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Mar 11, 2018, 10:33 PM
Taking care of the pond.
Great pictures.
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Mar 18, 2018, 06:49 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 03 18

First off it isn't all my fault and besides yesterday was St Paddy's.

So I have that going for me and Bill and Rick showed up for breakfast.

Not sure what went on at the hotel but the night before, but they seemed to be recovering too. Well... not the little girl, that didn't want to stop crying, at the other table but you know other than those things.

After I found my way around the big Blueberries in my plain pancakes we made to the pond. TADA!

Rick had his Canterbury J. Brad and Christopher happily sailed their RG65 DF. Boats were set up and we had a table of happy campers setting up boats. Dave showed up with a Vic and something about deciding to put the keel on the bottom of his new boat but you kind of had to be there.

We had stories being swapped and boats going in and out of the water. It was fun watching 6 different boats on the pond.

I sent out a Victoria with Christopher and sailed Plumb Crazy a Fairwind. Bill had a Vic, Dave had a Vic and Rick had his pretty Canterbury.

Mike Keller came out and sailed for a bit. He could get hooked.

A boat followed me home but it wasn't my fault either.

Maybe it will warm up next week.

Here are some photos:
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Mar 18, 2018, 08:22 PM
Taking care of the pond.
Love that Canterbury J.
Mar 18, 2018, 10:15 PM
Modeler/ Historian
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CJ’s are elegant sailboats. Love the pics!
Mar 25, 2018, 03:34 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 03 25

Yo Commodores!

It was sail day. Bill and I made it over for our Happy Meal. During the meal, we solved all the world problems. So rest easy folks.

Back over at the pond, we found John with his new thrift store find a Fairwind. Johns had added an eyelet to the clew since I talked to him on the phone Friday. We used some string to batten down the cabin and put it in the water. It did well for the first sail. The sail transmitter winch was reversed a simple fix. The wind was pretty strong for the Fairwind and it seemed a bit light. Maybe another pound of ballast might fix it.

Brad was there with Christopher and Jeffery up from San Diego. They were enjoying the RG65 which does well in strong wind.
The RG65 started to lose radio control, but a new battery pack fixed the problem.

Bill had an ODOM and I brought out one too. They are suited for stronger wind. And we had a fun time sailing.

That Phantom that followed me home last week decided it wanted to go with Christopher. Brad said okay and Christopher seemed happy. It will be fun to see it progresses with them. Christopher loaded the boat into the back of their SUV.

Everyone was turning into a popsicle and one by one packed in it. Bill and I made several runs around the course with our ODOMS in the good air. The boats were going bow down and scooting. It was fun coming around the mark and trying not to get headered. I'm not sure I found the right setup for my boat but I was happily watching it sail.

John said he purchased a Victoria along with the Fairwind. I told him I might have a buyer for his Vic. I'll let you know if I hear anymore.
Apr 15, 2018, 11:28 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 04 15

Yo Commodores,

As we pulled up to the pond this morning Brad and Christopher were already getting their boats wet. So I skipped the happy meal and joined them sailing. It was fun watching the guys getting their new Phantom setup. Brad told me he had added lead bbs to the keel bulb and he purchased a new RX/TX for it at our local Hobby store on Mooney Ave, Visalia Hobbies.

I started off by bringing out the Tugboat. I wanted to see how it did after working on it in the shop yesterday. Everything seemed to be working well, but my water canon still has an issue.

Tim showed up next with his Victoria and a Blue Bird. A couple months ago at the pond, we had shared a story about growing up with a pet parakeet that had vicious tendencies. Tim figured I needed a bird for my transmitter antenna and ran out and bought me one. Thanks, Tim!

I think Eric showed up next. He is one of Christopher's teachers and enjoys sailing. It was nice to meet him. I suggest he get a Victoria to start. He looked very interested.

Bill came out and told us about a Cowboy wedding he went to and set up his Victoria.

John came out next and had his newly purchased Fairwind. He is still getting it dialed in. Tim jumped in and made suggestions on things John might try. Nice job Tim!

I almost set up my Vic but discovered someone (me) had loaded the wrong sail rig for that Vic. So I set up a Fairwind and enjoyed sailing it.

We had a good day!

Christopher enjoyed the TugBoat. I enjoyed the bird and the day out with friends.

I let the folks know I saw Jeff on the way home last week. He emailed and said everyone is fine and he is working 7 days a week. He said the family is fine and to say Hi to the gang. Waylon is probably going to college by now. Time flies.

See if you can spot my new bird in the photos.

Here are some photos from the day
Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 04 15 (0 min 33 sec)
Apr 29, 2018, 06:56 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 04 29

Yo Commodores!

Dark skies and wind. Was I at the right pond? The windy day would give us a chance to practice setting up the boats for stronger air.

I took out a tugboat first. I wanted to test out the new windshield wiper pump that I use to power the water cannon on the bow. It worked!

Bill and Rick Harvey were over grabbing a happy meal. Brad and Christopher showed up next. They had their DF and a Phantom they've been working on. I brought out a Dragon Force RG65.

Tim showed up next with a Fairwind. Eric came out and joined us. Eric said his new Victoria is on order at Visalia Hobby. Visalia Hobby said they had 5-6 Vics coming in the shipment, but it could take a bit as Vic's have a model change. ARF???

Bill and Rick made it back from breakfast. And setup Ricks ODOM and Bills Fairwind. Dave showed up with his Victoria. We ran the tugboat and then Christopher had a shot trying to get Tims photo. Eric did a good job sailed my DF.

The winds were good and it was fun to see different boats on the water.

It is always good hearing the chatter of the guys as we sailed.

