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Nov 26, 2007, 11:07 AM
I think you will have much better luck with this LARGER plane Mike.

Someone PMed me a link to the review that was posted on RCU, and the guy installing the system did it on a much larger plane then what you tried to do it on Mike.

I think that was most definitely the problem with your install Mike.
You were trying to put 6 gallons of water in a 5 gallon pail.

Mike ........ you are a good guy, and I look forward to reading your 2nd review, using the LARGER Spitfire this time around!

It's gonna be a beauty I'm sure !!!

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Nov 28, 2007, 07:36 PM
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Hi Jim:
I agree that the system should work even better in my next project then it did as I set it up in my Triplane. The Spitfire will be faster and I will have the speaker or speakers forward to make them essentially neutral weight wise. The electric motors being lighter then nitro motors require ballast to ballance on the proper c?g and the speaker can fill that roll.
I think the Dr-1 would have been fine as I set it up if I hadn't messed up the battery packs. When I buy replacements in January I think it will fly fine. I think it will be even better if I mount the speaker up front in front of the firewall and in a speakerbox under the motor. That way I could remove lead I have up there and the weight would be unchanged or close to unchanged. I will post more in the future. Mike
Dec 07, 2007, 12:58 PM
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Great review, I also purchased an Aerosound system which arrived yesterday. I ordered the HV version. I tried it out on the bench, and immediately the amplifier heat was very noticable, so I install a small computer fan with heat sinks which helped alot. I also noticed that on mine the wiring between the amp and module was different then yours, and also the 50v amp manual pin out didn't concur with the actual.
pin 1 signal
pin 2 not used
pin 3 ground

I installed it shown on the pictures, and the system works fine.

here are some pics with my fan/heatsink, and the cable between the module and amp.

Dec 11, 2007, 10:57 AM
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I like your heat sink! What sound did you get? What plane is is going in? I'm working on my Spitfire and should have the review out in January. Keep sharing on your project please. Mike
Dec 11, 2007, 03:53 PM
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Thanks Mike, I got the daimler-Benz, its going in the Ty Browns giant ME-109. Should start working on it in january. I'll post updates.
Dec 12, 2007, 07:35 AM
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It looks as though the weight of the sound system inhibits the ability for the airplane to fly. When you mount the speaker behind the motor and then cover it up with the cowling I think the sound becomes muffled. This system is way way over priced for the results you get. I can hardly hear the sound over the whine of the electric motor. I have to agree with Jim.
Good luck with this product.
Dec 12, 2007, 07:59 AM
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My frying some batteries and trying to fly on less power then I had ever used with the Dr-1 is what inhibited the plane's ability to fly. My original speaker was mounted inside the fuselage and I used less then maximum power to the ampilifier. I am mounting the speaker up in front of the firewall and removing lead mounted up front that previously balanced the plane so the speaker, the heaviest component, will be weight neutral on this plane when I next fly it. I will post new video when I get it done but Christmas plays, parties and winter storms may drag that out to January. I am afraid I may have done Aerosound RC a great disservice with my review to date. I hope anyone reading this review will come back and check it out when it gets updated video. Michael Heer
Dec 12, 2007, 08:10 AM
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Thread OP
By the way, due to my battery accident I went down from a 5s2p to a 4s1p and so the weight was only about two ounces different but the amperage available was greatly reduced from those early generation Lipos. Mike
Dec 12, 2007, 03:38 PM
I had a go at this aerosound lark with my Electric Hanger9 P47. 62" span it went from 8lb to 9lb witht the sound gear but flight performance was unaffected. I used the aerosound digital sound unit, the high voltage 50W amplifier and a 5" speaker mounted behind the motor with a large sealed air box. I originally wanted to run the amp from the 6cell flight pack but the amp didnt like the voltage drop so I ended up with a small extra 8cell Lipo pack just for the amp! The sound output was painfull indoors, and impressive on the ground and taxiing. But in the air it was just an anoying rumble, and only then if other flyers were kind enough to shut off their nitro motors. It sounded nice on a low pass head on. But at no time could I hear the gun noise when in the air. So underwhelming was the effect I have now removed the gear to save further embarrassment. In the final analysis, I think you need a bigger airplane to carry a single 6" or bgger speaker, and run the big amplifier from a 8-12 Lipo cell flight pack (having a separate sound pack is just a pain in the ass). I also think you have to have the speaker facing down in the belly of the aircraft, there is some suggestion that the prop wash and airspeed can upset the speaker cone if it faces forward like mine. Anyway thats my 2c worth!
Feb 01, 2008, 04:56 PM
Guys, I just ordered my system from Aerosound RC and it has yet to arrive but I have high hopes for it. I'm building the Hangar-9 .60 Spitfire MkII and and have not arrived at a final design for my power system but have plenty of ideas based on your valuable posts. Thanks.

