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Nov 11, 2002, 03:09 AM
Fiberglass dont bounce???
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VERY good service from Puffinmodels

I had been serching the net, looking for a Swing Special (I had seen a Swing on a U.S. site but when I ordered I found out the site went out of buissness)I kept looking for a few months. I then had the idea to post a "does anyone know where I can find a Swing" thread. I got lucky, John from Puffin models said that he had the Swing Special. (JOY!!!) I then went to his site ( and there it was, man was I happy!! I then e-mailed John with a lot of questions, I receved e-mail's with a lot of answers!! (thanks John) Then came the big fear, Puffin Models is in England and im in the U.S.A. all of the prices were in pounds not $. I again e-mailed John and ordered the plane, after he told me how much in $. (Thanks John) Puffin mailed my plane on a Friday, John said 5 to 8 days to receive the plane, it was at my door when I got home on the 5th day!!!!!(JOY!!) I bent down to pick up the box and......................AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BIG hole in the front of the box!!!! John told me that he packed the planes well!!! About this time all I could think was......(I knew I shouldnt have ordered a plane from overseas) well, I took the box inside and opened it up (to see just how bad it was) and..............the box inside was o.k., no hole, I dont understand it, with that big hole in the outer box the plane should have been trashed, but it was in perfect shape!!!!!!!!!! Man, This guy John really knows how to pack stuff well!!! Anyways, I got the plane and I was happy, it was all John said it would be!! The day after I got my plane, I got another e-mail from John asking if I was happy with the plane, I told him "yes" then I told him about the BIG hole in the outside box but the inside box had no hole. The plane is almost finnished now (just need motor funds and I will be flying!!!)

Thank's to John at Puffin Models, my first overseas order wont be my last!!! The last e-mail I got from John, he said that Puffin Models is now a proud sponser here at the E-Zone (COOL) Check out his site, this guy will go that "extra mile" Oh, almost is a link so you can see the plane I ordered, it use to be the Swing Special, now its known as the Big Swift Thanks again John & Puffin Models.......R .......
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