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Jul 18, 2007, 07:29 PM
Luke propwalker
Diegoboy's Avatar

Hegi Police Hydrofoil

I just bought one of these from Germany. She starts her journey to the States tomorrow. I have always wanted an RC Hydrofoil, Now that I'm getting one, I want to gather all the info I can about it. Has anyone had one of these, or seen one before?

Hegi Police Hydrofoil
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Jul 18, 2007, 07:43 PM
Grumpa Tom
Kmot's Avatar
There are a few people on here who have hydrofoil craft and have posted about them. Umi Ryuzuki, for one.

Looking at the link you posted, this model is 1:18 scale and so you have access to a huge supply of scale bits and pieces, and figurines you can use on this model from the world of 1:18 scale die cast cars.

It's a good looking model. Post more pics and video when you get it.
Jul 18, 2007, 07:47 PM
Luke propwalker
Diegoboy's Avatar
1:18 scale. Thank you Kmot. I was wondering just what scale it is! That helps a great deal. Now, if I could only find one of these 1:18 in blue...
Jul 19, 2007, 12:56 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Diegoboy
Now, if I could only find one of these 1:18 in blue...
Try www.policecarmodels.com they have a selection of 1/18th scale light bars.
Jul 19, 2007, 01:01 PM
dry docked
quicksilver's Avatar
that looks fun diego, from the picture you can actually see the drive shaft and what I think is the motor, right up in the bow. Perhaps the SV power plant would be good. ohhh! it is 26" long, that's pretty big.
Hey you never know.
Jul 19, 2007, 01:19 PM
Luke propwalker
Diegoboy's Avatar
Thank you guys.

I found more pics. It's not mine, but it's the same model.

Did you see that prop?? lol
Jul 19, 2007, 05:27 PM
Registered User


I ordered plans of a hydrofoil from 32nd Parralel several years ago (recently sent them to a fellow on this board). I tried to duplicate the foil design, and attach it to a fiberglass hull. That idea didn't work, so I purchased aluminum Piper Cub landing struts (about 1/5th scale), inverted them, fabricated attachments, and secured them to hull. I only attached foils to forward area, and ran boat at speed to get it to plane. I filed leading edges looking for an hydrodynamic shape to get boat to fly. Over a two week period, I tore the foils off (and ruined two hulls), before finally giving up.

I wish someone would produce a foil set kit to retrofit to glass hulls. I don't have the tools/shop (or the smarts, apparently) to do it myself. If they were available, it would probably open a new sub catagory to the hobbiest.

Jul 19, 2007, 05:40 PM
gpzy's Avatar
Check out this hydrofoil on Ebay.
VS-8 Hydrofoil Boat Model Kit by 32nd Parallel Item number: 130135439771
Looks like a nice model.
Jul 19, 2007, 09:05 PM
Sea Dragon-Lover
Umi_Ryuzuki's Avatar
I know one thing about hydrofoils,... they can be difficult.
They often run straight well, but will fall off foil in a turn.

And I am still talking to people about pump designs...
Jul 19, 2007, 09:30 PM
Luke propwalker
Diegoboy's Avatar
Did you see the price of that ebay kit?
The one I got is already assembled and operational and I got lucky getting it for less than half that...

She shipped via DHL today, and I was told I can expect to see her in 10 days!!!
Jul 21, 2007, 08:20 AM
Registered User


You definately got a good deal on your boat. But were talking Lincoln vs Mercedes when comparing it to the 32nd P scale kit. It looks like a well engineered boat, but the 32nd P is several steps beyond. As for the price on ebay, it is cheaper than retail in 2007 dollars.

I had the 32nd P plans and instruction booklet. From reading and viewing the information, this kit was rather well engineered and instructions were well written, so construction would not have been that difficult for an accomplished builder. I needed them for background data for my own project (a failure). Whoever wins the ebay action, should invest in high output motors and 24v or even 32v output packs. Even talking to the manufacturers years ago, they sort of frowned on the kit supplied power.

It all depends on what level of scale, fun, or both you are looking for in a boat. However, I wouldn't mind finding something like Diego's boat, as with a little detail work, could be a truly fine model. Good luck with your prize.

By the way, years ago I spoke with a fellow from England who was offereing a 1/30th scale USN Pegasus hydro with jet drive. That full kit was $3500 in 1993. I saw some photos in a British magazine once with model flying. Really a masterpiece.

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Aug 02, 2007, 12:49 PM
Luke propwalker
Diegoboy's Avatar
She just arrived today! She didn't fare well in the trip, but she's repairable.
Aug 02, 2007, 01:07 PM
Registered User
lowdive's Avatar
Aug 02, 2007, 01:10 PM
Luke propwalker
Diegoboy's Avatar
I'll post pics tonight!
Aug 02, 2007, 01:36 PM
Registered User
lowdive's Avatar
no, now! i need stuff to do at work!

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