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Jul 20, 2007, 10:20 AM
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Build Log

RichModels Quickie-380 Build

Once I saw this plane I knew I just had to have it. Such an interesting design and I was unaware that anyone had kitted it. I found the model over at

For the setup I'll be going with the following:

Motor: Esskay400XT OUTRUNNER on APC 9x4.7 prop
Speed Controller: ThunderBird 18
Receiver: Hitec 05S
Battery: ThunderPower 1320mAh 11.1v prolite
Elevator Servo: HS-65HB
Rudder/Aileron Servos: HS-55's

I chose a heavier duty servo for the elevator because there is some added friction due to the dihedral in the front canard. (originally I was going with the BMS-306 on the aileron and rudder but those servos proved to be to small for this application and HS-55's were substituted)

The first picture is the kit contents. Everything was extremely well packaged. The white covering is of ok quality but the model is very nicely covered. I did not have to hit it with my heat gun at all. The build quality is decent but I did go back over some of the stress areas with my own thin ca to make sure that these areas were glued well. The model also comes with a very nice fiberglass cowl and wheel pants. The instructions are included on a CD Rom in PDF format. The instructions are very sparse and leave a lot up to the builder to figure out on their own but the steps they take you through are quite logical.
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Jul 20, 2007, 10:21 AM
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Aileron/Elevator install

The first thing I did was ca all of the hinges on the elevator and ailerons and started work on mounting the aileron servo. To mount the servo you cut out the covering for the servo hole and ca a wood mounting block over the servo hole. This gives you a place for the servo screws to bite into. The BMS-306 servos are to long for the hole that is provided so I had to dremel out some space to get the servo in there. Nothing complicated so far.

The elevator servo is a different story though. They provide a mounting platform and show a picture of how to install the servo but they do not provide the servo mounting blocks. I decided that I could get away with using heavy duty double stick tape along with my hot glue gun to secure the servo and this worked just as well. The angle here on the linkages is rather strange and is providing me with more up elevator throw than down elevator throw. I will be revisiting this linkage.

The stock linkage setup is rather strange but does look like it will work well. All of the included quick links and hardware are of very high quality so strength in the linkages will not be an issue.

As far as the aileron servo linkages go, those installed much easier than the elevator. These linkages are threaded so you can screw the holders onto the rods. No glue is needed on the aileron linkages unlike the elevator linkage. I am debating my servo choice right now though. After installing the linkages and testing them I do not believe the BMS-306 has enough torque to really deal with the preasure here. The servo is constantly buzzing and due to some wierd angles produces I could not find a good way to get a 90 degree linkage. So I may swap that servo out with an HS-55.
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Jul 20, 2007, 10:24 AM
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Tail/Landing Gear Install

Some pics of installing the tail fin and rudder control surface. First you must drill out a spot for the tail skid to go through the body of the plane and then you must drill another small hole in the rudder itself for the tail skid to go into. The tail skid comes with only the hook on the end so you must bend it yourself. I did 2 bends. The first one at 90 degrees and the second one was bent till the plane sat well on the ground.

The rudder control horn is a standard 3 screw setup and is very strong. I put the push rod into the plane and then found the linkage spot and installed it. No issues here.

The landing gear is actually pretty simple to do. Richmodel includes one long m2 bolt, 2 collars, and a me nut per wheel. The only tricky part here is figuring out where to drill the holes. You just have to eyeball it. It would have been nice if the holes had been drilled for you already though. I also had to dremel out the wheel area a bit as it was not really open enough for the wheels to clear.
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Jul 20, 2007, 10:25 AM
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Motor and component installation

Motor mount was installed so the Esskay 400xt motor will just protrude far enough out of the cowl and then I gorrilla glued the motor mount both front and back at both of the mounting points. I also added some more gorrilla glue around the entire motor mount area as it really looked like it needed some strengthening. I am using an e-flite stick motor mount with the essky motor.

I currently have an APC 9x4.7 prop on the 400xt but I have not had the chance to test it and see how much power it produces.

