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Mar 17, 2019, 06:53 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report March 17, 2019


The weather was perfect today. Bill and I had Victoria's out on the pond today. And had some informal races in which Bill decided to sail first all day long. Sniff Sniff.

I brought my boat in for tuning several times but Bill just kept on sailing first. Bill had an issue with a sheet getting messed up near the servo arm. Other than that it was just the hissing Muscovy that got near to him or his boat.

I decided that Bill needed Dennis's Blue J36. I hadn't finished rigging it so it would accept a Victoria mast and sails yet but finished that up when I got home tonight.

Can't wait to see how his J36 goes with his Victoria mast and sails.

Here are some photos from today:
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Mar 24, 2019, 06:39 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2019 03 24


I packed up the Suburban today with Dennis' J36, Luckys' Voyager, My ODOM, Fairwind and Vic. I left a bit early so I could make a quick stop at the car wash with my Suburban. It has been relegated to parking outside and looked it. Bill had asked me if I mended the soil on my hood last week, so I figured it was time to irrigate at least.

At 9:30 am Bill and I headed over to breakfast. After we were joined at the pond by Dave. As you may recall a while back our friend Dennis had given the club some boats. Today I handed the J36, Dennis's boat over to Bill and Lucky's boat a Voyager over to Dave. They were both very happy and I look forward to snapping photos of them out on the water.

Our friend Matt and his daughter showed up a bit later with Rob's old Fairwind. It was good to see all again. I snapped some shots of the Fairwind. Matt used a fishing pole and line for his remote control. Something about a hangar accident and a crushed transmitter. He was glad to get it on the water again.

The weather was kind to us today and we enjoyed being out in the sun.

Here are some photo's from the day:
Apr 01, 2019, 06:31 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2019 03 31


They were saying we could have high winds 7-8mph gust. I went to the pond prepared with ODOM, J36, and my racing Vic. Bill had brought his ODOM too so that was fun. Dave had his Vic, and Matt brought a Fairwind with a 3" crack on the deck/hull seam. I let Matt sail my J36.

Dave said he was looking at getting Lucky's Voyager I going. He had run into an issue with the rudder servo arm hitting the hatch cover. We had fun trying to think of different ways he could fix the issue.

It was a nice day at the pond and the temperatures probably hit the lower 70's with periods of wind in the 5-6 range.

We had a couple of folks walk up asking about boats. What they cost, where to get them... We point them to the local hobby store Visalia Hobbies and tell them to ask for a Victoria as a first boat.

The day ended around 2pm or so. I packed up Matt's Fairwind to bring home for repair. It is on the shop bench now.

I chatted with Rob later Sunday and he said he almost made it out. As the weather improves I expect to see more boats back out on the water. Dust em off and charge up your batteries...

Here are some photos from the day:
Apr 02, 2019, 11:15 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Thread OP
Looks like a nice day.
Jun 02, 2019, 09:18 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2019 06 02


It has been a while. We sailed today at Plaza Park Pond. We have been sailing often but I haven't been posting here. My bad.

Bill, Dave, Rob and I sailed today. We had Victoria's because it was the first of the month and besides that, we like the boats.

We had four Vics on the water and later Rob added his scratch built Orco with its new mast and sails.

We had a couple of walk-ups that sailed with us. We had heard that Tim was planning on sailing but a family party came up. Next time Tim.

Here are some photos I snapped today while sailing.
Aug 30, 2019, 12:36 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report August

Mr Manny came up to sail with us Sunday bringing an ODOM and RG65 Mantis 17. Rob had spoken up for the ODOM and Manny gifted it to him. Very nice Manny, very nice! It was good to sit and chat with Manny and get caught up. Manny, Rob, Bill and I rounded out the sailors today. On the water Sunday we had Footy's, 3 Rg65's, Orco, and a J36. Bill is still working getting his J36 balanced but the Vic sails looked good on it. Rob had his footy Sneaker that sailed well. Here are some photos from the day.
Sep 02, 2019, 01:52 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2019 09 01

Sierra MYC Pond Report 2019 09 01

I packed my Honda for the pond today with Three Vics and an RG65 DF. Walked over Wyndham for breakfast with Bill and Rob met us at the pond after. Rob was setting up his new ODOM from Manny and his upgraded Orco with 5 control servos. Bill sailed his Vic and we had some informal races.

Our summer heat usually starts dropping off mid-September and we are ready. The pond level was down but for the most part, we didn't have any trouble once away from the bank.

We talked about diminishing returns in the value of multiple servos to tune your boat as it sails. There are things you can do with computer radios to alter one servo position based on another and that might would help. We also talked about adding computers on boats to help with servo management.

In the meantime, we enjoyed the day and our chance to be out on the water.
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Oct 03, 2019, 12:07 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sailing on Plaza Park Pond

My friend Don Miller started this group Sailing on Plaza Pond for our club the Sierra MYC. I'm sad to report that Don Miller passed away this month and he will be missed.

Don had his private pond next to his house but would still load up boats and drive 37 Miles to sail with his friends here in Visalia CA at Plaza Park Pond.

I'm glad we got to spend time with our friend Don Sailing on Plaza Pond.

Oct 03, 2019, 02:36 PM
Modeler/ Historian
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Very sorry for your loss.
Oct 15, 2019, 12:47 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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in the shop

Time to paint the J36. It has spent most of its time in a Primer Gray. I've been sailing this boat for a while and have it balanced with a Victoria Thundertiger mast and booms. Here it is now after trying Sunburst Yellow, and Blue the boat ended up Hunter Green. The paint has cured and I added a black pinstripe to it yesterday. It should be on the water Sunday.

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