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Nov 15, 2002, 06:01 PM
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Global Avance 40 Size Pattern Plane ARF Which Brushless Motor Gearbox for Conversion?

Hi All, I just read the review on the Hobby People Gobal 40 Size ARF Pattern Plane in the January Issue of MAN. And I really like what I read. I have had my eye on this plane for a conversion ever since I saw one at the local Hobby People. Its really sharp looking and has the lines of a real pattern ship. Plus it includes mechanical retracts and a fiberglass cowl. The plane is built up balsa and foam and covered with a sharp looking iron on film, in a colorful scheme. Anyway MAN said that the AUW of the plane with a 46 glow two stroke. 5 Regular BB servos and one retract servos was only 5.5 pounds. That means to me the basic airframe is pretty darn light. Especially for an ARF. So I am looking for the best brushless motor and gearbox ratio. And ESC plus the number of cells and which type that would work best for a conversion? I would use smaller and lighter servos too cut some weight. Possibly Hitec HS 85 BB servos on each elevator half and on each aileron and one on the rudder. Or I could use Volz Micro Maxx's also. But I am looking for the power plant. The first name that popped in my mind was Hacker since I already have a B50-10L 5.2 to 1 that I am using in another ARF conversion. IF Any of you conversion guys that would have any ideas on which Hacker to use and how many cells for good vertical performance could make some suggestions they would be appreciated I am thinking that I could keep the plane below 7.5 pounds?? Here is the url for the plane with its specs,
Any Ideas would be appreciated,
Thanks Joe
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Nov 15, 2002, 11:24 PM
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Be wary of Model Airplane News, they aren't known for being objective.

There have been several conversions of the Great Planes Venus, a similar sized pattern-like airplane. Mine flies extremely well with practically unlimited vertical at just under 6lb. It uses 16 cells to feed a Mega 20/30/3, geared 3:1, 15x10 prop, about 40A static. A Mega 20/30/2 might have been a slightly more efficient choice.

Other people have converted the Venus, primarily using Hackers, which are very nice motors.

The tricks are 1) try to keep it light. It's more difficult with an ARF, but you can do things like use an Ultimate BEC ( to eliminate the receiver battery, etc. 2) Prop for as much thrust as you can get and still have a reasonable pitch speed. This is a huge advantage over glow.
Nov 16, 2002, 09:36 AM
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Prop clearance will be an issue with retracts. If you can swing a 15x10 prop go with the Hacker B50 13S geared 6.7-1 on 16 cells (the Hacker Venus setup). If you use a smaller prop go with the 5.2-1 gear ratio on the same motor.
Nov 16, 2002, 10:55 AM
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Here's a combo I've used with great success in several Forty ARFs from Hobby People:

Aveox 27/39/2 & their 9500029-00 (1000 to 540 adpater)
MEC Super Box
14 to 18 cells.

You won't find a combo that is lighter.

Go with a multi blde prop in needed.

The 1/8" shaft on the 2700's give you dozens of gear ratios vi RC Car (48 std pitch) pinions.

Got one in the FreeStyle in my avatar, a 27/26/2 in my American Flyer, also in my avatar. And in a Warbird that will be in an upcoming review.
Jan 08, 2009, 11:41 AM
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commen sense rc

I have a 46-4 motor on my plane with a 75amp esc and a 4000mah 22.2 volt battery plane weighs out 7+ pounds and it flys it with authority for 20-25 min per flight great combo. I had a clearance problem so I use 13-10 prop