Here are some photos from the day:
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May 09, 2018, 04:41 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 05 06

Yo Commodores!

We had talked about changing restaurants again but no one jumped up last week and said good plan let's do that. So as I'm driving to the pond I'm thinking do I drive over to Goshen and 180 to the Shell Station or head to the pond. I decided to go to the pond first. Finding no one, the plan was simple. I drove over to the Mexican restaurant near the Shell Station. There was Bill's truck.

I ordered what Bill was having a chorizo and egg burrito. Maybe it was the salsa that I had added, but the end result was muy caliente.

Back over at the pond.. We had Christopher, Dave, Brad, Eric, Koi, Jennifer, Grace, Bill and me. We had a few walkups too. Two nice ladies that dropped by after church. We tried to talk them into bringing cookies next week. We let them sail a Victoria. We will see if they show up next week.

Eric's boat hasn't come in yet but we are all anxious. Dave showed off his latest concoction a double powerboat hull that hopes to become a two master. Christopher found a rather large and mostly dead Koi fish. We tried very hard to convince him to take it home as a new faithful pet. Brad, Jennifer, and Grace didn't think the mostly dead fish would make a great pet. It did make an okay sailing mark for a bit.

I'm thinking next Sunday we will try the Shell Station again, 9:30am.

Here are some photos from the day.
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May 09, 2018, 09:48 PM
Taking care of the pond.
That fish don't look to good!
May 13, 2018, 06:03 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 05 13

Yo Commodores, and Mothers!

It's Mothers day!

Bill and I made it over to the Shell Station / Mexican restaurant again today for breakfast. Bill had an Egg/Potato Burrito and I ordered two pancakes. I must not have pronounced pancakes correctly in Spanish or the clerk was being pedantic as he said they didn't have that. I shrugged it off and order the same as Bill.

Last week here I tried what looked to be the mildest salsa something with tomatoes and cilantro. It seemed much hotter than I was used to having. So this week I added some raw white onion to tame it down. Didn't work. I went back to the nice clerk who didn't have pancakes and asked him what was in this salsa. He told me cilantro and habanero. Who knew that Red Habanero looked liked finely diced tomatoes. Mystery solved, it wasn't the onion that was making the salsa warm.

Back over at the pond Bill and I set up our RG65's and sat back to enjoy the day. I tried something new, I turned on my cell phone and created a live video using Youtube live. Try here to see my first attempt at live streaming:
Sierra MYC Pond Report LIVE 2018/0513 (2 min 57 sec)

That was kind of fun. My sister replied from Albuquerque letting me know who was winning the golf tournament.

Bill and I continued to sail and enjoyed the cool weather and rather a quiet park. Here are some photos from the day:
May 20, 2018, 08:27 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 05 20

Yo Commodores!

It is Rick Harveys birthday today. He wrote from his local restaurant that he was getting a free breakfast and that he was looking for folks to donate to the American Cancer Society for his birthday. A nice thing to do. Happy Birthday Rick!!!

Bill and I met up at El Tarasco at 1330 N Plaza Dr, Visalia. A fine Mexican eatery. I found a burrito I liked and Bill found something that looked good too. We left the really hot Habanero salsa alone today. You know what they say about three times burnt.

So it was a perfect day and we had wind. Bill had his Garth ODOM, I bought for a wind day a Victoria, Fairwind, and Footy. Ooops I should have had an ODOM too. But we adjusted the rigging and sails and had a great time out on the water. Toward the end of the day, I brought out one of my Footys onto the water. I was impressed at how well it sailed. It looked a bit funny next to the ODOM but it was fun.

It was fun sailing boats and talking to folks that came by to get a closer look at the boats. We had several walkups that tried sailing from 7 to 70 years old. You never know maybe one will come back and sail with us.

Here are some photos I snapped while sailing.
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May 27, 2018, 09:32 PM
~~~~/) ~/) Sierra MYC
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Sierra MYC Pond Report 2018 05 27

Yo Commodores!

We made it for breakfast over at El Tarasco Fresh Grill. They still didn't have pancakes. But we had a Burrito and that was good. Bill and I headed to the pond after to meet up with Dave.

Dave brought his Red/Yellow Victoria and Bill and I had Fairwinds and other boats for the day. Daves has been doing a bunch of camping up in the park. Said something about wanting to do some Brickwork in his spare time.

It was fun to fire up some boats that hadn't been on the pond in a while. I sailed one of my Fairwinds that hadn't been out in years. It took me all day before I ended up adjusting this Fairwind to looking right. I had one adjustment after the other wrong and it was a long process to get in tune. The boat has Test 505 sails and they were perfect for the day.

Bill had a Footy with him today called Boot. He bought it from Garth, and I kept looking at the boat thinking I had seen it before. I was thinking Boot was the Footy that Jeff owned. It bothered me so I looked it up in the photos online and found it was Jeff's boat and I had last taken a picture of the boat on April 5, 2009. I snapped more photos of it today. The footy sailed well today and it was great fun seeing it sail again.

The day was perfect as we sat in the shade telling stories and watching our boat sail by. We ran a couple of practice races full length. No trophy but great smiles.

Tim wrote something about moving all the furniture in the two-story house out into the garage. Something about hardwood flooring going in. That Tim always looking for an adventure. Go get em Tim.

Here are the photos from the day.

Shout out to Al, Ruthie and Sophie...
May 28, 2018, 10:07 AM
Modeler/ Historian
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It’s top of my “bucket list” to sail all the nicest venues. Y’all are on the list for sure. Someday I’ll make it your way.
May 28, 2018, 10:17 PM
Taking care of the pond.
Great pictures.
Old May 29, 2018, 05:08 AM
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