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Jul 23, 2007, 11:53 AM
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Civic Center hill

Had a GREAT weekend of flying.

Saturday 7-20 I went out to Tick to find it ducking in and out of the fog...I flew my Slope Scale Me-109 for about 1/2 hour until it diappeared for about 10 seconds in the fog. I guess grey was the wrong color to paint it. I flew my Destiny for a bit until the it too did the Houdini thing on me. I though...I wonder how Civic Center is today...hmmm, winds out of the north, thats good...and I was on the road. From the coold fog of Tick Point to the sizzling inland temps of Civic Center.

man, when I stepped out of the car at the parking lot at the top of Oakdale, you could just *hear* the heat. Bugs buzzing, water evaporating...I took my Shredder and Starling in my wing bag, and carried my Destiny and Star-light in my hands. Man...(panting...grunting..) that hill never gets any easier. i should have brought some water. It must have been 90 degrees in the shade going up the Rubicon to the landing zone. I took my time and got there in about 20 minutes, with a couple/dozen breaks on the way up.

I tell ya, there is NO BETTER FEELING in the world than breaking out onto the fire road at this place. You're soaked in swaet, your legs are super pumped up from the climb, and you step out onto the fire roadand that cool breeze coming up the slope hits you like a blast of A/C. Ahhhhhh- thats MUCH better.

I flew my Star-light first, since its the lightest. I figure if anything will fly, this one will. I soon had it up about 1000' over the LZ. It was soon a faint, kevlar colored speck in the sky. A few loos and rolls down, and a nice landing-Time for the Shredder.

The Shredder was totally in its element. Its ability to range out and find lift, as well as its high top speed was perfect for the conditions. I got it up about 1000 feet ove rhte LZ and make a bunch of carving passes at the hill. On the last one I misjudged how close the trees on the left were, and very nearly flew into the trees at warp factor seven- I yanked back on the stick, andf it half-looped to inverted. Hmm-flying kinda funny, I better land and see what happened. Managed to land unevenfully, but pulling the wings off revealed a seriously bent wing rod- I could barely pull it out of the fuse. Glad I wasnt using the carbon wing rod that time! Oh well, I'll straighten it and recycle the wing rod.

I flew the Destiny again and DS'd it and it was ripping around. Civic Center is a great starter-DS hill. The back side drops away so steeply you just cant miss, unless you fly into the trees.

Well the lift did its "I'm dropping off move" where it becomes weak and rough. It must change direction down at the bottom of the hill and that makes it less productive. I packed up and started down the hill. If you dont get muscle tremors walking down the hill you havent lived...
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