One thing I'm going to try is to build as large a speaker box as possible (ported as well) and to use 2 smaller three or four inch speakers facing sidways and angled down slightly instead of one up front. As a musician who has done some recording in the past I'm worried about the pressure from propwash affecting the ability of the cone to move when the speakers are under the cowl. If the magnet has to push the cone against positive pressure then wouldn't you be diminishing the efficiency of your speaker? The higher the speed, the more prounounced the sound robbing effect would be and to make things worse the pressure would increase as the square of the velocity.

Any thoughts on this???


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Mar 05, 2008, 03:27 PM
Sound System Expert

The Ultimate sound system??

Hi guys, I believe our sound modules are the "ultimate". Our sound systems have no less than ten sounds on board, have a USB port so you can download your own sounds, have a built in 16 channel switch decoder, have two lamp flasher outputs that will automatically flash lamps or LEDs in sync with gun sounds, and up to 8 auxiliary switched outputs to switch on lights or any other accessories you might have. These modules have everything and they are considerably cheaper than the Benedini units.

On one module you can have engine sounds, several different guns, tower clearance commands, any kind of sound you like, and do all your switching - all from one module.

Take at look at this web page :
Mar 06, 2008, 09:21 AM
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This is interesting. Can you show us what you are describing in a plane? maybe start an article as the one started here. With videos and sound?

I personally think that the biggest challange in a sound system is in the amplification. The most amplification system(batteries, heat sinks, etc..) to the lowest weight possible.I guess the same thing goes with the speakers, trying to get the best quality with less weight. I have been testing a few amps, and I believe I found one that I personlly think its going to work for me. I took it to my field, and the guys their say it is very loud and some what annoying. I wish I had a DB meter to see the actual measurements, but I don't.
Anyways good luck with your products, and I hope to see them in action!

Mar 06, 2008, 10:39 AM
Sound System Expert

Sound Systems

Sam, sorry, I do not have any videos at present, altough we realise we need to get some made.

As of now, we have been marketing to the model boat market, so are just getting into the model plane market. We will be building our sound clip library of aircraft sounds over time.

As to amplification, forget heatsinks unless you are into very high powers. The answer to audio power/weight ratio is the Class D PWM amplifier. There are many of these on the market. They are very efficient, around 90%, so most of the consumed battery power goes into the speaker, not heating the amplifier up.

Our units currently deliver 12Watts into 8 ohms at 14Volts supply. Our next generation series will deliver 20Watts into 8 ohm at an 18Volt supply. A further version down the road will deliver 40Wats into 8ohms at a 24Volt supply.

Battery technology would follow the same route as aircraft propulsion - Li-Po to get the necessary voltage and Ah capacity in a reasonable weight.
May 10, 2008, 04:44 PM
Sound System Expert

Update to Model Solutions of Canada Sound modules

Hi, guys, here's some updated news on our next generation sound modules, the SFX5 series. They will play any two sounds simultaneously. They will all initially have an integrated 45Watt amplifier with a voltage range of 10V - 26V making them ideal for 3S-6S Li-Po packs. The module size will be 44mm x 68mm x 10mm which INCLUDES the 45W power amp!!

Plus the amp. is a highly efficient Class D design which requires no heatsink and no fan - very light weight - expected to be around 40 grams.

The more basic SFX5.2 will store 4 sounds plus engine sound with separate startup and shutdown sounds. The module can be optionally purchased with 1 or 2 independent lamp flasher outputs that will flash LEDs or bulbs in your gun barrels in sync. with two sounds. So you can have both machine gun and cannon sounds and hear one or the other at the same time as the engine sound!!

The SFX5.3 is the same as SFX5.2 but has a USB port and comes with SFXPC S/W that allows you to download and configure any sound you like onto the module.

The most advanced SFX5.4 comes with an 8 button keypad that installs on your Tx in place of one proportional channel. Four buttons control the 4 sounds, the other 4 will switch auxilliary outputs that can be used for navigation lights, bomb dropping or other accessories. Of course it has the USB download capability.

Both SFX5.3 and SFX5.4 can be purchased with an optional 3-Axis accelerometer on-board that can switch up to four sounds per XYZ axis depending on the total G level (i.e. static and dynamic) on that axis. This can be used to switch on diving or banking sounds or other special sounds depending on tilt or acceleration values. This is a world first!!

And best of all the prices start at CAD$105! Even the most expensive one will come in at around CAD$150 - half that of the Benedini units from Aerosound!!

These units will be available starting end July 2008.

We publish a quarterly email newsletter - next one out end June 2008. If you would like to subscribe to this please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "subscribe"
May 10, 2008, 07:18 PM
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David harrison

Electronics Genius but obviously not a genius when it comes to advertising his products on the Aerosound R/C system thread

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