At this point all of the servos are installed and all of the control linkages are done. I still need to solder up the bullet connectors to the motor and mount the ESC and Receiver. I'm still trying to figure out where to put the battery. No location for compoents other than servos is specified in the manual.
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Jul 20, 2007, 10:29 AM
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Final Prep and Maiden

Reserved for final flight prep and maiden

So far my current opinion is that while the build quality is quite good this is definitally a kit for more advanced modelers. They really have left a lot for the builder to do. After having dealt with a lot of Electrifly, E-Flite, and even Goldberg planes I can definitally see where the extra money is for those. It's been a fun build though and I've enjoyed the challenge of actually thinking for a change when I build the plane. It's just taking me a lot longer than I was anticipating.
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Aug 11, 2007, 06:39 PM
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In process pictures

It's been a while since I started this I know. Blame it on my helis. They've been taking all my time recently. I did take some time to do some more with this plane today though. Got all the parts glued that need to be and now everything is drying.

Here's a few in process pictures of the build. It's a very striking airplane.
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Aug 19, 2007, 10:13 PM
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Build thread updated with more pictures and information. Pretty much each catagory has been update at this point. Build almost done. Just component install and preflite left before maiden.
Aug 27, 2007, 10:37 AM
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Well the maiden did not go well. After several ROG attempts the plane just kept ground looping into the grass. I was trying to take off from a local track but it just was not wide enough so I decided to attempt a hand launch. The launch went well but there was just no lift being produced from the canard and the plane just went in.

Here's some video of the crash:
Aug 27, 2007, 01:17 PM
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Crash reason found

The reason the plane crashed was because the elevator was reversed. There is no radio setup information in the instruction manual and without thinking I just set it up as a standard airplane elevator when it actually has to move reversed from a standard airplane elevator since its on the nose of the aircraft. Lesson learned.

I am going to be purchasing another kit and I'm going to give it another try.
Aug 27, 2007, 08:50 PM
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Doh.. I would'nt have known either.
Sep 02, 2007, 10:52 PM
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OK new plane has been bought and I got the fuse put together last night and was able to maiden the new plane today. WOW. It's definitally a head turner. Looks simply crazy in the air.

Here's the video:

The maiden was not without incident though. The first trip to the field yeilded what looked to be a bad ESC as the new BP motor was not starting up although it had on the bench earlier in the day. Figured it was the speed controller since it has been through 3 crashes now. So replaced the speed controller and it still didn't work so replaced the motor with a 400XT from hobby-lobby on a 9x6 apc prop. As you can see in the video it flies the plane extremely well. Pushing 140 watts on the 9x6 prop with a 3 cell and it's quite fast. I didn't go much over 1/2 throttle the entire flight and the pack had tons of time left on it.

Landing this thing is interesting. It comes in incredibly fast and does require a good amount of space to land successfully. Due to the speed requirement the plane forces you to bring it down instead of creating a glide slope which is not something I'm used to doing. Neither landing was very nice but no damage to the plane. Definitally looking forward to flying it some more tomorrow.

Aerobatic flight was a non-issue. Loops and rolls, hammerheads, and split-s's were no problem with the plane. I found that I flew it on low rates mostly as that was more than enough for me. High rate was way to twitchy.

My only problem with the kit is the lack of a good way to secure the battery. Looks crazy in the air

I've got pictures of the refurb progress on my camera and will post them in a bit.
Sep 03, 2007, 09:33 PM
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Glad ya got it to fly. I thought the camera womans comment on the first video was kinda funny about it being a "Quickie"
Sep 03, 2007, 10:33 PM
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That looks like a real nice flyer. Not for the small approach/landing field though. Good job LS.
Sep 04, 2007, 09:57 AM
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Thanks guys. I've had another flight on it yesterday and it is a really nice flyer. It definitally does not like to fly inverted but loops and rolls are a non-issue. It does come in really hot that is for sure. I moved from the baseball diamond to the track for takeoffs and landings and it faired much better. It definitally takes a good distance to slow down though but I am getting more comfortable with it. My biggest complaint is really the battery location issue. I've got to solve that one.

I'll get the pictures up here soon. Didn't get a chance to deal with that yesterday
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