always welcome to stop in and join us again next time your in the neighbor hood.

Looks like we are going out to a private pond Sunday, Commodore Don's, to sail because of the Renaissance Faire taking over the park.

We have a few full scale pilots in the club. One of our new members Matt is off in a flying his fire fighting bomber for the summer. Gus has flown for many years and has had a bunch of planes. You might enjoy meeting up with them.

I sure like the Ft Bragg area, nice place to relocate. Many of our guys have flow r/c planes, and done the Rc car thing. Some have recently gotten into Rock Crawlers.

R/C sailing speaks to us and that is where are heart is. On you tube check out videos from Fairwind9.

Thanks for the nice note and the great picture of your baby Aeronca.

Apr 30, 2011, 09:13 AM
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There's always the "Goshen Ocean"! Have fun.
May 01, 2011, 09:53 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC North Pond Report May 1, 2011

Yo Commodores!

We traveled today to the Sierra MYC North pond. Commodore Don invited us to sail on his cat fish pond as the Plaza Park Pond was over taken with Reinsurance faire folk and the parking would have at least been difficult.

So I loaded up 3 boats and headed North. Tim had beat me to Dons by probably a half hour and most of the heavy lifting was done when I got there. We setup some chairs, took out some boats and commenced to sail. Carl and his wife came along, Don's mom and sister were there and a couple more friends came to round out the group.

Don sailed his Voyager I with ODOM sails and aluminum mast. Tim had his brand new Voyager II with carbon mast and ODOM sails. I sailed my Yellow ODOM for the first time, thanks commodore Ron!!!

The winds came in from the far side of the pond and it felt great sitting under the trees and enjoying the sound of the water fall/feature.

Tim had a problem with his Voyager II, the keel box cracked. He must have taken building lessons from Commodore Gus. (Gus had the same problem). He brought out his back up Vic and commenced sailing again.

We had a great time sailing the winds, and hunting them around the cotton wood trees. Don said something about sailing behind the water feature, I had to try it. No problem, if you don't worry about not seeing your boat for a bit.

Hot Dogs, Chili, chips, potato salad were all provided and let me say they were great!!! You have to try Dons Chili. Thanks again Don! Thanks Carl for the potato salad.

Don's birthday is in July and he showed us his new pre-birthday gift a rock crawler. That was a blast. He had some rocks to crawl next to the pond and we all got a chance to scratch his paint job.

At the end of the day we got to see the Cat fish start to stir as Don tossed out some food for them. Glad we weren't sailing our footies!

Next sail will be Thursday at Plaza Park, breakfast meeting 9:30.

You missed a great day at Commodore Don's.

Charge up your batteries and we will see ya at the pond.

May 01, 2011, 11:06 PM
Taking care of the pond.
Great report, and pictures.
It was a good day at the pond.
Rick did make it around the island, but I helped.
I yelled starboard.

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