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Aug 03, 2007, 01:03 AM
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I wonder if i could get some help here...

really....i am a beginner, just got a Esky CP2 a few days ago, but the trouble is that it wont lift, even if i put it on max throttle,i wonder if there are ANY People that are experienced with RC Heli and live around California,90032, United States,i think i could really get use to some help fixing that thing.
Thx at last, hoping for your help.
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Aug 03, 2007, 01:10 AM
Team Mulikow
Gino CP's Avatar
Don't max throttle if heli wont climb. You have a sticky head. If that releases suddenly, your heli will climb up fast and will catch you off guard.

Do the sticky collective pitch. This calls for swapping the big and small washers at the ends of the spindle (shaft holding the balde grips). The smaller washer should be on the bearing side.

You may also want to check the heli with this guide after fixing the sticky collective:

Things to check are:

I. Swash Plate alignment

II. Main Blade pitch

III. Tracking

IV. 4-in-1 adjustments

I. Swash Plate Alignment

1. Set Tx (transmitter) trims to center, throttle trim minimum. Idle up switch off, throttle minimum.

2. Disconnect main and tail motor connecter from the 4-in-1.
Align the main blades.

3. Intialize but turning on Tx and plugging in battery.

4. Note all of servo arms must be 90 degrees from vertical. +3 deg ok.

5. Swash plate must be level relative to the main gear.

6. Rotor head must be centered on the hub (part it slides up and down on).

7. Remove and adjust servo links to correct alignment.

II. Main Blade Pitch and Tracking

1. Disconnect main and tail motors and initialize heli.

2. Hang heli by the paddle control frame and point one blade towards you.

3. Set flybar level. Need not be accurate but best effort.

4. Put throttle to middle stick. Turn on idle up.

5. Centerline of blade tip must be zero degrees for each end.

6. Adjust the long pitch link connecting the swash plate to the mixer arm if needed.

III. Tracking Adjustment

1. Turn off Tx and heli. Connect main and tail motor connectors.
Align the main blades.

2. Weigh down heli on the ground with cds or books put over the skids.

3. Initialize heli. Put red tape on one blade.

4. Throttle up past halfway. About 3/4 stick.

5. View spinning blades from the side. They should appear as one. If they
split up, you must adjust tracking.

6. Increase pitch on low blade by half a turn on the pitch link.

7. Do so until you get perfect tracking. Sometimes this is not possible.
Anything less than 1 cm is good.

IV. 4-in-1 Adjustments

1. Intialize heli.

2. Throttle up until heli gets light on the skids.

3. If tail wags, reduce Gain (counter clockwise).

4. If tail moves to the right, increase Proportion. If to the left,
decrease Proportion. This is done with heli off.

5. To adjust Gain, get heli light on skids. If you have wide tail wags,
increase Gain. Increase until tail has short rapid wags. Then decrease until steady.

6. When hovering tail may drift. Readjust Proportion as needed.
Aug 03, 2007, 11:25 AM
it ain't got no gas in it
xmod heli alloy's Avatar
i had a problem like that, it was that i put in too short a mainshaft.
did you replace yours? or is the heli new?
Aug 03, 2007, 12:47 PM
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that CP2 was brand new, and just like Gino CP said, it did jump up unexpectedly for twice, and then crashed,luckily it didnt kill me,i will try to follow what Gino CP posted, and hopefully it would help.
also that one of my servo that controll rolling right is not working right, it was suppose to be 180 degree, but now it goes to about 250 degree, which a lot lower then the other one, wonder if there is a way to fix it.
at last, thx for helping me.

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